Parks and Wreck Season 2 Opener

Just when you thought we gave up on doing a weekly park webisode we drop the season opener. For season 2 we’ve brought on a new director, wrangled up some new talent, and even got an official POV camera sponsor. So sit back and watch some guys come up short on some jumps and fall off some jibs.

Riders: Andrew Agar, Connor Paulson, Anthony “Cro” Corbo, Marcus “The Blexican” Stephens, Tylor Berreth and Zach Soderholm

Filmed By: Shamus Lahman & Avran LeFeber

Edited By: Shamus Lahman of ShayLay Media

Motion Graphic: Jesse Denes

POV Cameras provided by iON

Picture 66


  1. Kling says:

    that shit at 2.30 is ugly and slow and just so…beastly looking….

    3.19 corbo – fuck ouch

  2. Dave says:

    Sick edit, that made my day better!

  3. weipim says:

    so boss

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