Huggies, Snuggies, and Thuggies?

Everyone’s pretty much realized that I hate Tall Tees, Ghetto Gowns, Skittle Kids, Human Life Savers, or whatever the hell you want to call these dumb twats that feel riding in their grandmothers night gown is the coolest thing to do since jerking off with lube. Now what I do love is when people can find a way to turn blatant mockery into a way to make money off these same no talent ass clowns. It’s one of the greatest feel good moments in anyone’s life when you can not only mock someone for taking things to an extreme level but also line your pockets at the same time.

Enter The Thuggie, a tall hoodie mocking all that is unconventional and non-functional in the snow sliding world. Here’s the story behind this glorious mockery of absurdity:

The Thuggie was born in Whistler, BC in 2009. Noticing more and more people clad in hilariously over-sized t-shirts, hoodies, snowboard jackets etc but without any apparent sense of humour, Bryan Pudney and three of his chums decided to make their own version of the overly long garment to mock these irony-lacking souls.

One fine spring day they hit the slopes in 4 long, large, brightly hued, yet unnamed hoodies. They expected a reaction but the reaction they got was one of appreciation, applause and even envy. No one got the joke, but Bryan got the point. Fast forward to July when Bryan and 3 fine individuals wore the original 4 Thuggies to the 1st annual Vancouver Leisure Society Lawn Bowling Tournament. While everyone else was decked out in tight fitting tennis whites, Bryan and co smugly bowled in comfort, taking the league by storm. Kim Bowie was one of those envious souls however never one to sit idly by, she approached Bryan, awestruck, and begin mercilessly harassing him about the vision she had. Not long afterwards while coming home from work, it hit her. “We shall call it, the Thuggie!” Bryan was overjoyed and shared the news with his good friend, Brad. Business Brad shared the vision and there it was: the perfect trifecta. And that is how the Thuggie was born.

Seriously though the fact that these people can sell something that is a blatant mockery of one of the worst trends in snowboarding is amazing. It really does show that instead of being original people will just try to take things to a further extreme.

Oh look a Thuggie in the wild!

Look it’s the My First Tall Tee from Pischer Frice

While I full commend anyone that can turn a buck off stupidity of people, it should be known that encouraging unoriginality will only lead to the demise of one of the fundamental building blocks of snowboarding and that was originality. We must do our part to ridicule these people at every opportunity and to show them that while they think they’re unique they are not.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Jake says:

    Oh but come on, You know every now and then when your on the slopes you need to have a good laugh, and those SNuggies skittle kids bring that to the snowboarding industry!

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  3. GC says:

    I will need my XXXXXL shirt to pull of backside 1800’s. OK, I kid.

  4. Tristan says:

    I would make fun of anyone who wore anything like this in Australia… I don’t think anyone has that much steeze!

  5. keith says:

    I think you guys are missing the point, they are to sit around in and chill out while making fun of the steeze. They arent made to ride in or walk around they are made to relax. I use mine as a change room on the wake boat or in tofino while surfing. But i m sure the guys at thuggies will love you, any press is good press

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  8. chris says:

    you say a lot of big words. wearing tall clothing while snowboarding is called steeze. something that you probably do not have. im sure you are one of the people who ride around the mountain with your tight little one color north face jacket that stops at your waist. im sorry but i just think that wearing something at your waste is annoying because you get a lot of snow in your ass. i have nothing to do right now so i am commenting on this. people who wear tall tees and what not are nt trying to look cool they are just wearing what they like. i dont wear them to try and look cool, or to fit in. i wear them because i like them

  9. You know if you were truly comfortable with who you are and why you dress the way you do you wouldn’t care that someone called out the fact that you’re part of a generation of mindless dolts that wears the exact same crap. Guess you’re an imitator not an originator. Fyi I wear Columbia head to toe!

  10. Steamboater says:

    Chris wears tall t’s.. you wear columbia. Who cares.. YOU! What kind of snowboards do columbia make? Do they sponsor events for just snowboarders? DO THEY GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SNOWBOARDING? I think it’s important to support MY favorite industry.. and if you can’t cope with a little extra cloth, than you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the sport. and you really shouldn’t be able to enjoy it so much since it bothers you so much what the industry has to offer.. Maybe you should ice skate or something. DON’T be an angry “snowboarder”. those suck.

  11. Let me guess you live in Steamboat and go to college at CMC for Ski and Snowboard Business? Thanks I needed the laugh today.

  12. zach says:

    cry about it pusscake! i rock the tall all day almost everyday(;

  13. Good to know something I wrote a couple years ago can still offend people that are sedated in fashion trends. Enjoy your night gown.

  14. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I love being sedated by fashion trends;)

  15. zach says:

    who dosnt!!!!!! tall tees are comin back!!!

  16. zach says:

    if u wrote this a couple years ago y are u still checkin to see if somone wrote on it? u have no life XD

  17. Actually dipshit if you knew anything about websites it shows up when new comments come in from my admin page. I know crazy right that I can oversee everything. How’s life living in the past?

  18. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I love arguments :D

  19. zach says:

    im from the future bitch!!!! i built a time machine to come back and start the Tall Tee trend(;

  20. Does your mom know you talk like that on the internet?

  21. zach says:

    NO!!!!! pleeeezz dont tell her!!!

  22. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    “We must do our part to ridicule these people at every opportunity and to show them that while they think they’re unique they are not.”

    When you say that Angrysnowboarder, are you basically referring to everything out there that everyone ends up destroying and making it never to be original again? or just tall tees O.o?

  23. I think originality is dead and people that jump on trends are unoriginal dumb fucks that obviously don’t understand the idea of being an originator.

  24. zach says:

    im a follower(:

  25. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I honestly don’t think people can help themselves but follow, anyone that doesn’t follow ends up being some outcast that everyone hates because they don’t do, or wear, or act the way everyone else does. Although originality isn’t a bad thing some people really don’t have a choice because their so self conscious that they don’t wanna be looked at as “different”. Not only that but it’s hard to find anything original anymore because anything that was, is now destroyed due to everyone imitating whatever it may be,

  26. What are you like 15? Anyone can follow being original isn’t that hard if you’re cool with doing it your way. Always an originator never and imitator.

  27. zach says:

    im actually 12(:

  28. Fuzze Discharge says:

    Eh, no I’m not 15? Why does it matter?.. Look I’m just throwing my opinion out there, I’m just talking about the trend part in general.

  29. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    Eh, no I’m not 15? Why does it matter?.. Look I’m just throwing my opinion out there, I’m just talking about the trend part in general.

  30. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I just like to debate a bit and hear other peoples ideas.

  31. 2 of the same responses. Age brings wisdom and kids these days are sheep who are stuck in the me generation where originality and individuality is dead. Kids are the ones that get the most butt hurt when they get called out for stupid trends.

  32. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I’m not snapping back at all, nor do I feel like I’m being called out because I don’t follow trends, I find people who do to be clones or sheep as you said. Sorry about the 2 responses that came out identical by the way. I just find listening to you’re opinions interesting as all, then stating mine.

  33. Did I say I was calling you out? Fuck people need to learn how to read a general statement.

  34. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I think your naturally angry.

  35. zach says:

    calm down there kiddo!

  36. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    Angrysnowboarder has just inspired me to wear a tall tee. I’ll think of you while I’m wearing it.

  37. Have fun wearing cotton and being behind the trends. Got to love yeast coasters.

  38. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I Think I love you,

  39. Are you coming on to me?

  40. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I think I am.

  41. zach says:

    woah!!!!! can i help?

  42. HappySnowboarder says:

    old post i know

    Angry, I think the fact that there are trends to follow indicates some form of originality, And hasnt it always been this way? werent people in the sixtys greasers or hippies? there have always been trends, and always been followers, the only difference is that the trends have become 1000x more stupid.

  43. Tall Tee I could understand wearing a night gown not so much that’s just taking it to the extreme.

  44. zach says:

    your a fucking retard…. whats the point on trashing what other people like to wear? mind your own business ya douche bag!

  45. If you believe in the mind your own business adage you probably shouldn’t have commented.

  46. Fuzzy Discharge says:

    I’m Back, embrace the idea of knowing how sad you are :D

    Along with the simle general opinion of I, and Zach, that you are also very egotistical. So Ego’ed, you can hardly handle it. Basically to the point where your trying so hard to maintain your own pedestal that you shit your balls out your ass.

  47. Zachary2224 says:

    Yeah eat shit bitch!!!!!! Tall tee’s all fuckindg day!

  48. So you guys are skiers that wear night gowns?

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