K2 Darkstar with Ever Bindings A Closer Look

The Darkstar was and still is to some the K2 quiver killer of choice. It was a board that could take you from the highest peaks to the smallest parks and still be able to handle everything that was thrown at it. New for 2011 is the introduction of Flatline into the board. Here’s my take of it with the Ever bindings.

Board: K2 Darkstar

Size: 157

Camber Option: Zero camber

Bindings: K2 Auto Evers

Stance: 22

Angles: 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Winter Park

Conditions: End of the day shit, you know where it’s about as crappy as the inside of a septic tank minus the smell.

Preconceived Notions: The Darkstar was always one of those fun all mountain freestyle decks that could handle it all. Now it has Zero camber which is something I’ve been digging a lot of so this should be a good ride.

Flex: Stiffer than the old Darkstar that’s for sure, probably more in the Turbo Dream area.

Stability: Super stable at speeds and in chop probably due to the new flex pattern.

Ollies/Pop: Took a bit more effort but this thing will boost when loaded up. Had a field day popping rollers and off jumps with it.

Butterability: Definitely not a butter stick you can do it but I wouldn’t bother.

Cruising: Railing turns is a lot of fun with this board and you can definitely initiate some deep trenches with no issues.

Jibbing: Just like buttering still not the best thing on the planet but do able.

Rider in Mind: Shaun McKay comes to mind I’d say this deck now represents someone that’s charging bigger lines and hitting bigger park kickers and less of an all mountain freestyle machine and more a big mountain freestyle beast.

Personal Thoughts: Just wasn’t that fun of a deck for myself anymore, felt a bit too over built and not as lively as it once was.

What They Say: A tried and true backbone of the Progression Series, the Darkstar continues its reign as one of the top favorites for freestyle riders in the line. The true wing, HYPER PROGRESSIVE construction that won numerous Good Wood awards in the last three years is now being coupled with new FLATLINE Technology at the team’s request for this season. Progressive, prove, powerful…. Darkstar remains.

Binding Compatibility: With the Darkstars redesign this binding actually worked fairly well with it.

Binding Adjustability: Takes a big longer with the Auto Strap but now that its redesigned you can dial it in even more, the forward lean is also adjusted different than in years past. Over all take some time to dial it in and you’ll be golden.

Straps: The heel strap actuates the toe strap which is the beauty of Auto Technology. The redesign of the toe grips a lot better and the heel did its job very well.

Highbacks: Bit stiffer and higher than I would have liked but did their job none the less.

Binding Flex: Somewhere in hard charging freerider category with just a hint of park thrown in for good measure.

Ratchets: The heel ratchet did its job to lock you in and tighten down the toe.

Rider in Mind: Someone that wants a quick in and out binding thats on the stiffer side for charging.

Personal Thoughts: Bit too stiff of a binding for myself but the Auto Technology only gets better as the years go on.

What They Say: For the discriminating rider who wants the ultimate in 21st century binding performance, the Ever is a must have. Patented Auto strap technology, canted HARSHMELLOW footbeds and ultra lightweight Airlock-Lite highbacks provide instantaneous energy transfer without compromising comfort. And by offering a more natural leg position, the canted shockpads let you ride wider, longer, and stronger.

Causes controversy!

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