Omatic EXTR-TXTR BS with K2 Formulas My Take

Every year the Extr series gets a new theme. This year straight from the mouth of Todd Richards comes the Txtr version. Poking fun at things like Twitter, texting, and the general horrible decline of the American youth. This board also features the B.S. Technology that was offered last season.

Board: Omatic Extr-Txtr

Size: 154

Camber Option: B.S. Technology so beveled up bases near the edges and a bit of rocker in the tips.

Bindings: K2 Formulas

Stance: 22

Angles: 18 negative 15

Boots: K2 T1 DB Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Winter Park

Conditions: Flatlight and snowing with a severe windchill.

Preconceived Notions: I own a Extr-Eco Wiggle Stick which is from the old factory they used, for 2011 they changed over to the GST factory (mix up it is the Elan Factory). In doing this the definition of the B.S. technology has changed. The real question was how much is this going to change the ride of the board?

Flex: Little stiffer than the Extr-Eco especially in the tips. I’d put it more in line with a softer flexing all mountain deck than a stiffer flexing park deck.

Stability: Super stable ride that absorbed chatter really well.

Ollies/Pop: Felt a little more poppy than my Extr-Eco but still wasn’t one of those boards where you’re super wowed with the over all outcome. It’s enough to keep you content and get the job done.

Butterability: B.S. Technology definitely makes playing around on snow a lot easier even with the stiffer flex.

Cruising: Edge initiation is super easy on any of the decks with B.S. it allows you to roll it over on edge and lock in through hard carves or if you want to be lazy it makes skidding a turn catch free.

Jibbing: Flex wasn’t the best for this nor were the jibs at Winter Park, but it definitely got the job done.

Rider in Mind: All mountain rider that likes to rail turns as much as they like to hit jumps.

Personal Thoughts: At SIA I bore witness to the differences in the B.S. tech first hand and was curious as to how it would compare to the old version. Lets just say this is a step in the right direction to getting it dialed in even better.

What They Say:OMG we so knew it. We dugg your tweet about the new board you’re looking for. We no u no wutz up! LOL. IDK about you guys, but we think this thing is sick – we cud txt bout it 4eva. Seriously though – it will help you butcher the park like your fingers butcher the English Languate. Get the message?

The EXTR-TXTR features give you plenty of reasons to update your profile. Just sayin’ …

Binding Compatibility: Stiffer binding to go with a board thats on the stiffer end of the park spectrum.

Binding Adjustability: Having owned 4 pairs of Formulas setting these things up has become second nature and with all quick adjustments its easier than ever to dial them in.

Straps: Heel strap was updated for this year and didn’t have that same easy contour feeling that’s normal with the Formula strap, toe strap remained the same.

Highbacks: New highback sits 3/4th of an inch higher and has a stiffer flex.

Binding Flex: Stiffer than what the Formula has been for the last few years, taking it away from being a versatile all mountain freestyle binding and putting it more into the freeride category.

Ratchets: Still smooth as butter.

Rider in Mind: Guy looking to go charge a line and lay some carves.

Personal Thoughts: I think I want to cry now that this binding has changed so much, it’s not the binding I’ve gone to for the last few seasons. It’s stiffer, not as conducive to jibbing, and generally not in the category of what this binding once ruled. Looks like I’ll be moving on to another company for next year.

What They Say: Your skills are advancing exponentially. You need equipment that is as equally capable and the Formula is ready. With NEW canted footbeds and ROCKLOCK Highbacks, this tried-and-true specimen offers a performance-centric flex that is ready to take your riding to new heights. Pro-Fusion Chasis hosts the multi-position Custom Caddy ankle strap, offering more freedom than ever… and you thought we couldn’t make it better.

Causes controversy!

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  1. e says:

    Omatic is at Elan, not GST. Didn’t get a chance to demo it, wish I could since the BS tech seems like it’s something i would hate based off it’s design, but it seems to work.

  2. Structurn base tells me its GST. Unless Elan suddenly started doing that.

  3. e says:

    i just checked, no Omatic boards are made at GST. They all looked like Elan boards, but not 100% sure all are there, but I’m pretty sure

  4. Eric says:

    How would you compare the EXTR to the never summer EVO? Do you have a preference?

  5. Crazy, one I rode had Structurn on it and the big ass sticker.

  6. Evo 2010 or evo 2011? Cause I’m now riding a 2011 Evo.

  7. Eric says:

    The 2011 Evo. Does the EXTR compare or is it worth the extra bucks to get the evo? I am trying to decide between the two for next season

  8. Going to have to wait till the review rolls out. Not spoiling it till then.

  9. E. got word from Tanya it was Elan that made their samples. Sorry for the mix up. I definitely see/ride way too many boards.

  10. e says:

    easy to do. u still got my respect…..sort of…i kid

  11. josh says:

    Angry, did you get to ride any of the other omatics?

  12. There will be a celebrity BS review coming out in the future.

  13. eddy says:

    i have the first tr awesome and i’m looking to replace my board.. i tried my friend’s parkstar a couple times last season and i liked the feel of the reverse camber, but i’m just sold on omatic because i’ve rode them for so long.. how does this add up to the parkstar.. and will it live up to my first awesome?

  14. Actually Eddy there’s a new limited edition Omatic x Hawk collaboration up on their site. It’s an Awesome with their B.S. Technology. So you’ll get that familiar flex of your Awesome but with the B.S. Tech. Also they’re boards are coming out of a new factory so the quality is going to be a lot higher in my opinion. Now the big thing with B.S. Tech is that the rocker is very minimal similar to that Parkstar you rode. Also because the surface is raised up down the edges turn initiation is going to be a little different.

  15. eddy says:

    yea i saw that.. but forgot to clarify i rock a 13 boot and feel more comfy on wides… when is omatic bringin’ out a wide bs tr model!.. i guess i’ll keep waiting around

  16. JOhn... says:

    Hey Angry,
    I’ve only ridden 5 or 6 boards , and I just got the 151 Extr-Txtr and it is by far the softest board I’ve ever ridden and I absolutely love it! I’ve ridden a Skate Banana the past 3 years, and after riding the ExtrTxtr I couldlnt believe how stiff my banana really is. In your review, you said the ExtrTxtr has more of a stiffer flex, and I’m just wondering what other boards you’re comparing it too? If there are more flexible boards out there I’d like to try them out.

  17. HAHAHA Skatebanana stiff that’s a good one. The extr txtr has a stiffer park flex which makes it more well balanced.

  18. Lars Von Gubenstein says:

    Whats going on with Omatic?? Are they done? :(

  19. That’s up in the air but I’m going with life support isn’t sustaining them.

  20. Chris says:

    I know this is an old page.. but since the rumors are that Omatic is done, I was looking at maybe picking up an Awesome or something else from their website before it’s too late. I’m currently riding an 08 T. Rice BTX, but was looking for something simple with solid pop and traditional camber. Have you ridden an Awesome? Will I hate myself for going back to camber (I still plan on riding my T. Rice though as it has a lot of life left) or should I just get the ExtrTxtr or Celebrity instead?

  21. Solid pop and traditional camber that’s pretty much the Awesome to a T. Just note that it’s not a true twin. I’ve owned 2 of them and it was always a fun board for playing around on the mountain.

  22. mikey says:

    Picked up a few decks at late season sales- arbor westmark and an extr-txtr. looking to settle on one stick and sell the others. which one would you lean towards as a do it all (holiday valley) and one weekend at VT a year- deck???

  23. If you’re bombing North Wind and hitting the park on Foxfire go with the Extr Txtr that base will be more durable for the abuse of the Holiday Valley shit snow.

  24. mikey says:

    havnt forgot your roots!!

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