How Not To Prove You’re A Snowboarder

In my line of work it’s not uncommon to run into people that claim they’re snowboarders when in fact they’re people that snowboard. The line between these two is very defined in my eyes as snowboarders are people that make it their lives mission to shred at all cost and would protect it to the very end, while those that snowboard just do it as a social/recreational/hobby and don’t care what happens to it. There’s nothing wrong with either, but when dealing with this site or myself it’s probably best to do a bit of research before attempting to ask of something, especially when it only benefits yourself and brings down snowboarding in my eyes. Here is the tale of poor Bridget a girl in search of shameless self promotion and the chance to win something.

Picture 382

Picture 383

Picture 384

Picture 385

Picture 386

Picture 387

Picture 388

Picture 389

Picture 391

So any dads, future dads, or single mothers out there please for the love of god hug your daughters and then get them a positive role model. Also please train them this is unacceptable in snowboarding we need less hos and more pros.

Now in case you actually feel like voting for someone in this contest I highly recommend this guy:

Picture 395

Here’s the link.

He looks like a fine upstanding young man that is out to promote the shred and we need as many brothers as we can on the slope. Fight the power brother and beat being the pepper in the salt shaker!

Causes controversy!

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  1. Mark says:

    Made my day…and it’s only 6:40am. Thanks for that. Ha ha…

  2. upstatemike. says:

    amazing. just, amazing.

  3. Me says:

    Oh goodie.. I am so glad you shared this.. her knees must be in great shape

  4. Max says:

    What a stupid girl….

  5. nick says:

    i saw this on big boulder pa’s facebook page about 3 days ago and thought what would angry snowboarder say if he saw this shit. well i guess i know now haha.

  6. Kling says:

    Its nice when I’m too tired from shredden to bother with the drivel that is the internet, and then my brief foray is rewarded like this.

    Best homepage ever.

  7. drew says:

    lift dam, dame, damn. ho ho. ho.

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