Salomon Answer and Codes a closer look

Here’s a board that’s going as green as possible and still slaying it. Last year it had camber this year it has none. If you want a deck that is more environmentally friendly and still slays it this could be a contender for you.

Board: Salomon Answer

Size: 156

Camber Option: Zero Camber, so flat as a board or your 7th grade girlfriend

Bindings: Salomon Codes

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15

Boots: K2 T1 DB size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Loveland

Conditions: Sunny Blue Skies

Preconceived Notions: Last year when I was still occasionally riding Camber I was looking for a deck to compete with my Ride Concept UL as a half pipe dominator. This deck was the only one that came close, this season they gave it zero camber so I wanted to see what it had to offer.

Flex: Little stiffer than mid flex somewhere in that working it a bit harder to get what you want range.

Stability: Super stable but still lively, no damp ride here.

Ollies/Pop: Real snappy due to the bamboo topsheet, core, and sidewalls. Best attribute to this deck hands down.

Butterability: Lively and snappy so it had a bit of fight to it, to get what you want out of it.

Cruising: You can rail a turn and spring right out of it which makes it a fun deck for pipe riding.

Jibbing: Not the best at this but not the worst, similar to a brand new cambered Jibpan.

Rider in Mind: All mountain charger that likes a lot of snap and life out of their deck.

Personal Thoughts: Loving this deck a lot for the spring and snap that comes with it. Put it at the top of my list as half pipe contenders edging out my last years Ride Concept UL.

What They Say: Josh Dirksen and Bode Merrell push the Answer to the max. Park runs, cat tracks, gullies, jibs, back flips into pow in Japan. Everything they ask of it, the Answer delivers with bamboo-backed pop. For all-mountain-annihilation and the feel good vibes of G.I.F.T., the Answer is here. New for this season, ride it wide, with Magnum.

Binding Compatibility: Codes worked well with this deck wasn’t too much binding or too little.

Binding Adjustability: Typical Salomon adjustability turn some cranks, lift some levers, you know the usual bull shit.

Straps: Quick fit or whatever the hell they’re calling it needs to die yeah cool they don’t come undone we don’t care. Otherwise the straps did their job.

Highbacks: Flexed a little much but still did their job.

Binding Flex: Somewhere slightly below all mountain flex but not into the jib only realm.

Ratchets: Didn’t slip and locked me in so can’t really complain other than that fast fit shit.

Rider in Mind: I guess Louif uses these but he’s slaying the backcountry as much as the urban right now so I’d put it in the guy that wants a little softer than all mountain flex in case he gets pressy.

What They Say: Practical details in every inch. The Code stands up against the harshest conditions with durable, comfy straps, a composite 30 base plate and an Asym Drumframe high back that gives you support where and when you need it. Louif is down for the code.

Causes controversy!

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  3. RHen says:

    Did you notice any toe/heel drag with the narrow waist size? I’m thinking of picking this board on sale, with size 10.5 Nike boots, 24″ stance, do you think the normal 159 will be fine? Or do I need to go with the wide/magnum version?

  4. MEnotYOU says:

    how does the flat camber do in the deep stuff? and is the ’11 answer any dif than the ’10?

  5. Haven’t ridden the 11 Answer but Flat Camber is easier to get the nose up on than regular so you have that added bonus.

  6. geobob says:

    i think the only diff in the 11 is a slightly upgraded base…

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