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So just to get this straight for everyone to know, I was Dylan’s boss over this summer so (Dylan) don’t go bullshitting people or acting intelligent I know who you really are. So act like the hungry east coast am that you are and don’t hold anything back. For all you readers out there to keep true to all my other articles there are already a couple brews cracked and I’m getting back to the Brucey you know and loath. From that point of view I actually hate this kid for how nice and respectable he is. I have to give him shit. Anyways this is what he had to say about life as an up and coming snowboarder trying to actively pursue his passion and finish school all the while having to put up with me and Avran giving him shit.

Throwing the horns while sliding over Brucey the man that made his summer of shred possible.

Throwing the horns while sliding over Brucey the man that made his summer of shred possible.

Brucey Sandstrom: Dylan, how do you feel about the state of snowboarding right now?

Dylan Thomas: I feel like snowboarding is becoming somewhat corporate instead of rider owned and approved type of deal. I know that snowboarding is an industry and in order for it to survive it needs backing and things, but I feel like sometimes we are losing the sense of why we snowboard. It’s because we LOVE the sport! I hate all the kids out there that all they want to do is get sponsored by pumping out edits and stuff. Now don’t get me wrong sponsors are amazing and I absolutely love mine, but I think kids need to realize that there is a lot more to the sport than just “being sponsored.” I feel like you shouldn’t be pushing to go and get sponsored, but instead let your riding speak for itself and let them come to you. Look if you have an amazing season or have some crazy edits people are going to come out of the woodwork looking for you and offering you deals. Just let it come to you and don’t try to push it and abuse the sport.

BS: What’s the deal with your sponsors who’s helping you out the most?

DT: I have the best deal with my sponsors. Jenn Carr and Tom Dicky are both amazing people and I am glad to say that they are not only supporting me, but they are also amazing friends! I love all my sponsors and couldn’t be happier than where I am at right now in my career. Thanks guys!

BS: Who are the crews your riding with and or filming with?

DT: I’m kinda the lone wolf type of guy. I do a lot of riding by myself just focusing on new tricks and trying to learn them. Although I do have to give major shout-outs to all the other riders from Seven Springs and Big Boulder who throw down! I have learned so many new tricks from just watching them and then hiking off somewhere and trying them. I love the community feel of snowboarding where you can stop and hike a rail for hours on end with your homies just kicking it and having a blast. This is where I have definitely learned the most.

BS: How was the Eastern Snowboard League? Is it run fairly, how are the courses and point systems? What would you change about it?

DT: The ESL is unreal! Big props to Pat Morgan for developing the idea and to Holiday Valley, Big Boulder, and Seven Springs plus all the sponsors who help put it on. I look forward to every event of the series and I have never missed an event! That’s the true difference between the ESL and other series out there. You show up every weekend and its the same core group of guys out there with you competing against you, but also with you. You get that community feel right away at the registration table and it continues throughout the contest and well after the awards.

Getting pressy. ESL at Holiday Valley

Getting pressy. ESL at Holiday Valley

The ESL is extremely fair and I think that all starts with Pat and where he stands and also where he wants the league to go. The courses are unreal! The host park’s aren’t given any maps or told what they have to build, they just go out and start pushing snow and build a banger setup! The point system is fairly simple. For the winner of each event they get 100 points plus tons of goodies from the sponsors while 2nd gets 90, 3rd gets 80, and so on and so on until 10th and they get 10 points. Not only do you win incredible prizes for each event, but you gain points to go toward the overall prize of a trip to SUPERPARK. There are 3 divisions, Girls, Youngbloods, and Destroyers.

To be honest I wouldn’t change that much about it. I think the point system rewards people for attending every contest and the parks are always amazing! Good work Pat!

BS: What was it like coming to summer camp and doing all the roles in one summer camp from camper to volunteer to paid staff member?

DT: It was definitely an experience, but the best one of my life! I have to give a big shout out to Bruce for deciding to hire me on for the summer. Thanks man! But I mean I got to see every aspect of camp life, thus I knew what the kids were feeling like when they were going day to day because I was in their shoe’s only 3 weeks before. I love Woodward at Copper and I am hoping to return this year for round two of summer camp!

BS: What is one thing that camp kick’s every other camps ass in and one they suck at?

DT: Hands down the barn! Woodward is the only place where you can go on snow learn a ton of new tricks and then go to the trampolines and foam pits and learn dubs or even triples. Woodward stands out from other camps because of the coaches and visiting pros. The coaches are always there for you and always give you little pointers that will help you stomp those tricks!

My favorite place of Woodward has to be the tramps in the barn. I have never had as many progressive days in my life as I did this summer in the barn. I learned 4 different doubles, and a load of other crazy tricks.

One thing that I don’t like about the camp is that I am not there right now!

BS: How come a kid like you coming from the east is so good at jumping? Didn’t the bullet proof ice fuck you up?

DT: Yes it definitely has. I guess the real reason is that metal on metal contact didn’t use to interest me as much as flying did. As I got out there in contests I noticed that I was only winning the big air ones and losing the rail jams. I kind of had a mini revelation and decided to charge the rails last year and it paid off for me. I feel like in this day and age its hard to be a one trick or one type of riding guy. I personally wanted to push myself in both areas and I feel like I have, but have so much more work ahead of me.

More than jumps or jibs Dylan can slash.  Photo: Chad Otterstrom

More than jumps or jibs Dylan can slash.
Photo: Chad Otterstrom

BS: What about Forum and their clothing lines went under? Amazing that a staple in the industry is disappearing next year.

DT: This whole thing with “The Program” completely shocked me! At first I thought Avran was yanking my chain when I saw it on the site, but then I read it and was like, “this is seriously happening.” Honestly I thought that these brands would be some of the last to go instead of the first. I’m just hoping someone throws them a bone and keeps them up and running, but it doesn’t look to good for them right now. To sum it up in one word I’d say its just “unfortunate.”

BS: What are you doing differently this your to push your riding? Traveling? Filming? Contests? Moving?

DT: I am hitting more prestigious events and also traveling more up and down the East. Also something really cool worked out with my high school where I am able to leave school at 12:30 every day so that I can go to the mountain and shred.

Filming is going to be huge this year! I am expecting to film at Seven Springs with their filmer Ian Macy who crushes it not only behind the lens, but also on the board.

Obviously I would love to be living in Breck right now riding with all of my homies out there, but I have to finish up my high schooling, and then expect to see my face in the Breck area.

BS: What’s it like having to baby sit Avran at summer camp to make sure the campers don’t maul him?

Probably the hardest part of the job at Woodward is keeping track of Avran. Nah, I love that guy and he’s great with the kids. Although I would love to see Perry (a 12 year old girl stuck in the body of 17 year old boy) and Avran fight. Couldn’t call it.

BS: Hahaha we could sell tickets to it and have a fundraiser to get Avran a new hip. So thanks and shout outs?

DT: Thanks Sean and Tom at Rome snowboards. Thanks Electric. Big shout out to Jayson Fermier. Bruce Sandstorm for getting me out to Woodward at Copper! Shout out to everyone who has pushed my riding to where it is today. Thanks to my main sponsor The First National Bank of Mom and Dad. Couldn’t do it without them! And of course thank you Avran for everything you have done for me.

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