It’s A Board Test!

With the hype building up for next year due to the lackluster season most of us have been forced to endure there’s been a lot of intrigue into what is going to be happening with reviews for next season. Until now I’ve kept it a bit under wraps trying to get things going and what not. Trust me this season has been incredibly hard to make things happen.

Last year we introduced the 100 Reviews in 100 Days. Something I don’t think most people comprehend the amount of work it takes. In the time it took to stack those reviews and organize everything one knee was almost blown out, a spine was compressed, numerous hours of hair pulling frustration were had, and other than the occasional personal riding time almost every day from February till the snow stopped flying was devoted to riding the 2012 gear.

We decided to change things up this year and kill off the 100 Reviews in 100 Days instead opting for our own test for helping you choose boards.

Welcome the Best Good Platinum Wood Test Award Pick or as I refer to it what everyone else does combined into one thus making it the most ultimate fuck you to snowboarding mainstream media. Do these awards matter? Probably to those people that get an acute case of morning wood over things like Good Wood otherwise it’s just a shiny label companies can add to boards we’ve reviewed.

Does this mean the reviews are changing? The template has been tweaked a bit to streamline it for your enjoyment but it’s still the same ole reviews you know and love/hate/despise/talk shit on. Also the terms to be a part of it are still the same for every brand. Send whatever you want and slap a return shipping label so we can get it back to you. Look for reviews to start rolling out May 1st through the rest of the summer.

Sadly though this year we’ll be foregoing testing any Split/Powder boards due to the unstable nature of the snow pack in North America. It’s better to be safe than dead and if the amount of professionals that have died so far in the B.C. is any indication of how volatile it is out there we’re not putting Gary our resident splitboarder in any more danger than he needs to be in.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Porter says:

    I definitely want to get some of those Best Good Platinum Wood Test Award Pick stickers if they’re made. Let me know how much it would be to get some.

  2. Winters says:

    The ultimate fuck you… hahaha

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