Never Summer Heritage A Closer Look

When you look at the new Heritage from Never Summer the thing that should catch your eye will be the new top-sheet. This new textile top-sheet just makes it stand out. But inside it are the inner workings of a big mountain freestyle beast. I had the pleasure of putting this deck through the ringer on what could only be described as an epic powder day to most. Here’s how it rode for myself.

Board: Never Summer Heritage

Size: 158

Camber Option: R.C. Technology which utilizes a cambered zone in the tips and reverse between the feet.

Bindings: K2 Formulas

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge and Copper

Conditions: Overcast and shitty and bluebird and deep pow.

Getting Some

Preconceived Notions: This is one of the few decks in the NS line I haven’t been on since they incorporated their R.C. Technology and Vario Power Grip into it. I was expecting this deck to haul ass and be solid on steeps and dropping things.

Flex: Past the middle of the road in the all mountain spectrum but not as stiff as the Raptor.

Stability: Once again this deck has the smooth damp ride that NS decks are known for you could run over a Moose with this thing and you’d think you ran over a garden hose.

Ollies/Pop: It had an OK amount of snap for popping rollers and blasting over rocks and drops. But this board wasn’t built to win high ollie contests.

Butterability: Buttering in pow was a lot of fun on this thing.

Cruising: Oh you could rail a turn on this thing and never have to worry about if you weren’t locked in. Edge to edge this thing transitioned smoothly and effectively.

Jibbing: Does destroying this on a rock count?

Rider in Mind: The guy that doesn’t want to go as directional as the Premier F1 or as stiff and hard charging as the Raptor.

Personal Thoughts: Now some people heard about the unfortunate demise of my Heritage back in February when I hit a rock under 3 feet of pow and pushed the base up into the top-sheet. Just to let everyone know I had a prototype that had a different core that wasn’t as structurally sound as what the production ones will get. Now other than decimating mine this board was a lot of fun for charging lines and dropping rocks and cliffs. Definitely a top contender as a new freeride favorite.

Dented Base

What They Say: Like the freeride inspired Raptor, the new Carbonium Series Heritage is equiped with the new NS SuperLight woodcore and extensive carbon reinforcement (Carbonium Laminate Technology) to power this big mountain free-style board anywhere on the mountain. Super snappy, yet powerful and lightweight, the Heritage is comfortable charging full speed down groomers, in the trees, or slaying the park with absolutely no sacrifice in quality and durability. This is a truly versatile all mountain freestyle machine! Equipped with improved Carbonium topsheet.


  1. lisevolution says:

    How would you compare the Heritage to the SL/Legacy?

  2. More freeride hard charging oriented less park/set back park oriented.

  3. dave says:

    Thanks for helping me to decide on buying this board. The eecco and coda sounds like a lot of fun, but I am leaning more towards heritage since I ride at snowbird and need a board that can charge the steep and deep, but still be able to go fakie and have fun on vs f1 and raptor(thanks for steering me away from raptor and its hookiness) and feel confident and sure on edge(literally on edge of some big rocks and cliffs) I don’t ride the crazy shit there, but I do often have to go thru some crazy, hairy shit to get to what I ride and I need solid edge hold. I also needed a damp ride cause pow gets tracked quick and you can get going fast there so need less chatter on my 43 yr old body and knees.

  4. Well when you take a Machete to the knees I can understand needing something that’s damp.

  5. dave says:

    Yes. For some reason I had forgot about that.LOL. Must be my 3 month old daughter re-directing my attention. Yes I have a new daughter, no my life is not over. Just hope she’s going to love surfing and snowboarding like her mom and dad. Mahalo!


    Targas or evers for Heritage?

    Are you going to review Jones snowboards hovercraft? My buddy wants to get it to pillage the low angle pow after all the other good angled pow is gone, but he’s not sure about it. He said he thought it would be cool riding a 156 for that instead of a comparably sized 178 powder board. One thing interesting I seen was the hovercraft has a blunt nose and so does the eecco you reviewed(although different looking blunts). I don’t know about snowboard design/dynamics too much, but I guess these blunt noses work good for pow.

  6. dave says:

    Sorry, I forgot to ask if I should get a 158, 160 or 162? I’m 175 lbs. boot size 12 and coming off a 164 cambered board. Its my first rockered board and have no clue which size is good for 175lbs. Thanks again.

  7. Congrats on the new kid hope she is down to shred as well. I’d say go with a 60 for what you’re looking to do and be sure to check out the Heritage TX or whatever they’re calling the wider version. I don’t know about getting on a Jones Hovercraft, with the parent company being Nidecker I can usually only get on them in late January at the On Snow at Winter Park. I’d say go Evers if you’re concerned about the weight of the Heritage cause the Targas are a heavier binding.

  8. dave says:

    Awesome! I really liked that harshmallow padding in my(stolen) evers. I swear that persons going to break their leg or something worse w/ those bindings(some wicked bad karmas coming his way). Hopefully the t1db will be a good fit for my feet cause I want that harshmallow too. Double harshmallow. Thanks and have a great weekend.

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  10. jstumbler says:

    Howdy Angry. I know this is an old thread, but I have a question regarding a Never Summer board, and I can’t find a satisfactory answer anywhere on this crazy little thing they call the internet.
    I currently ride a 4 year-old Altered Genetics 155cm. I board mostly on crappy, ice-chunk riddled snow, but will escape to some real mountains a couple times a year. I’m not a park junkie, and I spend most of my time carving my way down runs with as much speed as I can carry. So, having said all that, I was in the local shop, having my heart set on a new Altered Genetics. They had none. After talking to the resident expert, I left the shop with a Never Summer Legacy (White) 159cm. Am I going to hate this thing? The length difference seems huge, and it is sooooooo stinkin’ wide. I am 5’10” and weigh 175lbs. Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  11. Well do you have a big foot? There’s no reason to go wide unless you need to. Other than that for charging and carving it’s a damp ride that holds a good edge.

  12. dave says:

    so far liking the edge hold of vario power grip on hard pack groomers and it helps alot when traversing. would like to get a big dump soon to test out its powder riding abilities as I haven’t tried a rockered board in pow before. how did it handle for you in deep snow?

  13. Brad says:

    Hi Angry, old post i know – just wondering what you think of the shape compared to the Custom Flying V, wasnt that keen on the flying V on a demo but the Heritage sounds rad from what ive read. My main concern is the looseness that the rockered middle section of the board may have on hardpack.

  14. It’s a lot tighter than the Custom Flying v. Over all Burtons Flying V on the Custom is crap pure and utter shit it’s like a fucking fruit bowl between your feet. The Heritage is not that way at all.

  15. Brad says:

    cheers, those similar profiles are what threw me but there is only so much you can work out online eh! ive read nothing but great reviews for NS stuff ill hopefully get a Heritage next season

  16. Mopman says:

    Hey Moe,

    I weigh 150-154…Is the 155 OK, or should I go with the 158 heritage? Thanks for your site and input.

  17. Stick with the 55 the 58 will be too much board for you.

  18. Brad R says:

    Angry, I am thinking about getting the heritage to use as an all-mountain ride. I am unsure whether I will need the wide or not as I have a size 13 boot but I don’t want to lose any of the maneuverability the regular board will offer if I don’t have to. I was also wondering what the best length would be for my weight of 200 lbs? I’m more into carving than bombing speed so maybe the 162? Thank you for your help in advance.

  19. 162 should be fine. You’ll need the wide and you don’t lose anything when you go to a wide. People need to get over this stigma that you’re giving something up by riding a wide, I rode them for years they’re just a wider version of the regular counter part which makes them proportional to someone with a bigger foot.

  20. Brad R says:

    Thank you for your help.

  21. Tycho says:

    Dave, Angry, anybody with experience on this stick:

    How did you find it riding switch? I’m starting to find myself riding switch almost as much as I do reg, and want to be able to charge regardless of what foot is downhill.

    Thanks for your input!

  22. Should be fine if you’re a competent rider.

  23. Cooter says:

    Do you think the heritage gives a shit? No, he just shreds it!

    I rode my new 20 anniversary heritage at breck last weekend after a 5 inch storm came in. I felt like I was 20 again riding this board. There’s a couple of rollers on 10 that I was ready to throw down a 540 off of because I felt so confident on it. Of course I pussed out on the large spin but this board is sick. I think I may put the new burton prophets on it. Has anyone else have suggestions for bindings on this board?

    Here are my numbers:

    38 yr old dude
    Weight 158
    Height 5 11
    Board size 158
    Been riding since the time that we had to put straps on skateboards at the local hill.

    Peace out….

  24. Adam says:

    Thanks for the review. This is helpful. I had a Custom Flying V and thought it was okay, but can’t stand the bindings Burton makes and not interested in any of the options for EST – not feeling the Burton thing at all. I bought a Hovercraft and Rome Targas and I’m enjoying that, but I need something more versatile for day to day riding. Want something not so directional to go Mach 10 down the mountain on that can also bust crud and float in powder. I only hit jumps if they obstruct the chute or bowl I’m going into.

    Trying to decide between Flagship and Heritage, leaning toward the NS after reading the reviews. 6’3, 235 riding 23 years but traditionally ridden old school cambered boards. I usually ride in the 166-174 range.
    Any thoughts on the Heritage vs. Flagship? Any other suggestions appreciated.
    Thanks again for the real deal reviews.

  25. I rode the Flagship the first year it came out so not sure if it changed but it just felt like a turd nothing special. This for a bigger guy and what you’re describing might fit the bill or you could check out the boards in the Arbor Roots Collection.

  26. Adam says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for the feedback.

  27. Adam says:

    I ended up getting a 2011/2012 166 Heritage X and Rome 390 bindings. This thing slays it. A great all mountain board, easy to ride and super fun. I felt comfortable on it within 5 minutes. Love it. Thanks for the rec.

  28. Longin says:

    Hello Angry ,
    an old post is this (but great) but id u read – could you give advice on which Heritage to get ?

    I am 5 9, weight 188-190, boot size 8 , ( actually im size 9 but boots are Salomons -lil smaller), 37 y
    only a free rider/groomers and powder oh yeah

    my older board was amt 2002 Head matrix 160, and i was 15 lbs less then;

    so should i get 158 or 160 again, i’m leaning to 158 but my increased weight is the concern.. this Herrtage will be be my only board for next 5-10 years


  29. Longin says:

    thank you so much!

  30. BB2 says:

    Please help. I am 5′ 10″ 170-177 lbs and deciding between a 155 and 158 Heritage. I am 42, been riding 12 years and aggressively ride groomers, pow and trees all over the mountain. I don’t really hit the park but like small kickers and a little bit of buttering. My biggest issue is stability at speed but also need the control, maneuverability and want to be as catch free as possible. I am torn because I want the stability and speed of the 158 and the control of the 155. Thank you in advance for your help.

  31. BB2 says:

    Not sure what you mean. Are you recommending another board? I used to ride a NS Premier and like the dampness but wanted to loosen it up a bit with RC. I thought the Heritage would be a nice step back from the Premier.
    Thanks again for the help.

  32. I’m recommending another company.

  33. BB2 says:

    Thank you. Can you please help me with me which company(s) and what boards would work for me? Do you not like Never Summer? I loved my Primier but bought it several years ago.

  34. There’s just better out there.

  35. BB2 says:

    Ok, seems like you don’t want to make a specific brand/board recommendation and I respect that. Thank you for the replies and the great site, much appreciated!

  36. Luís Malheiro says:

    Hello, I have bought the NS Heritage 160 because the NS Heritage X 159 was sold out, I am 165 pounds and 5’11” my boot size is 11.5 (K2 Thraxis) will this board fit me good or will I suffer from toe/heel drag due to my boot size?

  37. Go ride and not worry about petty things.

  38. zak says:

    Hi! Looking to get a new board for the season to come after my battaleon jam delaminated mid piste last year, currently hesitating between a heritage x 163 from 2014 and a bataleon undisputed 163 2012. I m a size 13 – 14 , 6″2 and around 200 pounds . More into boming down groomers and hitting off piste than anything else and will be getting a freestyle board later on in the season. What would you recommend? I really loved the tbt on my jam but I’m scared that the undisputed will be fragile… I’ll be out every day all season in the french alps above the treeline.
    Thanks for the great reviews!

  39. They’re snowboards, they’re meant to be ridden. Sometimes they break. If you loved TBT then buy the Undisputed.

  40. zak says:

    Cheers, will go for the undisputed, love the graphics and it s much cheaper

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