Kill Your Boredom FULL MOVIE

Other than a bit too much downhill splitboard jibbing this movie is really solid. Plus who can complain about an intro like this, it’s one to rival the ages of prerolled skits in a shred flick. So when you see a two planker just fast forward a bit and get back to enjoying the snowboarding.

Featuring Geoff Brown, Rob Heule, KC Deane, Braden Dean, Simon d’Artois, Jesmond Dubeau, Joe Schuster, Mack Jones, Justin VDP, Shayne Zwickel, Jesse Millen, Warren Williams, Andrew Jackson, Josh Daiek, Cody Shepherd, Barry Hartman, Josh Bibby, Elyse Saugstad, Jake Black & more

Produced & Directed by Darren Rayner & The Voleurz Family
Principal Cinematography by Darren Rayner, Mason Mashon, Pat King
RED cinematography by Jan Schuster & Mile End Media
RC Heli by Justin Hannewyk & Heli Video Pros

Causes controversy!

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