Joonas Eloranta FULL PART

The ender is one of the most prestigious parts of a snowboard movie. Joonas Eloranta earned it with this part packed with full street action.

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Eemeli Nättinen

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Capita Snowboards
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Causes controversy!

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  1. Ashley says:

    I’m doing a health project on the personalities of snowboarders and how they differ from personalities of other athletes. I learned that many snowboarders are compassionate, loyal and treat there friends equally. I also learned that to them their sport is an art that they work to perfect. I am also a snowboarder and I would really appreciate any comments back!! Thanks!
    I just want to know what any people on this blog think about their personalities as a snowboarder!
    I realize that this movie has a lot of craziness but still what are your thoughts?

  2. Is this a serious question?

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