Mille Bornes FULL MOVIE

Check out this lineup of riders that are the main stars and friends that joined them how could you pass up a chance to watch this? You can’t and you will watch this. So much talent from Europe with a few North Americans thrown in for good measure.

Sylvain Bourbousson
Fred Couderc
Morgan Le Faucheur
David Livet
Victor Daviet
Yrwan’Golden”Garcia Léal
Ugo Maréchal
Félix Carlier

Also Featuring:
David Benedek
Josh Dirksen
Louif Paradis
Wolle Nyvelt
Herve Dalmolin
and more…

Produced by: Almo film. Alban Jehlen-Morgan Le Faucheur
Directed by : Morgan Le Faucheur,Alban Jehlen,Julien Rodrigues
Filmed by : Julien Rodrigues,Fred Schwal
Motion Design : David “Dash” Schaller

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