Parks and Wreck Season 2 “B Sides”

There’s a lot that goes on to making a weekly park edit series. You capture a lot of things on camera from falls, conversations, to incidents with out of control skier dads and their children. During the filming of season 2 of Parks and Wreck we’ve seen a lot. These are our “B sides” if you will. So sit back and see some of the humor that unfolds from week to week.

Filmed and edited by Shamus Lahman

Picture 54

Causes controversy!

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  1. Kling says:

    I just want to know what you guys did to that kid, who is obviously very upset!!

    Gaper dads everywhere represent.

  2. Honestly never did anything to the kid. He mouthed off to me after the dad had threatened to beat the hell out of me for skipping past him in line while he stood around with his thumb in his ass. So I told the dad I would fuck him up and told the kid I was going to spank him. Kid flipped out, fell over, pissed himself, and the dad cried.

  3. ODV says:

    Awesome. Yeah that was sick.

  4. Kling says:

    People are so great, you can’t make that shit up….

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