Forum Youngblood DoubleDog Used and Reviewed

Late release or early model depending on who you ask is what the Youngblood DoubleDog is. Seems a lot of companies are going camber mixed with reverse camber these days. So how did this stunt stick stack up?

Board: Forum Youngblood DoubleDog

Size: 152

Camber Option: DoubleDog Camber. Reverse between the feet camber under each foot.

Bindings: Forum Republiks

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15 goofy

Boots: K2 T1 DB size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Loveland

Conditions: Slightly sunny with some push mounds on the side of the runs.

Preconceived Notions: Camber and reverse camber combo works so I was predicting that this ride would be very similar to others I’ve ridden.

Flex: On the stiffer side of mid flex. Little more give in the tips then stiffening up as you got closer to the middle. Torsionally it had a good amount of give to allow you to twist flex it.

Stability: One of the most stable Forum decks I’ve ever ridden in my life. Charging it had no problem rallying through the chop.

Ollies/Pop: Insanely snappy when loading the tips and popping.

Butterability: Not the easiest stick to butter but it got the job done.

Cruising: Railing a turn was a breeze with this thing and there weren’t any issues with getting it on edge.

Jibbing: Had a beautiful sweet spot for locking in to presses.

Rider in Mind: Park guy that makes the mountain their bitch.

Personal Thoughts: One of the best Forum decks I’ve ever ridden in my life. Could rail a turn real well, snappy, lively, and just didn’t suck.

What They Say: For the loud and loose. The Youngblood gets juiced up with early release new tech to take the loud and loose crew to a new style. Camber sections under each foot add pop and power, while rocker between the feet and in the nose and tail make the whole thing forgiving and fun. Get weird, make up some new rail tricks, haul ass, crank a ciggie, pop an ollie, have fun. When is someone gonna rock mashup pants with one leg tight and one leg baggy? DoubleDog dare you.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Craig says:

    the graph on this boards is just sick. first time out in about 10 years last year and the boards out there now are unreal compared to what i was used to. the shop drove me in the direction of the forum boards and i ended up on the 2010 forum image and looking to upgrade for next season over the summer now that ive got my groove back. definitely looking forward to what forums got to offer, the image just felt sweet and helped me get the hang of it again in no time. great site and im glad i found it for reviews and looks at the eq.

  2. Ryan says:

    So between the westmark and this board, which would you prefer/recommend for park with more emphasis on larger jumps.

  3. I’d definitely go Youngblood.

  4. Sierra says:

    As far as Reverse camber gos, what do you prefer riding more? Do you prefer the flat between the feet with a rise to the tip and tail or the reverse camber between the feet with the camber underfoot type of builds?

  5. Depends on which board it is.

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  8. Robb says:

    how is it on the rails?

  9. How good on rails are you? It’s solid.

  10. Allan says:

    This or the destroyer doubledog? Which is better for rails and just goofing around?

  11. This should be softer which would make it better for rails.

  12. Michael says:

    I just bought the Forum “Deck”. On paper these two boards seem almost identical, same tech (according to marketing) same core, base etc, very slight difference in dimensions. Anyone know how similar they actually are? I won’t have a chance to try it out for almost another month.

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