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Flow has been in the game since the mid 90’s and doing things their way. Now they have a bronze Olympic medalist on their team and recently signed snowboard legend Mike Basich. For next season the improvements of their rear entry binding keep on coming.

The most bling binding on the market and when you’re done with it send it in to Cash 4 Gold.

Where it all started

Flite 1

Flite 2



Ladies Minx

Ladies Muse




Ladies Prima SE

Quatro SE

The Five


Causes controversy!

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  2. jhole says:

    their first logo had a sperm graphic in the “o” of Flow xD

  3. JonnyPuma says:

    There allright when they work, but any binding that is hard to find spareparts for when youre at a mountain sucks nads! and have they made the highback adjustable sideways? and i mean more than just a little.
    Thanks for a RAD homepage btw!

  4. e says:

    do u mean, can you rotate the hibacks? yeah you can. Both the NXT and M series you easily rotate and/or move the hiback forewards or backwards easily with 2 screws with one screwdriver. Pretty simple. The others you have to take the bindings off to do this.

  5. nvansluy says:

    @ e,
    I believe JonnyPuma meant can you rotate them left/right, not fore/aft. I believe the newer ones you can.

    @ Angry,
    What is your opinion of Flow bindings generally? You don’t seem to hate them like so many closed-minded riders out there, but I know you like your K2 Formulas. I tried Flows for a couple seasons and just switched back to straps. Do you ride Flows much (ever)? What is your take?

  6. I’ll ride flows from time to time when it presents itself. The only thing I’ve disliked about flows lately and even this is addressed was in deep pow it was a bitch to get in and out of them, but since the micro ratchets have entered the equation that’s out the door. In the past it was all because of the M3 binding anyone that knows Flows knows how evil that thing was.

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  9. Joe Smith says:

    Been boarding 6 seasons, ski too, since the 80’s, pre-boarding days. Instantly liked the flows from my beginning boarding days since they simulated a ski binding the best then (kick in and clamp down). Frist flows were the older school Amp 5’s..big bulky but gave me good feelings and worked great as long as they were setup properly. Still use these bad boys every season on a stiff old heavy Solomon board.

    Still use newer flows, including the cheaper flite 3’s and they are much lighter and work for me. By the way, I use them 2/3 days/week during the season. So it’s not just a 2 week trip every year like most.

    You may find this funny, but I actually like putting a traditional strap binding, like the union forces on front and a flow flite 3 on the back. The force stays on the foot all day in front and I can get in and out of the flow in the back when footing around on the flats or to the lift. I can easily get the rear foot in the back flow on the lift (even when with a full chair…easlier if I’m the leftmost chair rider, I ride regular stance) reach down, lift the board up, foot in, highback clicked shut and ride right off and go past all the skiers/strap boards getting their poles/straps fixed.

    just my 2cents

  10. Joe are you from Michigan?

  11. shamcock says:

    joe smith, how do you get just the ankle of the flite 3 on the back? do you cut the front from the back. Or do they come apart. Sorry never had flows but i dig the franenstein idea

  12. Planet Boulder says:

    I know this is a couple years old, but what the hell.

    I’ve been riding Flows since the 90s and I won’t even THINK about getting traditional strap bindings. Still have my original Flows that I bought in ’99 (retired), a pair I got in 2001 or 2002 or so (on my rock board) and a NOS pair of Trilogys for my good board.

    Admittedly, my first two experiences with sets of strap bindings were hardly worth writing home about (a crappy set of Reds on my first board in ’98 and a set of mid-level Rides after that), but those experiences were enough to prompt me to check out Flows and I haven’t looked back.

    Don’t really care if someone thinks Flows are lame (and I’ve never heard an intelligent reason for this). They work for me.

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