Parks and Wreck Shaolin Shred Style

Break the mother fucking ruckus! You knew we would take it back to the days of real hip hop and represent the 36 chambers. The boys unleash their inner Shaolin Shred Style on Breckenridge in this weeks episode.

Riders: Alex Dean, Anthony “Crowbar” Corbo, Marcus Stephens, Grant Heileman, Zach Soderholm, Connor Paulson, Luciano Fertonani

Filmed and edited by Shamus Lahman

Sponsored by iON Cameras, Echelon Snowboards, Phunkshun Wear, Wu Tang Clan

Picture 24

Causes controversy!

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  1. Oh look, there’s a translation for white people: I give 110% when it comes to helping the community, even though I occasionally associate with some less than reputable characters.

    BLACKSIDE. Marcus, so much style. Everyone was killing it in this.

  2. KYLE.R. says:

    Duude. that corked Japan thing Marcus did looked friggen crazy.

  3. Shalim says:

    his name was Connor Paulson

  4. Kling says:

    my pandora is stuck on wu tang channel…awesome as usual…

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