Endorsing The Almighty Dollar

Being a sponsored snowboarder is great, but it is even better when you can get non endemic companies to shell out wads of cash for you to endorse their product. Think of all the energy drink companies and how many of their riders become walking billboards. That should be reason enough to slap the ole Red Bull and see what Worx for you Rockstar! What’s even better is when you’re at such a level of awesome you can find a way to just attach your name to anything and make money.

Seems that Shaun White post losing his Red Bull sponsorship had a void that only something of his awesomeness could fill. Enter Shaun White Supply Co a brand that slaps Shaun’s name and likeness on everything they sell. Who hasn’t wanted an extreme Shaun White stunt scooter?

A gum endorsement cool that’s something we could get behind, tires yeah that’s understandable we drive to the mountains, but fucking scooters, bmx bikes, plastic ramps, and that shit? Come on man do you not have any sense of self worth or are you just cashing in as much as possible to save up for that legal dream team when you finally flip out and kill a hooker then bury her in the woods? I’m going with that latter option because that’s certainly the route he seems to be headed.

Just to give some people an idea about what Shaun has gotten himself into these products are made by D6 Sports which holds the license on Airwalk, Mongoose, Bratz, Ecko, and a slew of other crap. So maybe we’ll get a full line of horrible knock off tween Japanime inspired dolls or something of that nature. The only thing that makes sense is most of these brands can probably be found in your local Target so it’s just another money making venture for the flying tomato.

So for anyone wondering what happens to someone that loses a Red Bull contract this is what you can expect. Greed is good if you’re an over payed celebrity that has lost your way!


  1. T B says:

    OR… maybe Shaun’s goal is to never have to do the 9-to-5 gig. Food, shelter, clothes, heli and gear cost money! So, do something to keep up the cash flow while keeping the eyes on the real prize: snowboard and skateboard. Turn this around a bit: rather than thinking Shaun has sold out, think that he pulled a fast one on a toy company – I’ll let you use my name if you give me cash. Nice!

  2. B B says:

    T B is a dick and more than likely hates snowboarding.

  3. Yup says:

    /\ agree with T B, that makes a lot of sense.

    Author….Shame on you for only hating 100% of the time. Think business not bullshit.

  4. mick says:

    what a fucking douchebag, i never liked him as i’ve seen him just a moneygrabber ginger brat, he can rip in the pipe but he will never be an essence of snowboarding!

  5. Braden says:

    TB, it’s really impressive that you can type with Shaun’s balls in your mouth, but make sure you wipe the Tomato Sauce off your chin before you leave the house.

  6. Jed says:

    TB, he already never has to have a 9-5 gig. He could live a rich lifestyle off the 7% interest from his bank account without doing anything else the rest of his life.

    Nothing wrong with endorsing products, but putting your name on junk that has nothing to do with you is a slippery slope. What’s next, athlete branded garbage bags? You’ve got to take pride in what you’re going to be associated with.

  7. Hans says:

    oh com on, don’t hate! Just let the kid… oh no, wait he’s not a little kid any more. So yeah maybe, MAYBE someone that essentially live off his reputation and gets all these endorsements for letting people and companies use his name should consider not giving away his name for every bit of cheap crap there is just to make money. But hell, what do I know. I work 9 to 5. I’m not in that position. So whatever. After all private jets cost a lot of money. Totalling your brand new italian sportscar on the way home from the retailer also can be biting into your budget pretty bad.

  8. fattrav says:

    I’ve been using Shaun White condoms for the last few weeks.

  9. Elenchus says:

    Giving my friend a pack of Shawn White gum was one of the best laughs I’ve had in a while. Then I gave him a Burton board and we laughed even harder. good times.

    I don’t care if he puts his name on a maxipad, because if I were the most recognizable name in snowboarding… I’d do it too. Everyone already hates on him, so he really doesn’t have anything to lose.

    Besides, maybe he’s really good at razor-scooting… I wouldn’t doubt it.

  10. Nasty James says:

    I’m still waiting for shaun white toilet paper. I would actually buy that.

  11. DT says:

    I think I’ve seen the SW toilet paper next to the SW diapers for mini-rippers.

  12. edgnarly says:

    Hey Nasty James, its funny you should ask…

  13. me says:

    a shaun white maxi pad. with wings. oh lord, just imagine how funny that shit would be.

  14. Lamer says:

    Love the dumbfuck hate. Shaun is rad, you ever meet him? Ever talk to him? Me neither, but I am not so quick to judge a snowboarder who allegedly “sold out”. Where is the rule book on selling out? Did that idiot who never did shit beyond working in a shop make up the rules? It’s not skateboarding and even if it were, T Hawk already obliterated the whole selling out thing. Hey Angry Idiot, when exactly was snowboarding and skateboarding non sell out activities? Could you pinpoint the date when these lifestyle based activities sold out? Better yet, how many of you dumbfuck teeny-boppers will still skate when you’re 35? You seem to want a variety of snowboard products to write about. Where does it start and where does it end? If nobody ever marketed snowboards, chances are there wouldn’t be an industry and jackasses like you never would have fallen all over themselves to be the core dude who shreds. It is such a fucking lame, tired response to any pro who endorses anything outside of what a few little shit disturbers call cool. Why does SW need your approval? People who think they are cool snowboarders hate the guy because he….has red hair? You saw some dumb tv show where they made a joke about people with red hair and now the whole world hates on people with red hair. Maybe they hate on him for his style….fair enough, it’s subjective. But let’s just take a serious look at SW’s style. It ain’t wakeboard style. It ain’t stiff style. It ain’t stinky style. The guy flows, stays tuck kneed, holds his grabs, knows pretty much every trick and then some. Bag on him for not hitting urban rails, fair enough, he should round out his skill set. Bag on him for not splitboarding or hiking back country, fair enough. But do me a favor and make a fucking list of how to do it right. All you fuckheads know how to say it’s being done wrong, but nobody seems to ever talk about how it’s being done right. Shaun White is not someone I emulate, I like to ride different terrain than pipe and jumps and shit, but more power to that kid for making a great living, getting snowboarding more known so there are more companies conducting R&D and giving us lowly consumers more variety and quality to choose from. I started riding in 1990 and it doesn’t bother me to see pros succeed. It’s better than watching those fucking no talent losers make money on fucking Jersey Shore. And shit.

  15. Actually I have met him numerous times, skated with him, and had his parents invite me to go house hunting in Breck with them. Shaun age 13 awesome kid on his way to greatness Shaun age 24 total douche bag tool that 13 year old Shaun would pimp slap.

  16. Lamer says:

    Cool, so your total of 10 minutes with the guy qualifies……

  17. Lamer says:

    I’m still waiting for your “how to do it right in snowboarding without being mocked and ridiculed by all the cool kids” list.

  18. timmy says:

    K, have to bring this up again.

    Shawns a sellout watever cause this. But with all the shit going on with the olpympics and everyone rooting against it. Wouldnt all the riders going to the olympics be worse than shawn? If were talking the whole “sellout” bullshit.

    Why are all the other riders going to the olympics?(if there appearently so bad) Is it cause the almighty dollar?

    S.w. selling scooters is just that. But this appearent huge problem associated with the olympics is more of a concern to the sport. Yet we turn a blind eye on the dudes who are particpating and blame the olymipic commity more? Shouldnt we blame the dudes who are participating in this appearent fucking up of the sport?

    Just a thought I had. Doesnt make sense to me.

    If were gonna talk about stuff ruining the sport, lets talk about the dudes who are helping the sport get ruined. The dudes who are participating in the olympics with the rules they have now.

  19. timmy says:

    Whats your opinion on that angry? How do you feel about everyone who is participating in the olympics if its so bad?

    Is it the almighty dollar making them participate? (sponsors and such?)

    If I am right, isnt that somthing worth a write-up to help bring attention to?

  20. Pretty sure Yobeat is already working on that list Lamer and by the way little bit more time than 10 minutes with the guy. You sound like his fucking dad or one of his Shaun White is saving snowboarding sheeple.

    Timmy is there a coherent thought in that jumble of sentences? My thoughts have been conveyed perfectly numerous times on many occasions and in many articles plus there is a Buoloco interview coming up this week of my exact thoughts on the Olympics and I convey it perfectly when I say ” I don’t give a fuck I will be snowboarding while my mom watches it and thinks that’s what I do”.

  21. doug says:

    shaun white is probably silently supporting the anti olympic movement so that when he doesnt qualify he can just say “oh well the olympics were lame anyway” then burton will drop his pro model, I think he’s just preparing for more lost sponsors with these scooters.

    What about his clothing line that was in target and kmart for the past 5 yrs? What about Tony Hawk sports equipment like freestyle bikes?

    I agree getting into the scooters is lame… and whatever other angles he just used to sell out… but its not the first time. But yea it deserves some hate, and the toilet paper photoshop is so awesome

  22. Lamer says:

    Haha, so predictable. You are a joke. I didn’t say I love or hate Shaun White, did I? I just said he’s rad….meaning his snowboarding skills are rad. You’re one of those guys who never would have started snowboarding if it wasn’t marketed.

  23. The only thing predictable is that I can offend you without even trying because you’re some no talent ass clown that has an IP from Texas which tells me you don’t even fucking ride. Must suck to be a vacation warrior cubicle jockey.

  24. timmy says:

    K, you dont give a fuck bout the olympics…. (yet have posted a few articles regarding it)

    but give a fuck about s.w. selling out to a scooter company? Really?

    And your really comparing a 13yr olds mentallity(kid who doesnt know jack shit, doesnt pay for jackshit) to a 24yr olds?(starting to see the real world, bills, housing and such)

    Maybe s.w. became wiser over those 10+ years… realized he doesnt owe anybody or anything jackshit.

    I hope the people saying hes a “sell out” were the first to dive into thier pockets to help k.p. out with his bills.

  25. Is there a point to your incoherent babble? I’d like to remind you that this is in fact my site I can do anything I want with it and if that means offending people by my opinions awesome if it’s educating people cool. Wiser? Highly doubt that the kids horribly sheltered from the realities of truly working he has an agent, publicist, accountant, etc. etc. anyone that thinks he personally goes and pays for stuff is a fucking moron he just makes a call and shit is done.

  26. mick says:

    vacation warrior cubicle jockey. lmao

  27. doug says:

    shit…. even people from NJ can ride several times / week

  28. timmy says:

    “Highly doubt that the kids horribly sheltered from the realities of truly working he has an agent, publicist, accountant, etc. etc. anyone that thinks he personally goes and pays for stuff is a fucking moron he just makes a call and shit is done.”

    Because he may not physically pay his bills doesnt make him fucked. That makes him a fuckin boss.

    It’s funny that you think you know everything about the guys personal finances.

  29. It’s funny how upset you guys get whenever I call something out.

  30. timmy says:

    Not upset at all, just pointing out the bullshit in ur article and responses.

  31. Like I said still hilarious how bent out of shape you get over this. Did my job it offended you because I called a tool a tool.

  32. timmy says:

    haha, keep stroking your ego bud.

  33. I got fanboys for that.

  34. Lamer says:

    What a twit.

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  36. DT says:

    Well it seems to me that everyone who truly loves the sport, loves to watch the sports progression. Now, I’m not saying I endorse SW or that I even like him, hell I barely care about the Olympics. The only thing that make the Winter Games worth watching….. Incredible accidents on ice, at high speed, call me callous but that shit rocks. I digress, my point is whether you live in CO, NJ, TX, or where ever the fuck, if you love the sport you probably love to see its progression, bigger tricks, terrain parks, better tech, all these things are driven by the competitive side of the sport. And as the sport has grown so has the endorsements, as much as I hate to admit it companies like: Red Bull, Coca Cola, Verizon, Time Warner, have as much a hand in driving snowboard progression. Not to say that the brick and mortor companies that pioneered the sport, had little to do with it. Rather, without huge corporate sponsorships young park rats would eventually have to get real jobs, instead of spending all that time perfecting and inventing new tricks, they’d have to grind out 9-5, pay that mortgage etc.
    Just saying without the endorsement of the almighty dollar, our sport might not be where it is today…… Who knows though, probably would’ve been better off.

  37. DT says:

    Oh Lamer, you suck. Fuck you!!!! Just sayin…

  38. I just don’t get it. Just can’t understand the hate. They say the American Dream is doing what you love and being able to make. Living off of it. That’s EXACTLY what Shaun did… Achieve the American Dream. Singers, Actors even Wrestlers endorse a load of things that have nothing to do with their profession. Howver, you relate anything within a fee degrees of separation. (I’m a wrestler, I train, have bouts, I get hungry sometimes I need a snack “Snap into a SLIM JIM. OHHHH YEAHHH” Besides, its all about Global Marketablilty. No one in the sport is as marketable than Shaun. While all.the anti Shaun White fools are barely getting by, strugggling in this recession, Shaun’s great great grandkids will still be living off his millions. On another note Rob Derden made $80 million last year….is he a sellout too? HELL NAW. He’s a business……man

  39. Who the hell is Rob Derden? When Shaun said on a CNN interview that snowboarding is not fun that pretty much solidified he’s a tool.

  40. Sorry dude, I probably spelled Rob’s last name wrong. The skate boarder from Rob & Big

  41. Do you know how much he actually gives back to the skate community plus he’s more than a skateboarder he’s a comedian and one hell of a businessman.

  42. Riley says:

    What’s the point of “progression” if you can only progress after becoming a multi-millionaire. Nobody else can pull off half the stuff he does. Because he has practically been made for it. He’s a corporate manufactured robot. If every other snowboarder had the trainers, equipment, nuclear scientists he does, then him winning medals and plastering his name on everything would mean something. There’s a reason why a lot of pro’s aren’t friendly with him. You’d know if you actually followed real snowboarding and not the Shaun White show.

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