Fun, Self-Empowerment, and The Ultimate Freedom: The Reasons for Sacrifice

The season is about to start for many of us in the northern hemisphere and for some of us it already has. Some of us will be evaluating what sacrifices we’re willing to make to make the magic of snowboarding happen again this year. Some will quit jobs, some will quit school, some will move into new homes and make a plethora of sacrifices.

“Why is this all worth it?”

The constant marketing barrage of “FUN!” is the quick and easy answer. Companies don’t want to put too much thought into their marketing so they’re content to leave it at that and make “fun” a huge part of their image. And who doesn’t love fun? You really can’t go wrong with focusing on fun.

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At its core that’s the uniting factor of snowboarding: its inherently fun, you can meet another snowboarder from another part of the world and become friends almost instantly based on that common thread. I always find my quasi adult emotional state getting downgraded to that of a 13 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert anytime I step on board. It’s always a good time. But snowboarding goes
so much deeper than that; there’s so much more to it than just “having fun” so we shouldn’t stop there.

More than just “fun”

Snowboarding offers us a chance to experience unlimited freedom. One of the founding principles of
snowboarding was that there were no rules, there were no limits, if you could think it you could do it.
And regardless what haters online will try to tell you, you still can. If you haven’t experienced it then this might sound crazy but I can’t think of any other thing in my life that gives you that kind of room for this kind of a crazy unfiltered free and creative moment.

And with that comes the internal struggle that really makes it unique. Snowboarding offers us the
ability to empower ourselves. We learn to overcome fear and injuries that would keep us from progressing. I’ve spent countless hours as a filmer witnessing this. It’s cold, you’re tired and beat down from the last 4 hours of riding and falling. But you tough it out and you get it. That’s the best feeling in the world, because you as a rider and a person just stepped into a bigger and better you. You just took something that scared and intimidated you and made it yours. Landing that trick
is just the next step of an endless cycle of progression. That is what makes snowboarding so
addictive to me: constantly trying to take it to the next step, to progress as a rider, and a human being.

We all make sacrifices to do this and I think it’s because nothing else in life can offer us all these things in one package like snowboarding can.

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