Getting Lifted By The Lifty Foot Thong

Riding the chairlift is just so pesky, what with your snowboard dangling off your front foot and no where else to put it. Sure you could drop that comfort/safety bar and put it on the foot rest if it has one. But that’s just designed for our two planking brethren. So what is a snowboarder to do with that dangling plank off their lead foot?

Well if you shirk traditional common sense then you might need a product for you to hang your board from your back foot while you ride the roller coaster to the top. See it seems some people thought up a solution to this problem. Enter The Lifty!

Picture 46

Because yes that heelcup that is on all modern bindings just doesn’t work for a foot rest. I mean it’s so hard to shove your toe into the heelcup and balance the board. Or even resting your board over the instep of your back foot, who would do that? Heaven forbid you use what is already provided. Is common sense lacking or what?

Do you really want to spend 40 dollars for a foot thong and a hook? I’m pretty sure a little ingenuity at the local hardware store would come up with something for far cheaper. Or as previously mentioned use some common sense and just use what is already there in front of you. Hell go rob your little sister of her bikini bottom and slip it over your boot and then screw a c hook into your board. Bam problem solved.

Why must humanity try to solve problems that don’t exist? Can anyone answer that question?

Causes controversy!

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  1. Bubbles USMC says:

    I think your sisters thong around your back foot will be the new “bandana on the back leg” from 20 years ago!

  2. timmy says:

    If WI-ME’s a joke, it’s pretty good. Made my day, Kudos!

  3. tyler says:

    It’s just marketing bullshit. Some dudes obviously took snowboarders as blind consumers of anything that is marked to us.

  4. Kyle says:

    timmy, I’m curious what you think is a joke about Wi-ME?

  5. James says:

    As a product designer who snowboards, this makes me laugh/cringe… Looks like someone’s university project taken waaaaay too far.

    I kind of like these ridiculous products/ideas though, brilliant banter fodder, and none of the crap stuff sells so it’s all harmless fun, but I do feel kinda sorry for the people behind stuff like this, who must somehow really believe in the product.

    I think the best example of taking a (largely) uneccessary snowboarding product, but marketing it well and making it work is probably Crab grabs…they have almost managed to make stomp pads vaguely cool.

    Another more succesful one that comes to mind is the airblaster legbag, totally pointless really but for some reason they took off (albeit for a season or two). Having the airblaster name and travis parker attached obviously helped there.

  6. timmy says:

    “for those about to shred, we salute you” Is funny. “Snowboards build by snowboarders with jobs” – so it’s your 2nd job? After dinner hit up the garage to build a board? 2 boards look like rip off of a capita and dwd and then a rasta themed board, for the white kid who wants to be Jamaican. Seemed like a joke. All it’s missing is ” & were green!”

  7. Kyle says:

    understood, but I will say. I’ve toured their factory and it’s legit. The hand make their cores, use the best sintered plastic bases, hand pour the urethane for their sidewalls. They’re working with bamboo sidewalls on some models. The guy is passionate enough about his work that he built his own board press and is working on building his own dye sublimation printer to print bases and topsheets. I was a little surprised before I took the tour, I should be getting on one to demo soon

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