Reminds Solution Aftermarket Boot Liner

Coming from a ski boot fitting background and knowing what efforts people will go to with getting a proper boot fit I’ve always found it astounding that snowboarders just seemingly don’t give a fuck. One thing that this site has always strived to do was inform people about the need for proper fitting equipment especially boots. Remind Insoles is now offering an aftermarket liner that should pique riders interest and we were able to get this exclusive interview with John Makens the owner about it.

Angrysnowboarder: For the skeptics out there that don’t believe in anything aftermarket whether it’s foot beds or liners what can you tell them about their feet and snowboarding that might change their mind? And why Remind exists and what your products benefits are to them?

John Makens: Try punching a wall with your wrist bent… actually don’t because you will break your wrist. Now if you stack your joints and make sure your wrist is straight you will have more force and power and are less prone to injury. Now imagine your wrist is now your ankle and it is enclosed in a shoe that bends it out of alignment… you have all your body’s weight on it all the time and you start jumping off of everything. You want to be damn sure that your joints are stacked and aligned to perform at your highest potential and don’t risk injury. That is exactly what our insoles do is help align your foot into a position that helps stack and align your joints.

I was also a skeptic, until I started experiencing foot ankle knee and back issues. I started seeing a Chiropractic doctor who got me turned on to orthotic insoles back when I was 10 years old. I really didn’t get the science behind it at that age, but I could definitely tell that I felt better. Over the past 20 years I’ve experimented with all sorts of custom orthotics and basic insoles… Anything to help alleviate the stress of my joints. I have been Skateboarding and Snowboarding for about 23 years and I feel it everyday! Naturally like anybody, I want scientific data, explanations and solid proof. The more I researched orthotics the more I understood the body’s mechanics and complex anatomy. Everyone has a different type of foot and body make up and needs something specific to their unique foot structure. I came to the realization that shoes and boots are manufactured for only one type of foot and in most cases are not scientifically and bio-mechanically engineered to support the foot and joints properly. Remind’s orthotic insoles and snowboard boot liners is the result of all this. We deliver products that support our feet anatomically with a solid foundation and help align the body’s joints to alleviate stress. We work with several different doctors, engineers and an entire research and development team to make sure our insoles are doing their intended purpose.

AS: Are these based off a one to one molding or is it the typical full size with a different insole for half sizes?

JM: We have the molds to offer one to one with full and half sizes… This first season however we are only offering only full sizes that fit nicely in a full or half size boot. They have enough give to compensate for a half size… We will offer half sizes the next go around.

AS: How compatible will this be with a boot that has the internal liner harness sewn into the shell? Have you noticed any difficulty getting it to work with a boot shell like this? Are there any boots you feel won’t work with this liner?

JM: Every boot I have tried and the team riders have tried they fit nicely… I am running the Lashed which has an internal harness and it fits great. As long as the sizing is right with the boot I don’t for see any issues.

AS: Will there be a wider mold for those with bigger feet or is it universal to an extent and heat molding will just help with the fitting process?

JM: These are engineered with self-molding capability so you really don’t need to do anything. They will mold to your foot and ankle over a short period of time and retain its shape with out packing out. They can be heat molded if one desires to do so.

AS: How do you adjust the Solutions flex depending on terrain? Does it utilize tongue stiffeners or something completely different?

JM: Since it is a high performance liner it comes optimized to a stiffness necessary for proper support and performance. We are in the works to offer different stiffness liners for some one who desires a looser feel.

AS: I know you’re going to be offering these at specialty retailers but will people be able to buy them directly off your site as well?

JM: Yes they will. We like to support the local shops though… so head in there and check em out.

San Diego, CA (August 21, 2012) – Remind Insoles introduces a new SOLUTION to help snowboarders live the dream longer and less painfully while enhancing performance. This first ever, after-market snowboard boot liner is available at snowboard shops starting this fall.

Remind’s snow team, including iconic snowboarders Travis Rice, who introduced his pro-model Remind Remedy this spring, Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter and Kevin Jones along with up-and-comer Blake Paul, tested out the liners through a gamut of abuse over three years and 6 million vertical feet. Remind SOLUTION Liners are constructed with premium layers of foam that work together to eliminate pressure points, maintain proper anatomical support and flex.

“This is the most durable liner on the market,” says John Makens, president of Remind Insoles. “No corners have been cut in developing materials or designing the anatomical fit. We look forward to working with snowboard shops this fall to fit more riders to proper boot liners as winter rolls back in.”

The SOLUTION is built around a natural anatomical shape with mold-ability that secures the foot and ankle while allowing flex for natural movement. A roomy forefoot area allows a rider to gain more balance and stability, joined with a tighter rear foot area for security and support is the perfect formula for natural feel. The liner thickens above the heel to add a nice heel hold down paired with an aggressive ankle arch and heel contour.

Built to last for years, the SOLUTION liner resists damage from rivets that are internally exposed on boot shells and interior wear. Depending on the day and terrain, the Solution adjusts to allow for a softer or stiffer flex.

Natural Anatomical Shape And Flex: Bio-mechanically engineered for proper anatomical alignment and perfect flex with the foot and ankle’s natural mechanical movements with the right amount of support needed.

Thermo-Molding Trio Foam System: Extremely durable anti-microbial three-foam system, engineered for proper density, rebound and shock absorption, provides superb cushioning, even pressure point distribution and molds to specific foot details. Equipped with BLUE MAGIC for zero pack out and ultimate shock absorption.

ZERO Pack Out Blue Magic Foam: Blue Magic is a state-of-the-art, high-impact protective, smart foam able to endure heavy shock impacts and transform its character to absorb and distribute energy predominantly reducing impact while keeping its original cushy soft foam state without ever packing out. Blue Magic is more protective, comfortable and outperforms traditional inferior foams used in the market.

  • Shock absorbing technology
  • Natural anatomical shape
  • Sock like fit
  • Lacing system
  • Velcro Tongue
  • Anti pressure point
  • Zero pack out
  • Antimicrobial
  • Remind Insole Included

In specialty retailers starting: September 2012


About Remind Insoles:

In 2008, Remind Insoles began as a common sense solution for one simple goal: to live the dream a little less painfully. Remind’s customized orthotic insoles prolong the health and longevity for skateboarding and snowboarding participants by promoting care and awareness starting at the feet. By pairing a passion for skateboarding and snowboarding with 30 years experience of bio-mechanical engineering, Remind creates a footbed built specifically for the action sports participant.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Kling says:

    Oh man I’m fucking IN! Was planning to get some of their soles this year anyway….

  2. Kling says:

    Will they partner with any 1 boot company on any level with this? Long term maybe? Just curious how that may play out?

  3. NWBoarder says:

    So is this a pretty good solution to replacing boots then? I mean, if the outer shell is in good shape, but the liner is beat, then replacing with one of these should bring new life to the boot? I’m intrigued by these.

  4. That would be correct sir, shells in tact liner is fucked try these plus at 129 with a 45 dollar footbed in it that’s a solid investment.

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  6. Joe D says:

    Cool he uses Lashed (same boot as me). Wonder if the liner takes up more volume than the stock liners. I have a small volume foot but need the width of the Lashed. I have to resort to stuffing it with foam but if these are just slightly thicker I’m in. Gotta check it out when they come out.

  7. K.T says:

    I have a size 8.5 Burton Driver X boot. Which liner should I buy? Size 8 or 9?

  8. […] I were you I would consider 3 things: 1. Hows the shell on those 32s? Just get one of Remind's new aftermarket liners. Will probably add more support than they originally had, and give your boots another 100+ days for […]

  9. K.T says:

    Has anybody tried them? Does anybody know anyone who has. any opinions?

  10. We’re doing a long term review on these right now. Soon enough we’ll have a video analysis of them for you.

  11. Kling says:


  12. K.T says:

    That’s sweet. Looking forward to that review.

    I’m not sure if I will wait for the review at this point. So tempting. such a good idea. I love how my boots are externally but my feet invariably hurt from using them.

  13. Lukass says:

    when is the new review coming out? I’m interested but need more feedback 1st. Thanks

  14. When I probably get it done. It’s a long term review.

  15. Lukass says:

    went ahead and bought some. I’ll write up a review after I abuse it in the park for a couple weeks.

  16. Max P. says:

    A bit late to the show but just to let you know there’s 25% off on these puppies today only (21 jan 2013)

    Just ordered mine, I have 32 Lashed boots just as the guy in the interview, hope it will work fine!

    Max P.

  17. Max P. says:

    At last I got my liners! Been riding them for a couple of days now.

    For anyone who think ordering those :

    – Comfort is awesome. No pressure point felt at all.
    – Easy to tighten and also STAYS tight
    – Warmer than my original liners (32 Lashed)

    – Do not forget to cut the insole to the lenght needed. I went out on the first time without cutting em and while in the parking lot, I realized that they we’re to long. I have a size 9 boots, the insole fits easily a 9.5 so I ended up cutting almost half an inch.

    Expect duties if you are a canadian customer. I’m in Quebec City, had to pay 30$ on delivery. Also shipping is not blazing fast so expect a solid 3 weeks for delivery if your in Canada. Tracking number won’t work outside USA also.

    Bottom line:

    Comfort is the key word here and they deliver. If your liners are uncomfortable, not warm enough, not tigh enough and don’t want to spend for new boots, this is the thing to get. I spent more time tightening my boots than on the slopes before, now I tight em one time and it’s when I get in the parking lot of the resort.

    Max Pelletier

  18. K.T says:

    I ordered some. I am in Canada and somehow didn’t have to pay duties. That’s a pretty rare thing. I’m not sure how that happened, but I am good with it. I got 40 percent off the price on a sale coupon. Sometimes remind has 50 percent off their products too.

    Seems like a stiff liner (which I like). Definitely looking forward to trying these out. Also has some sort of extra warm insole. Feels well constructed.

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