Remind Insoles New Blue Magic!

I’m a huge supporter and fan of Remind Insoles solely because they work better than almost anything else I’ve used. John Makens the owner sent over this little video talking about their new Blue Magic and I couldn’t help but laugh as it demonstrates it’s great points while mocking late night infomercials.

Blue Magic from Remind Insoles on Vimeo.

Remind Insoles releases Blue Magic! Blue Magic is a state of the art, high impact protective, smart foam. This magical concoction is able to endure heavy shock impacts and transform its character to absorb and distribute energy predominantly reducing impact while keeping its original cushy soft foam state without ever packing out. Blue Magic is more protective, comfortable, and will outperform traditional inferior foams that exist in the market.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Kling says:

    I’m getting some.

  2. LeroyTheMassochist says:

    I’m craving milk!

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