Holden Outerwear Dayne Pant Used and Reviewed

Holden is somewhat known as the “hipster” brand in snowboarding due to the abundance of snow gypsies that seem to flock towards it. Something about the tailored fit, designs that look good at the apres or on the slopes, and a team of riders to back it up. Here’s what our little gypster Kat had to say about these pants.

Model: Kat Carlson

Garment: Holden Dayne Pant

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Normal Colorado conditions, changing every five minutes. So everything from sunshine and blue skies to puking snow and high winds.


Fit: These pants are comfortably fitted, not too tight, not too loose. The mediums fit just like mediums should!

Waterproofing/Breathability: 20,000mm/20,000gm

Pockets: The two packets on the left leg of these pants are pretty rad. They’re two pockets layered on top of each other and both have plenty of room inside, which makes them functional and stylish all at the same time.

Venting: Again, my main complaint with Holden gear is the vents. These vents have the same tiny zippers as on the vents as the Holden Rydell Jacket. They also have the same problem where they get caught on a random seam on the pants, making it really hard to zip the vent open at all. Don’t wear these pants on a hot day!

Zippers: The zippers on these pants could make any kitchen knife look dull. All of the zippers Holden used on these pants are super sharp so they’re constantly getting caught on your clothes and cutting your hands. Another super weird feature that Holden added to these pants are the zippers running all the way down both legs. The purpose of these random zippers is for “edgy” style, I get it, but I don’t need sharp zippers running down my legs just to make me look hardcore.

Special/Hidden Features: A nice little feature that Holden added to these pants is a very subtle finished leather seam at the bottoms of the legs, so that if and when you don’t roll your pants up, they wont get immediately torn up.

Rider in Mind: The perfect rider for these pants is someone who likes tight pants, zippers, and leather. Heshers beware!

Model: Kat Carlson

Personal Thoughts: These pants aren’t terrible, but the zippers running down the sides of the pants are just too much for me, it just honestly looks and feels stupid. Other than that, I like the color, fit and overall feel of these pants.

What They Say: This motorcycle-inspired pant is adorned with metal zippers and a lightning bolt “Holden” patch for a rugged, rock-and-roll edge. Genuine leather details on the heels, belt loops add quality and style.

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