Parks and Wreck Season 2 Episode 3 “Wax on… Wax off”

Mixing it up this week the boys went to Keystone on an overcast day. As you can already guess the change in terrain was daunting and they had to get back in the zone. That’s why Mr. Miyagi was there to teach them the proper methods of crane style on the stunt sticks as only he can with 80’s montage music!

Rider: Tylor Berreth, Andrew Agar, Connor Paulson, Zach Soderholm, Chris Collard
Guest appearances by Daniel Russo and Mr. Miyagi

Filmed and edited by Shamus Lahman

Logo by Jesse Denes

Special thanks to iON cameras, Echelon Snowboards, and Phunkshun Wear

Picture 106

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