Option 2010

Flincerts, flannel, and Canadians Oh MY!  Here’s what Option has to offer but it really doesn’t do to much to turn heads. But they do have Flincerts oh yeah baby! Also a touch of NFA for good measure.

Causes controversy!

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  1. the Good Doctor says:

    I’m surprised that someone hasn’t bought the name and threw it into big box stores. With bangers such as, 5150, Lamar, Morrow and Liquid at your nearest Sport Mart I’m insulted that the former ‘Pride of Canada’ isn’t even good enough for that.

    I’m shocked, and hurt, and shocked.

    All kidding aside though, the boards stink.

  2. Anonymous says:

    fire steve dewar, bring back the canadian fab facility, and fire steve dewar

  3. Anonymous says:

    here’s what you do:

    dump dewar back to sims

    make nfa the low-to-mid level brand for big box stores (elan can fab these)

    bring back the vancouver factory for the mid-to-high level option brand

  4. sportmart says:

    […] … Sportmart. Fighters lyrics. Investor words. Halide edip adivar. Picking paint colors. Magic …The Angry Snowboarder Blog Archive Option 2010Flincerts, flannel, and Canadians Oh MY! Here's what Option has to offer but it really … Lamar, […]

  5. Jane says:

    Now that Steve Dewar has left the snowboard business & drove Option into bankruptcy, he is busy screwing up Stormtech Performance Apparel & driving that company into the ground.

  6. ye ol option employee says:

    How many companies has that jack ass drove into the ground!?
    I worked there for almost 4 years, as soon as Dewar came into the picture, and I heard the last 2 companies he worked for went under, I had to move on. I loved working there. It was a Great product back then, and a great group of people to work with. I’m guessing option has gone under?

  7. Yep I think 2010 samples was the last time they existed.

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