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If you missed the deadline to buy your season pass you’re pretty much screwed at attaining the golden pass to shred. Instead you’re either going to have to hike, buy lift tickets, poach tourists tickets in the parking lot, or if you’re rather brave you’ll attempt hijacking someones pass. Now all are viable options but the latter definitely has some hefty penalties associated with it, like that whole fraud/theft thing.

Out here in the great state of ColoRADo we have this little pass we call the Epic. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, but for those that haven’t it includes unlimited days at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Kirkwood, Heavenly, and Northstar. Depending on when you buy it the price is amazing and trust me there’s plenty of chances to snag a good deal. Even though there’s this amazing 8 month buying season people still can’t seem to comprehend that they need to actually purchase this or the deal will go away even though they kept extending the final sales date.

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Now Craigslist which is a great place to find cheap deals or get a random hook up and contract herpes isn’t exactly known for being a bastion of mental fortitude. The fact anyone can post on it should have you questioning the aptitude of its users. Here’s a few cases in point.

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Now anyone find it funny that she’s down to rent you her pass for half the price of a full day ticket? How is this going to work, you going to drop it off when you’re done? Also if you’re not an Asian female you’re probably fucked.

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Car broke down so you’re giving in on a season of shred already? Man it sucks to suck! Why not try offering a ZJ for a ride to the mountains instead?

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Someone should have opted for that 20 dollar pass insurance in case of injury shouldn’t they? Oh boo hoo you dislocated your shoulder and broke your humorous. Season just started pretty sure you’ll be able to catch the tail end if you actually heal yourself and not try to sell your pass to buy more money for weed. Fucking Boulder hippies!

Oh and Vail must be on some next level shit they now have laser guns. Fucking Buck Rodgers over here!

Picture 402

Cash only this must be legit!

Picture 405

If they procrastinated buying their pass do you really want to share with this person? Oops sorry random Craigslist friend I forgot to give you your pass back. Maybe she can rent the Asian sensations pass but only after stopping by Boulder and meeting up with the injured guy to get really high.

Picture 407

The season is barely rolling along and you’re assuming people are already done with their pass? Sure here take it, not like we don’t have at least five more months of riding ahead of us.

Picture 406

Someone didn’t do the research on their move to the front range now did they?

So perhaps if you’re down on your luck or you just want to throw caution to the wind you could try to be a lucrative season pass sales broker on Craigslist. Now hefty fines and being banned for life just don’t seem all too inviting, but then again climate change is in full effect so fuck it we’ll all be beach living real soon.

Now to top off all these great finds there’s this little gem.

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Causes controversy!

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