Rome Artifact Rocker with 390 Bosses My Take

It’s easy to make a rockered jibstick and have it just be good at that, but making a rockered jib park destroyer well that’s a bit more of a challenge. The Artifact Rocker is exactly that a jib park destroyer that turns the mountain into a skate park. Here’s my look at a board and binding combo that is going to slay it for next season.

Board: Rome Artifact Rocker

Size: 153

Camber Option: Reverse Jib Rocker, your standard three stage rocker with it being flat between the fit and lifted from the end of the inserts to the contact points.

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Winter Park

Conditions: Sunny blue skies with firm snow pack.

Preconceived Notions: I was told this board had been redesigned to optimize itself even more in the park but still be solid at jibbing.

Flex: It felt like that well broken in park deck that you know you can handle anything with and not have to worry about a sudden change in what’s going on. I’d put it somewhere just below middle of the road but above limp wet noodle.

Stability: Well I wouldn’t charge through chopped out mogul runs or crap ass pow but pointing into a jump and landing in bomb holes it did its job really well.

Ollies/Pop: This thing could ollie up on to anything without any problems. Off jumps boosting wasn’t an issue either.

Butterability: Well it’s rockered and a jib weapon so what do you think this board did? It pressed the fuck out of shit and got its butter on like nobodies business but with enough stability to not fold in half.

Cruising: The new QuickGrip sidecut locked into turns but still gave it that playful feel you would want out of a jib deck. Turn initiation was solid and had that easy underfoot control you would expect from a rockered deck.

Jibbing: Now here’s the strong suit for this deck. Presses, slides, slappers, bonks whatever you want to do it could handle with ease. The rocker in the tip let you get into presses while the flex locked you in instead of bucking you from being too soft.

Rider in Mind: The jib junky that demands his board be able to send a jump or ollie over small woodland animals like Caribou or Snow Wookies.

Personal Thoughts: I am getting this deck with these bindings in this size. No, ifs, ands, or buts this deck was so solid for slaying the park and handling laps to and from with ease. The edge control was so much better than the old Artifact 85 that I could lay turns the way I wanted without any issues. This board rode like a skateboard and in my opinion that’s how the mountain should be ridden. Telling you know this is going to be the hot ticket set up for this season.

What They Say: For the pure pleasure of pressing 5-0’s and blunts, LNP, Eiki, and Lazz all mount up the true-twin Artifact Rocker when they ride handrails, ledges, and boxes. The Reverse-Jib camberline is flat under foot for balance on rails, while the reverse camber in the nose and tail makes press tricks so easy that it’s almost cheating. Glass Reverse-V  Stringer Technology ups the ollie and nollie height.

Binding Compatibility: Like loose trucks on a skateboard of destruction these bindings gave this deck the control it needed to ride the way I wanted.

Binding Adjustability: Setting up the cant bed did take a bit more time to dial in and the 390’s aren’t exactly a binding you take out of the box and slap on a deck if you want it dialed in anyways.

Straps: The straps low profile and gel really contoured well to my boot and helped give that solid locked in feel. In the last few years I’ve felt the strap was a little lackluster in its performance but now it seems to have been dialed in perfectly for what I want out of a binding.

Highbacks: The new highback is money in the bank. It’s more anatomically correct and milled out to reduce weight but doesn’t sacrifice in the flex department.

Binding Flex: Middle of the road all mountain freestyle flex that’s designed to give optimal performance from a rockered deck.

Ratchets: Smooth and buttery no slippage here and easy to load and unload. Releasing was catch free as well.

Rider in Mind: Someone that’s going from pow lines to park lappers and demands a solid performing binding.

Personal Thoughts: Not a doubt in my mind this will be the binding I’m rocking next season. Cant options, non-freezing gel in the heel strap, asymetrical highback. Oh shit it’s game on for this binding to be the dominator of choice for this upcoming season.

What They Say: Armed with the full array of new 390’s weaponry-the V-Rod Baseplate and Asym Highback-the 390 Boss straps in freestyle flexibility with classic UnderWrap power. Bone out tricks old-school style or get over your tail on a press, and still have the direct connection necessary for exploding the tops of a pillow line. The Boss edition ups the level with the added customization of the Yes, I cant InBase padding system. Run the cant pads for added power on Rocker boards, or run the flat pads for a traditional stance.

Causes controversy!

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  2. Bubbs says:

    Is there a difference between the 390 and 390 boss for next season?

  3. eastCOASTkills says:

    a snowboard at its finest. this will go in my arsenal for next winter

  4. HambreGato says:

    Did they keep the bronze edges? I kind of hope they didn’t.

  5. Nope those are gone steel edges have returned.

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  7. dave says:

    do u think this deck could handle pow?

  8. It could but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  9. dave says:


  10. Cam says:

    Which board do you feel would make the best all round park destroyer. Artifact 85 or Omatic celebrity?

  11. Tough question honestly I think you could rock both for that, personally next year I’m probably going to own both.

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  13. […] is different and not as soft, and the canted bed is what everyone should be riding in my opinion. The Angry Snowboarder Blog Archive Rome Artifact Rocker with 390 Bosses My Take The Angry Snowboarder Blog Archive Agent Rocker with 390 Bosses A Closer Look That should sum up […]

  14. Norbadger says:

    Be wary of Rome 390’s… all I can say….

    The difference in the binding frame manufacturing meant that one highback sat so tight in the frame the left squeaked like hell….it was like an old rocking chair sound!….. and was sitting so tight in the heel cup I Could barely get the screws out to adjust….I nearly chewed them up trying to adjust them.

    The the right highback was much looser the worrying thing is that the plastic outer fitting and screw moved when moving the highback up and down again and again….not good!

    My 4 year old drake bindings are still more solid and do not move about when fully tightened…what are Rome doing with this dodgy screw system!

    Whoever put these together in the Chinese factory had a bad day on this line run.

    Very adjustable and look cool, instructions somewhat difficult to read in tiny tiny diagrams.

    Made in China and it shows….poor stuff Rome.

  15. Seeing as these are next years and I actually know how to use those big scary tools like screw drivers and lubrication like WD 40 I wouldn’t take what you say at face value at all. Plus sounds like you’re just anti china which news flash every binding is made there except Spark R and D.

  16. Cam says:

    Just picked up this setup. Im soo stoked. What amount of cant did you use? I put the 3.5’s in just to see how the feel. I can’t wait to take it up to Liberty University and try it out. Whats the WD40 for?

  17. Cam says:

    Do u think I should wait and demo a celebrity for bigger jumps? Can the artifact handle those as well? about 40 or 50 ft?

  18. I didn’t hit anything over 25ish feet with it at Winter Park due to the fact their “pro” park you needed to watch a video to get in. There’s not a doubt in my mind I could hit jumps 1 through 6 in Parklane at Breck on it and it would be fine. When I rode the Bosses I was using the 3.5 which I think I would rock the 3.5 in the back and something less in the front to give me more of a skate feel. Also the WD 40 was in reference to screws that stick squirt a little in and they’ll loosen up.

  19. dave says:


    Its a toss up between 2011 heritage, eecco and coda for next year. Would these bindings work on these boards for freeride/pow riding?(I ride at Snowbird) Was looking at k2 uprise, drone and evers but after your review these 390s sound nice. I enjoyed my 2010 evers until they got stolen! Plus new formulas let you down so not too keen on those for 2011. Whats rocklock? If they’re that bad, I’ll have to 86 the uprise and look at drone or evers w/ airlock highbacks instead, if going to go w/ k2.

    need new boots, are the 2011 t1db’s still good and worth considering? have you tried(and should I consider) 2011 t1, maysis or darko’s?

    As always, psyched on all your info, feedback and knowledge!!!



  20. I’m a big jibber/jumper park guy so have to take that into consideration. I think you’d be better off looking at the Targa’s or what you wanted from K2 instead. As far as boots it’s always the one that fits your foot the best. I’m getting another pair of T1 Db’s for sure.

  21. SubZero says:

    I’m glad to hear that they put steel edges on this board.
    Angry, How will you compare the K2 Parkstar 2011 and this Rome Artifact Rocker- Flex, Pop, Stability, Fun, Overall you already said it … :)
    “I am getting this deck with these bindings in this size. No, ifs, ands, or buts this deck was so solid for slaying the park and handling laps to and from with ease… ”

    but where I am it’s hard to find Rome, so I still search for alternatives.

    Greetings from Bulgaria :)

  22. Parkstar has a bit of different spring to it, edge initiation, and the flex is a bit stiffer in the tips. Don’t get me wrong both boards are solid, but I’m going Artifact Rocker for sure.

  23. SubZero says:

    Thanks Angry, you don’t know how helpful is your blog for us. Keep going.

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  27. JB says:

    Is it worth going for the regular camber artifact for a little for more mountain adaptability?

  28. Regular cambered artifact is softer.

  29. Beibster says:

    just got the nitro sub-zero le. stteeez. best buy ever.

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  31. Sprout says:

    I was looking at the Artifact rocker and some 390’s too but i’m UK 12 boot so that’s not really going to work unfortunately. I want something soft and fun so have been considering the K2 WWW/Parkstar as alternative freestyle decks as they come in wide. I think the WWW would be great fun but perhaps a bit of a one trick pony where the Parkstar would be better all over. What would be your suggestion? Anything i’m grossly overlooking or should consider? Thanks a lot, your a real help.

  32. You’re definitely on track with the Parkstar wide, maybe check out the DH2 wide as well from Ride.

  33. Sprout says:

    Thanks for the advice, just checked out the DH2 and It looks sick, I think i’m looking for something on the softer side of mid flex as I already have a few real poppy and stiffer decks. Currently riding an UnInc which is real fun and sooooo poppy, but need to use toe risers which really sucks, hence going for the wide this time. Have to tried the Kink? cheers

  34. Kink is the same as the WWW.

  35. eastcoastkills says:

    Alright I’m 5’7″ 135 lbs. 147 or 150? I’m feelin 147…

  36. 147 if jibbing way more 150 if you’re going to hit like a 30 foot jump from time to time.

  37. Ian says:

    Hey, I’m looking at this board for this up-coming year. I just don’t know if it’ll work for me or not. i have a size 12 boot, and i know this board doesnt come in a wide model. Do you think I could still ride it without much toe-drag?

  38. Rambo says:

    Hey great review on the 390 bosses..
    Have you had a chance to try the Targa’s? I having trouble choosing between these two bindings. I do about 60/40 park and all-mountain riding.
    I ride all mountain kind of freestyle i guess.. im not looking to bomb down the hill. I like to explore and find natural features to have fun on.

  39. Haven’t been on the new Targas but I know they’re highly adjustable and you could pull out the c flex strap if you want it softer for park.

  40. Rambo says:

    Cool thanks for the quick response.. Damn Decisions.. I hear great reviews on the bosses but they seem so much alike besides the highback and the inserts… Also Rome with their best customer service offered to fig out a way to ship me the boss ankle strap if i end up getting the targas! Best customer service around!

  41. tyty says:

    hey angry. what do you think about the forum scallywag with the rome 390 BOSSES? and also is the cant bed that much better?

  42. could be a good combo they beefed up the Scallywag a bit so it’s got more snap now. Cant beds> flat beds

  43. YB says:

    Good review. It was really helpful to decide to get this board. I am 5’6″, and 150lbs. 150 0r 153? This will be my first jib board.

  44. 53 if you’re going to be hitting a bit of jumps 50 if it’s straight jib would be my recommendation.

  45. YB says:

    Thanks. I think I am gonna do more buttering and pressing( like spins). I am not going to be hitting big jumps. Also I am not going to spend too much time on railing and boexes. I just need some playful boards for fun to ride( soft or mid soft flex). Still 150 is better?

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  48. Tim says:

    Thanks for a great site! I have just orderd myself a Artifact Rocker 150 it was the nicest board i ever jibbed around with, But i never did a single jump,

    Now that u have had ur board for couple of month,
    How big jumps do you think it can handle if you just dont completly fu** up the landings ?
    When i was jibbing around in the park it seemed still super stable even that it was very soft.

    Thanks for great readin! peace

  49. I don’t own one but the biggest jump I’ve sent on it was close to 30 feet.

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  51. Al says:

    Thanks for the great and informative site AS ! Just a quick question, so many boards to choose from… What do you think of the DC Tone with 390 boss bindings?
    I am just looking for a job board that would handle pow as well.
    Or should I be better off on the artifact combo?
    Thanks for your help!

  52. Al says:

    ” Job ” = jib

  53. Any board will handle pow. If you have your heart set on the DC get it.

  54. Rasmus says:


    I’m 183 cm, weighs 78kg. What size should I go for if I’m mostly for jibbing around but also hits bigger jumps from time to time? Bought the 153 with Rome 390’s but after reading this I should maybe go for bosses and a size smaller instead. What do you think? :)


  55. Rasmus says:

    cool, thanks alot! how about the bindings? stick with the 390’s or 390 bosses?


  56. bosses are way more worth it in my opinion.

  57. illa says:

    Not really sure if anyone else has had trouble but i Have had more problems with my 390 bosses then any other binding. pretty much everything that can break has and its not even christmas. As far as the artfifact goes it is soft. really soft. Jumps are scary, ice is scary, any bump is scary, even gapping onto rails is scary cause the board completely wraps around the rails. The more the board breaks in the scarier it gets.

  58. Philip says:

    do you have to detune the edges when it’s brand new? So you don’t get those crappy lock ups on rails

  59. Detuning what’s that I just ride over rocks and call it good enough.

  60. Johan says:

    Hey Angry.
    Great site and reviews. Havin real trouble choosin board, goin to Whistler for 6 months so need a new one. Just went from a Blunt 10′ with forces, really liked the softness on that board. Ridin 80 % park and about 20% pow, mostly boxes and rails but also 20-50 ft jumps. Want a soft buttery board, easy to press, pop, simply FUN. And it should hold up for some pow lines and bc kickers and the end of the day.
    Choosin between Forum scallywag and youngblood, horrorscope, Rome artifact, WWW, new burton hate and burton nug. I know you love the artifact but really afraid that it wont hold up at all in pow and that it will soften out way to much and wont be any stabile at all in jumps. Gonna pair it up with 390 bosses. Thoughts?

  61. Youngblood double dog honestly.

  62. Johan says:

    Sounds good. Have been gettin alot of recommendations on the Never Summer Evo aswell, i think it could be a good option since it supposed to slay basically the whole mountain and handle bigger jumps quite good. Still not sure if it would give me the flex, softness and that playful feelin that i crave though. Narrowed it down to youngblood, horror, artifact or NS Evo

  63. If you want more playful check out the NS circuit.

  64. Johan says:

    Have rode that, not an option. Didn’t give me that playful jib board feelin at all, and it was directional. I think i go for an youngblood or an NS Evo. Maybe demo the sub zero for a ride aswell. Thanks!

  65. Johan says:

    What’s the difference between double dog and chillydog?

  66. Circuits true twin and softer than the Evo. The big difference between double dog and chillydog is more edge stability and grip.

  67. Frank says:

    Hey Angry, great write-up on the artifact. I currently ride a 09 custom x 152, but I’m beginning to focus on park and jibbing. The custom x is just too stiff to have fun on. How does a 149 sound for me if I’m 5’6 140lb? This will be my first park board. Also, do you have any opinion on the burton nug?

  68. Nugs a one trick pony rode it review is coming. You’re fine with the 49 if you’re not planning on hitting bigger jumps.

  69. Frank says:

    Cool. One more thing. I’m THIS close to purchasing the board. I am literally holding the 144 on one hand and the 147 on the other. If I plan to only focus on ground tricks, jibs, and jumps off small kickers, could I settle for the 144? And is the Rome Detail basically a female version of the Artifact rocker? Thanks =]

  70. Detail is the womens version of the regular artifact. If you want to go that small do it.

  71. Cary says:

    Hey Angry,

    Thanks for the very detailed review, the best one I’ve seen on this stick.

    I’m 5’10”-5’11”, 160lb-165lb, and 10-10.5 shoe. I like to butter and jib all over the mountain but also hit medium kickers and cruise with my buddies, basically riding it like a very parky free ride board. I picked up the 56 after thinking about my style and looking at the rome website size chart but after seeing your weight and size and subsequent write up, I’m really thinking about returning it and getting a 53. Unfortunately the art on the 53 makes me wish I was blind. What should I do? Will I notice or will it hurt to ride the 56?

    Also, I know they are at different price points, but would you recommend this over the lib tech skate banana for the riding I mentioned?


  72. Fuck the Skate Banana it’s a piece of shit. How big are medium sized jumps every resort is different medium jumps here are 25 to 45 feet.

  73. Cary says:

    Haha and yes, in that range.

  74. I’d probably keep that 56 just for stability purposes.

  75. Cary says:

    Yea, I was thinking that too. Thanks for your quick replies. (:

    So what do you think about the banana? Is it bad because of its price tag? I have mixed feelings and am very interested in your opinion. _I’ve never ridden one so everything I’d say is from speculation_, but even if all its touted tech is overrated and barely noticeable, from the spec sheet it still seems to be a solid although expensive slightly stiffer freestyle board. The overall company philosophy they portray seems very true to snowboarding at its purist; I get good vibes from Lib Tech and I feel at worse their boards would be mediocre.

    (Sorry if you’ve talked about it before, I searched your site for a review but couldn’t find one.)

  76. Lib Tech can fucking blow me all marketing hype nothing solid about their decks. It’s a snowboard it’ll get you down the hill but after 20 days pop is gone, they’re not durable, so many things I could say about it. Long story short fuck it get the Artifact.

  77. power says:

    yo, what cant angles do you like to use with the artifact?

  78. Scroll up and see what angles I used.

  79. Twist says:

    Hey Angry, Between Capita Horroscope and Artifact which is stiffer of the two noodles, which would you take? and why (minus graphics). Already have 11 indoor FK, just want something a little softer? Postermania maybe? I plan hitting boxs and 15-20FT kickers will flat camber on Horro and Art be better than the full reverse of Poster? Thanks Advance

  80. Twist says:

    forgot to ask which has more pop edge hold etc

  81. Stuck says:

    Looking for a board for a big guy (220+), been researching decks for months now. I’ve tried out all the various cambers and in doing so I’ve found that flat between the feet is the most versatile of all the different options out there. In my opinion its the best type to ride everywhere and everything. I like the fact that it most resembles a skate board feel and doesn’t let you down when you want to straight line a groomer going mach 2

    Seeing how hyped you were on this board you can imagine my disappointment that the largest size was a 156. Can you think of any board that’s at least 162 or above – Rides as well or pretty damn close to the Artifact rocker and has the flat between the feet camber?

  82. That’s a big boy. I think the K2 Parkstar goes up that big I’m not sure.

  83. Stuck says:

    Yea, it does, but only the wide version which means the waist width is 264 (Way too big). I saw your Buoloco interview – loved the brutal candor about that Columbia Jacket. I have 2 questions though. What was that guys name from K2 that you mentioned that makes the great boards? and how do you know which boards he makes, I couldn’t find anything on the K2 website or anything.

  84. Sean Tedore the board designer. I typically talk or ride with him at the On Snow demo right after SIA. I don’t know what to tell you cut your toes off and wear a smaller boot?

  85. Stuck says:

    Not sure if that last part was a question, but I’m the opposite. I wear a size 11 boot and prefer a board that has a waist width between 252 and 256. A 264 waist would mean I have too wide a board for my foot size.
    Can you list the boards that Sean designed this year? It would be much appreciated.

  86. He designed ones that go down a hill. I’m not going to list what he did and didn’t work on cause it has no relevance to this actual question. FYI an 11 can get away with most regular width boards unless you’re mounting your bindings dead center.

  87. Andrew says:

    Hey I’m 5’9 and about 170 pounds what size do you think I should get? Thanks

  88. Andrew says:

    Ok thanks and how does it hold up on like 30-40ft jumps?

  89. How comfortable are you at landing them?

  90. Andrew says:

    Pretty comfortable

  91. Then you’ll be fine.

  92. Andrew says:

    ok great thanks for the help.

  93. marc says:

    How would you comparee the 390 Boss to the Nitro Raiden Phantom?

  94. marc says:

    BTW, Rome Artifact comes in wide for 2012. Just saying’

  95. 390 is a little heavier different straps and flex to it. Phantoms are a bit more damp in the heel area.

  96. coreywebster says:

    Hey im glad i came across this, ive been checking out the rome artifact rocker since last season and im 99% im buying the 2011 version before i go on this season. I want a real noodle, do you think i would be happy with the softness of this board, havnt ridden one but rode the WWW last season and liked the feel of it, im told the artifact is in the top 5 softest boards. Is this right? Can you think of any board i should check out other than the WWW, Subzero or artifact.?
    Thanks for any help

    Corey webster (ramp local)

  97. If you want to go real soft check out the Arbor Draft softest board I’ve ever ridden makes the WWW and Artifact look like stiff freeride boards. Artifact isn’t as soft as the WWW as it has carbon in the tips and the WWW has nothing.

  98. Bent says:

    I’m stuck between the new artifact rocker and the WWW. Which one would u suggest for ALL park mostly jib riding. Jumps up to 40ft here n there but mostly jibs. Also for sizing I have an 11 boot and I’m about 170. I like wider boards so ill go with a wide. Should I be looking at the 152w range or around the 155w range. I feel like the extra width could make up for stability if I went with the smaller size. Would I be ok with the 52w?

  99. Jesse says:

    ok, this is an old post, but i just bought this board after reading a lot of reviews and finding this site. I paid $207 with like 40% off with an after Christmas sale. Im still figuring out if i want to keep it or return it. I bought it because my main board is an ultra stiff arbor a-frame and my other 2 are from the 03/04 era. I wanted something fun for the park that can handle rails and jumps well, while also being capable of cruising through trees. A lot of reviewers talk about this being a PURE jib board which doesnt really appeal to me as i dont want to be limited and locked down on a busy park day or if it starts dropping fresh pow. i really want to keep it, but if there is a board out there with more versatility yet leans a little more towards the park aspects, im all for returning this one. how has yours been treating you?

  100. keep it you’ll be fine in pow it’s just a softer flex making it more playful.

  101. Jesse says:

    Cool thanks. I guess i’ll throw on a pair of flux feedbacks, and head on over to northstar tmw!

  102. Dan says:

    This is a great review.
    Is this still your jib board of choice or have you moved on to something else?

  103. I’m riding so many other things.

  104. seb says:

    nice review. what would you thin of the 390’s as an all around mn biding for my bataleon? and normal or baws?

  105. Boss and I don’t know what Bataleon you have.

  106. Dan says:

    @180 lbs,
    Is 153 cm too small?

  107. I’d recommend the 56 personally.

  108. KB says:

    You said you’re “riding so many other things.” Does that mean you’d recommend another board more than this as your jib board?

  109. I have no clue what you’re even talking about.

  110. Matt says:

    How does the 2012 cambered artifact work in all mountian?

  111. It’s a cambered jibstick not exactly ideal for all mountain.

  112. jimmy says:

    hey im looking for a very soft board that can handle small to medium size jumps. Right now im between the rome artifact rocker, regular rome artifact, arbor draft, or signal park, wondering what you two cents were…also i would take other snowboards you would recommend

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