Nikita Laplan Jacket Used and Reviewed

After riding the Davos jacket from Nikita which was obscenely huge on poor little Kat our resident hipster we allowed her out of her cage to try this one. While being a warm jacket that wants to be a puffy it’s not. Here’s what she had to say.

P: Brent LaFleur Model: Kat Carlson

Garment: Nikita Lapland Jacket

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Holiday time, need I say more? Long lines and short laps in preseason conditions.

Size: Medium

Fit: This jacket has a pretty standard fit and is one of Nikita’s warmer jackets. It kind of gives you a puffy jacket feel without being a true puffy.

Waterproofing/Breathability: 8,000mm/5,000gm

Pockets: The pockets on this jacket are pretty normal, with an Mp3 player pocket and small Velcro pocket on the inside. On the outside of the jacket there are the normal bottom pockets and a huge hidden zipper pocket that opens right next to the main zipper.

Venting System: Nikita got it right again with the vents on this coat. The vents have the double zippers and are extremely easy to open and close.

Zippers: Nothing too significant to report on the zippers, they all work well and lay flat like they should.

Special/Hidden Features: The main awesome features of this jacket are the removable snow skirt and the waist zipper that allows you to zip your pants to your jacket to make a jumpsuit. Another favorite feature of mine on this jacket is the drawstring around the waist, this is awesome because it lets you get a better fit around your waist.

Rider in Mind: This jacket would be good for those cold, powdery days. This jacket is definitely better for someone who is going to be riding the entire mountain or a lot of powder days.

P: Brent LaFleur Model: Kat Carlson

Personal Thoughts: This jacket is really warm and comfortable. Although it isn’t a coat I would normally wear, I would definitely recommend it to the right people, it’s not a bad coat.

What They Say: They’re so awesome they just wow you with their website.

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