Drake Supersport Antti Autti Used and Reviewed

Travel back to the late 90’s early 2000’s and Drake was at the top of the game for bindings. It was a short trip to the bottom but they’re still alive and kicking it. Our little tester Kevin went out and braved the shit show that is Winter Park to test these out for you.

Binding: Drake Supersport Antti Autti

Board Used: Signal OG Flat 151

Stance: 22 wide 12 neg 12 goofy

Boots Used: Flow Hylite 9

Location: Winter Park

Conditions: The frozen groomers have thawed and aren’t mushy yet!

Adjustability: Straps had a couple different positions to mount, length was tool less, highback needs a driver and the footbed snaps in.

Straps: When clamped down like fat kids hands on his candy flavored slushy drink the toestraps held on to my boot just fine. But if you don’t get them this tight they likes to migrate on rounded semi-slippy toe boxes. On a positive note, even when strapped down that tight I couldn’t feel them on my toe, I do have stiffer toe boxes so a mushier constructed boot might have problems with this. I felt like the ankle straps were very well designed in shape as I never felt uncomfortable in them, but it’s not a very conformable construction. Once all the ladder slack is taken in and you get initial boot to strap contact you then have about 4 clicks until you can’t tighten down any more without a considerable amount of effort. If you’re looking for something that you can play with strap snugness you’re going to be disappointed. If you like a good, tight, but not too tight feel and hate having to find that spot on malleable straps, these you’ll like. For support they did well for the type of binding this is. Good to drive into and really let me push and pull on my stick of choice.

Highback: This was the highpoint of this binding for me. It’s a cupped feel with a little bit more pronounced flange on the inside than outside. Basically they worked kinda like mini wings. They let me kinda squeeze the board into turns and drive my zero cam between the feet and lent to a lot of leverage in a press. If you don’t wanna run full wings but liked what the leverage did for your rail and ground game, these highbacks are money. If you want a more skate influenced feel and freedom up top, not gonna happen.

Binding Flex- The footprint of the binding on the board was larger than industry average and created a noticeable dead spot, really the worst thing about these boot clamps. That amount of binding on the board does let you put more energy in the tips, but that inconsistent flex messes with things a bit in a turn and overall is just a feel that 90% of people don’t prefer. They’re stiffer overall and provided plenty of response front to back and side to side, nothing that shocked me but I never wanted for more. The dampening was pretty interesting to me. Usually a bindings gel or rubber or foam in the heel soaks up the impact shock as best it can and sends the rest to your feet and knees. The Supersports absorbed top end shock OK but what was interesting is they redistribute the leftovers over the whole footbed. It really was a pretty unique feel and was pretty effective overall. If you just isolate the heel dampening it was average but count in the redirection and it was better than average. Vibration dampening was average and did its job fine but nothing amazing, pretty standard EVA level.

Ratchets: Grabbed the ladders well and no issues tightening, release on both toe and heel straps was really good. Release had a pop feel to it that took a satisfactory amount of effort to pop. Basically they weren’t too easy to release so you don’t have to worry about them popping while riding, but they’re plenty easy to release when you get your hand on them.

Rider in Mind: Pro level park guru or aggressive all mountain charger.

Personal Thoughts: Drake was a super power back in the 90’s and was really the only other option to Burton or Technine. They since fell off a bit and are trying to bring it back to their previous glory. The Super Sport is a good step in that direction, for a stiffer board where you’ll notice the dead spot less these are an option, especially if you are looking for a more aggressive binding and have liked the feel of wings in park bindings.

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