Parks and Wreck Season 2 Episode 5

Find yourself endlessly clicking through the channels searching for something better to watch? Can’t get enough good shredding on the ole tube? Well relax Parks and Wrecks latest episode is here to wet your whistle. Inside this episode you’ll find boot chewing, slamming, double corking, method throwing, jib jamming, and maybe even an epic chase or two.

Riders: Marcus “@nigbeats” Stephens, Jordan Zdanek, Will Mayo, Joe Mango, and Ryan Hryckiewicz
Shot and edited by Shamus Lahman
Motion Graphic: Jesse Denes

Picture 146
Thanks as always to iON Cameras, Phunkshun Wear Facemasks, and Big Hit Snowboard Shop

Causes controversy!

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  1. Imaripanothaholeinyourass says:

    Jumps are pretty cool, but Stop swiveling!!

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