Ghetto Gowns: Fashion Trends Gone Wrong

How many of us are guilty of being part of some horrible fashion trend of yesteryear that at the time we thought was a real good idea? Now be honest here and really think about something you wore back in the day and how much of a stupid idea it was. You definitely thought of something, didn’t you?Well relax now that you’ve subdued your fashion sense, grown a bit, and become a little wiser to passing trends. For there’s now a whole new generation that feels the need to commit further atrocities to snowboarding fashions. Hopefully some day they’ll look back and then smack themselves in the head and say, “WTF was I thinking!” But for now they’ll provide those of us that bare witness to their fashion sense some humor.

With all trends there are those that take it to the extreme for 0ne reason or another (probably due to one too many bong hits or being dropped on their head as a baby). In recent years Tall Tee’s have gone this route, with everyone trying to outdo each other with who has the longest shirt.

16748_1294362716953_1166877326_30952626_7529008_nPhoto: P. Dzierba

So here is a prime example of someone that has taken it to the next level. This is no longer a tee shirt or even a hoodie. What prompts someone to wear something that isn’t functional for snow sliding at all? This also prompts the question of where in the hell do you find something like this?

One conclusion we have come to is that theft of women’s night gowns is occurring all over, which would make sense with all the guys wearing their girlfriends/sisters pants (androgyny reigns supreme in snowboarding these days). The other is that it is nothing more than a snuggie sewn together to give him comfort and ease of movement when lounging fire side at resort lodges world wide. The final conclusion is that Mr. Hanky is now the Rasta Snowboarding Poo, but even with Southpark only being an hour away from where this photo was taken I still find this highly unlikely.

Needless to say the new term for a Tall Tee is Ghetto Gown. So when you see a perpetrator of this horrible fashion faux pas make sure to ask them if their mother knows they’re borrowing her nightie. Ask them if they’re wearing any leggings under their dress and where you can find one for your girlfriend or yourself. If you’re a victim of this fashion trend, there’s just no hope for you except to get older and wiser.

Causes controversy!

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  2. timmy says:

    really? did this really need to be a post? Who ever wore that shit at ANY time have always been and will always be a technince fag. I thought u would of made posts about shit more relevant rather than bringing up facts a year after. Bad post man, no thought into it. It;s almost like u had nothing and were bored so u brang this shit up. tall tee’s with steeze is just gay and is for pinners who want to look like they actually have some muscle. Sorry, u had to post this. Times must be tough in the blog buisness. -next post- bandanas hanging from ur waist? or how about tail blocks? gayest shit going are tail blocks.

  3. Sean says:

    Is that a snowboarding Snuggie?

  4. Timmy are you upset because that’s probably you in the picture? Tall Tees are one thing but when the shit runs from your shoulders to your ankles that’s just extremely retarded much like your response.

  5. Lou G. says:

    Green, yellow, red and brown? Hey! That dude looks like the shit I took after I ate Chipotle the other day.

    And I’ll love me a tailblock all day long, it’s a fun trick.

  6. Flour City Dist says:

    Tall T’s, Oversized 1992 Raver Clothes or whatever it is…. SHIT IS GAY. Being a white kid, never being in a Hood or Ghetto acting like you are from a rap video is even more GAY. Ass Clowns like this kid need to stay in the Food Court and Thug it out with the Dudes from Sears instead of taking up space in the lift line

    Good to point this out Angry……. I know Slummit County is the Breeding ground for shit like this and it needs to be stopped

  7. kelly says:

    wtf is a pinner

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  9. effin says:

    a pinner is a slim joint … white/skinny … more people would probably understand toothpick … but fuck a tall tee … whos gonna ride short snow at killington tomorrow?

  10. CaptT says:

    Must have been Timmy’s sister’s gown……struck a nerve BA…give it back to her so she can go home…..

  11. k says:


  12. me says:

    hahahahahaha. gotta love the name ghetto gown.

    thank you. av, you have made my day.

  13. Giraffe says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!! I rode with this MOUTHBREATHER yesterday at Keystone. He snaked me on the disco box!!! Seriously this shit is outa control in Colorado!!!

  14. Jake says:

    Ghetto tee’s when most of these people are doing a hobbie/activity that many consider to be a rich mans sport, oh the irony.

  15. Baconzoo says:

    At least when I partook, it was a full piece suit (Life’s a Beach) and a satin headband. I did score chicks looking so French.

  16. Senior Von Bacon I do know of the picture you speak of it is highly amusing. Much like the one of me attempting some kind of flip variation in a neon yellow vest and dark green helmet.

  17. someone says:

    Idiotic white suburbia.
    I bet his mom says at the bottom of the hill every day “Back to our Dodge Caravan Jimmy, dinner is getting cold and dont forget to drink the juice I brought you!!!”

  18. Sevendays says:

    Je….it´s funny…today I watched To Fast to Fourious 2…..white guys were blacker than black people….

    “Da ya know bro?”

  19. A. says:

    I remember when the ship sailed on this!

  20. tistis says:

    home made hoodies are cool , its something you make yourself and sets you apart from all the other burton slinging punters around. This dude took it wayyyyy overboard and looks like a tool but I like to see people wearing home made hoodies that are tall but not like this. But people talking about trying to copy all those gangs , it isnt so much true. I wear a tall jacket and tee but I like the fit of it and how I do have to worry about re-adjusting myself all the time. People need to stop hating and relise that its snowboarding and its fun , this guy is getting a kick out of trying to be different – it might not work in your opinion but thats what it was all about. If we all wore ak gear that made us look like human glow sticks then we’d be no better than the skiing population , this dude makes people look at him and say “fuck that looks stupid” , but who cares it isnt his problem its yours for hating it. Snowboarding is unique , so let it be that way and stop trying to tell everyone what is and what isnt cool , fuck go snowboard?

  21. And when the kid is impaired by having a tall tee over his knees and can’t turn and runs into someone, I guess I shouldn’t care either right? Fuck that pick on the dumbass and let him know its retarded.

  22. Tshannon says:

    Tistis, does mention a good point about keeping snowboarding different, i mean thats what the roots of snowboarding were about right, rebelling against normal society skiers, and sticking it to the man, but for real this is not different, or rebellious…its dumb. How about we start wearing shirts soo long that they drag in the snow like a wedding dress too!

  23. effin says:

    i saw a half-a-gown hoodie yesterday at killington … i blame global warming

  24. effin says:

    moderated, ouch, how mainstream

  25. All first time IP’s are moderated.

  26. effin says:

    o, ya, im actually posting from home

  27. Jake says:

    I’m all for being different, but that’s just stupid and not pactical for snowboarding.

  28. timmy g says:

    Hahahaha! Man theres some guys on this guys cock eh. Its a stupid post that only if u arent retarded, never even had to be brought up. SLOWWWWW day in the blog buisness.

    The next blog post, “snow is white!”

    your just pointing out the facts like a shitty stand up comedian.

    But I’m a no talent ass clown that is a arm chair warrior. I was once sodomized with a pineapple like in Little Nicky, let me tell you how much more fun than snowboarding that is. I like puppies, long walks off short piers, and underwater basket weaving.

  29. Timmy what’s a matter little guy little upset someone is picking on your fashion choice and others are agreeing? Or was it just a bad day of getting sodomized by the broom handle again at the boys home?

    Either way shouldn’t you be off enjoying that nice fresh slice of pineapple?

  30. timmy g says:

    ahahha, who told u about the broom handle!

    but seriously im not effended at all about ur post. Hell last time i ever had a “tall t” on i was 5 wearing my dads t-shirt

    shits as stupid as having a fucking basketball team jersey over ur coat

  31. me says:

    Hell yeah! Any dude who is gangsta enough to wear a dress is hard as fuck.

    didn’t ya know that?? hahahahahahahaha.
    i don’t get the tight ass pants that are killing all chances of procreation (wait, that may be a good thing) also, guys who pull their pants so far down their knees it’s amazing they can walk. when are doc martins and jenko jeans comin back in style?

  32. GreatScott says:

    Do you think sagging will still be in this season? Saw lots of that last season. Nothing like getting an ass full of snow to make you rethink your fashion decisions.

  33. Your mom told me about how much you love the broom handle!

  34. me says:

    scott, i know that wasn’t meant for me. but i see sagging as an even bigger trend. i know this isn’t a snowboard thing.

    but can’t you see this on the mountain? just with painted on pants?

    hell, i think the chicks are getting into the baggy, because all their gear is being used by guys.

  35. Snow Wolf says:

    ” Mr Hanky the rasta snowboarding poo”……Hahahaha! I just spit my coffee…..fugging epic!!!

  36. jeff says: Tall tees, bandanas and beanies. Check it out son!

  37. Did you really just spam your shitty Tall Tee company?

  38. AV says:


  39. Your caps lock key is stuck.

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