Ground Control TEASER

Bald E Gal never disappoints when showcasing the finest snowboarding from the Mid West. With how this season has started off it’s amazing to see what these guys have put together in just a few short months. Look for this flick to drop later this fall.

Ground Control | Teaser from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Featuring: Clay Hatzenbuhler, Drew Poganski, Krister Ralles, Matthew Boudreaux, Nate Lavik, Randy Vannurden, Ryan Barker & Shane Ruprecht

With friends: Dan Brisse, Brent Mohs, TJ Antisdel, Dan Vinzant, Brandon Larson, Joe Mertes, Jordan Michilot, Mike Casanova, Austin Young, Justin Henigen, Mike Liddle, Peter Limberg, Corey Wissink, Charlie Fenton, & more

Executive Producer: Mike Thienes, Mike Pettit | Producer: Mike Thienes, Brian Dow | Edit: Jacob Durham | Principle Videography: Derek Combs, Daniel Tyler, Sam Jorganson, Jacob Durham, Justin Turkowski, Mike Thienes | Additional Videography: Tyler Hitchcock, Tyler Malay, Eric Scheicher | Music: Natural Child “Easy Street”

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