Flow M9 Binding Used and Reviewed

Flows been keeping it sick since 96 with their innovative binding. Some people fear it others mock it all I did was try it. So how does a mid range mid flexing binding that lets you slide in to the back door actually work?

Board Used: Flow Verve

Stance: 22.5

Angles: 18 negative 15 goofy

Location: Loveland Ski Area

Conditions: End of the day shadows on the runs with push mounds and a bit of ice forming in spots.

Boots Used: K2 T1 DB size 10

Weight: 165

Binding Compatibility: Flow board on a Flow binding with a K2 boa boot it seemed to work real well.

Binding Adjustability: 4 micro adjusting ratchets on the power strap, cable twist for forward lean, and other than that a bunch of screws to hold you to the board. Adjusting these has gotten a lot easier over the last few years, you still need to spend a few minutes setting up the strap and cable though to make it ideal.

Straps: Power strap distributes pressure evenly over the whole feet alleviating any hot spots. It also allows you to really drive forward into the straps when on edge.

Highbacks: The big tech feature on these is that the highbacks recline and you slip your foot in. The forward lean is adjusted through the cables tension. Other than that it works the same as a regular highback.

Binding Flex: Slightly on the softer side more for jibbing and park use.

Ratchets: With the locking micro adjustments dialing in these bindings got a whole lot easier.

Rider in Mind: Park guy or someone that wants a slightly softer flexing binding.

Personal Thoughts: Flows have some of the best power transfer when going from edge to edge. You can really rail a turn with these and not have to worry about it. Getting in and out does take a bit of getting used to as it’s a bit different.

What They Say: A go-to binding in the Flow line, the M9 offers you everything you need for ALL-MOUNTAIN domination. A 30% glass-filled Nylon baseplate is lightweight and indestructible, and the I-Flex PowerStrap with 4 locking Airframe MINIratchets and low-friction LadderGuides ensure that your feet are snug and comfortable while connected to your stick. A 15% glass-filled Nylon Ventilated hiback is the key to responsive and powerful turns, so why not give the M9 a try? It’s a great binding at an even greater value. Be an all-mountain rider and dominate your local park or pipe.


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  2. BenR says:

    still think that flow bindings are second only to clickers in the wack tech top 10.

  3. I can definitely give you more than 10 things that are far more whack in terms of tech.

  4. Leo says:

    Like lawn ornaments for your snowboard or hinged bindings…

    BenR: I take it you haven’t really given Flow a good run-through? Or maybe you did in a pair of Flites from 2005…

  5. Phile says:

    BenR, What’s your actual reasoning? They don’t hider any kind of riding performance. To many they are more comfortable and allow easy entry. The review even mentioned how they’re great for power transfer. Scotty Lago was rocking Flows in the pipe at the X-games. You probably haven’t even used a pair, and if you did, there’s a good chance they weren’t set up correctly.

  6. carver says:

    BenR , come out of your igloo and join the rest of us in 2011 You sound like one of those old noodler skiers complaining about shape ski’s.

  7. pdj says:

    hi, whats binding size you used? Im also size10 boots and cant deside if its mid or large and I cant test them cause no local shop sells Flows

  8. Pretty sure those were a large.

  9. L W says:

    I have seen a lot of people saying bad things about flow bindings lately. I personally will never ride anything else again. They are the most comfortable and easiest to get in an out of. I have never had a problem with response or getting stuck in them, other than when wearing really old boots and the sole is already falling off in the heel, which gets stuck on the hi back. I had burton cartels when they first came out with the toe cup, thought that was more comfortable than other bindings, then i rode my friends flows and had to get a pair. They are more customizable for fit which does take a little more time on first setup/boot change but i think its worth it. If you have a problem with flows then you are probably lazy or never actually rode them or have boots that are too small or large for the bindings. Remember if there is too much or too little space in the binding for the boot it doesnt matter what binding it is, it will fit terribly and ride even worse in both comfort and performance.

  10. Xav says:

    Hi BA, I just ordered Fuse AT bindings and was worried its not freestyle friendly. I can’t find any reviews -So then reading your review on the M9’s I’m a bit confused how this binding at a flex rating of 4/5 is ‘Slightly on the softer side more for jibbing and park use?’ I’m a noob I hope you can enlighten me. Thanks!

  11. Because those numbers companies tell you are made up.

  12. Xav says:

    I see ….all the more I appreciate your reviews. Thanks again!

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