Forum Destroyer and Shaka’s my take

Realistically Forum is just Burtons foster child now. They get a bit of love and some trickle down technology but what they once were isn’t who they are now at this point in time. I’ve never been a fan of Forum even back in the day always thought they were an over hyped brand that was driven by the fact of who they had as riders and not what they offered. Well now they actually have some technology albeit highly borrowed. Here’s my take on how their board and bindings rode.Board: Forum Destroyer Chilly Dog

Size: 156

Camber Option: Chilly Dog Rocker a continuous rocker from tip to tail think of it as like a bent hot dog.

Bindings: Forum Shaka’s

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15

Boots: K2 T1 DB’s size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Loveland

Conditions: Early morning corduroy with some blue bird skies.

Preconceived Notions: Hinged bindings and continuous rocker what the hell am I getting myself into. This just looks like a recipe for disaster.

Flex: Stiffer end of the middle of the road spectrum, more like a chunder crusher than a mogul absorber.

Stability: Stable at speeds with minimal chatter.

Ollies/Pop: The continuous rocker seems to take a bit of the pop out of this board it just wasn’t as good as I feel it should have been.

Butterability: The base felt convex so edge catching was not an issue and you could just roll it around as you spun and twisted.

Cruising: It rolled edge to edge cause the base felt convex almost similar to the Burton ConDom.

Jibbing: Didn’t lock into presses so well and with the stiffer flex it wasn’t as easy as I would have liked.

Rider in Mind: Someone that likes a stiffer deck, would be hitting a jump line, and wants reverse camber.

Personal Thoughts: Eh Chilly Dog isn’t all it’s cracked up to be you sacrifice edge contact but it does roll from side to side far easier.

What They Say: Rated best 2010 park board by Transworld’s Good Wood testers. This ChillyDog infused flagship brings Continuous Rocker fun to those destroying what lies in their path. No fruit here— this stable, rail slaying, transition stomping master redefines what it means to have fun on snow. Blacked out graphics only add to the limited run of these weapons. This is a new twist on a Forum classic.

Binding Compatibility: Supposedly designed to work with their Chilly Dog rocker it matched up well.

Binding Adjustability: The guy was having some issues with setting up the disks and my angles, I attribute this to the damn hinged disk and the fact the tray looks like it was attacked with a saw.

Straps: Toe strap is lacking it should just be cut out entirely and not filled with the foam, heel strap is a trickle down Burton strap and you can see that plain as day.

Highbacks: Was a tad bit high and had a solid flex that made it great for all mountain use.

Binding Flex: Honestly I didn’t feel any difference on these than on a regular pair of bindings on a alternate cambered deck. It did nothing for me at all.

Ratchets: Burton Ratchets from like 3 seasons ago repackaged as Forum.

Rider in Mind: Someone that’s stupid enough to buy into the marketing hype behind these things cause they didn’t do shit. Other than that it’s just an all mountain binding.

Personal Thoughts: What a crock of shit the whole “better vibes” bull shit that did nothing. Yay more moving parts that will break on me and do nothing.

What They Say: Winner of Snowboard Magazine’s Platinum Pick award and SIA’s Industry Innovation of the Year Award- the Shaka, coupled with the Good Vibes hinge disc, provides a freer underfoot flex so you get more board feel. It’s easy to see how a chill surf session, a bearded guru and too much Zappa helped Forum techs see the light. Their idea to share the love with a fully-padded free-flowing binding for a four-hole pattern was genius and is why bros and brahs can now experience a state of heightened shredness with the Shaka.


  1. Jake says:

    heh I figured those bindings were pure bullshit, I kind of thought the continous r-camber design would make jumps especially if you land backseat a nightmare. Did you take it off any larger kickers?

  2. Only thing I could hit was a sketchy ass hip but I took it to flat and honestly off that it wasn’t sketchy in fact it just felt like a regular snowboard.

  3. TJ says:

    I rode the Scallywag all last Aussie Season (June – October) and could take off 20 and 30ft jumps fine. Was definitely not as easy as my non r-camber board though and I will probably go back to regular camber or a stiffer reverse camber board for my next purchase.

    Jibbing on these things is amazing though :)

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  5. simon says:

    hey i see you have the shaka bindings and a size ten boot the same as me. what size bindings do you have? medium or large? thanks

  6. Simon says:

    Hi what size bindings are you using with the shakas? Large or medium?

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