Every Third Thursday: Fragile Italian Glass Snowboard

For this month’s episode, Signal Snowboards’ Founder Dave Lee leaves the factory to travel across the sea to an Italian glass factory to create a handmade glass snowboard—the most delicate build to date! The glass snowboard is cut, pressed, tempered, and ever so carefully transported to the slopes. Signal Snowboards Italian team rider Giorgio “Iannino” Morell takes it for the all important test ride at Abetone ski resort in Tuscany. See how this glass artwork performs under pressure—will it slide or shatter?



  1. Jenise says:

    Woah this one looks really cool. Maybe someone will develop glass sidecut tech for 2019.

  2. Kling says:

    this is my favorite show always but they forgot the super cute factory chick who I’m sure doesn’t like to be oogled by my grossness

  3. mike says:

    Its cool, but at the same time, if the thing shatters do we want glass shards in our snow?

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