D.O.P.E 3 Movie Review

Snowboard films have been getting more and more refined as the years go on. With half a million dollar cameras shooting a dude shitting his pants at 500fps. We forget the grime and filth that goes along with living a life with no regrets. Dope 3 is a breath of 2nd hand smoke air. Sticking to the roots of the Whiskey days, D.O.P.E has turned out some pretty epic movies without having to censor themselves.

If you don’t know who or what D.O.P.E is or can’t figure out what that sticky icky smell is, they are a crew of snowboarders primarily from the Whistler area. This year they have E-man Anderson, Layne Treeter, Andrew Geeves, Derek Molinski, Alex Strathis, Tyler O’Grady, Mike Rubby, some homies and others on the roster.

I am not going to ruin this shit and describe the whole movie. So keep reading…

If you are into blunts, malt liquor, metal, bangers, street riding, pillows and Alex Strathis dirty ol’ pants than you will get pretty hyped on this. More for the street savvy riders, this shred video has primarily street oriented riding but you will find a couple of minutes of pow booters and pillows plus a segment dedicated to skate footy. Music is pretty solid in this years movie with everything from weed rap, Pink Floyd to Beastie Boys.


E-man freaking the fuck out and his part (#turnemanpro), Al’s impossible reverts out of shit, Geeves droppin’ pillows, Tyler O’Grady skating like a man, Treeter going for it!

Not so great

Lack of bonus features. It comes with D.O.P.E 1 and 2 but if you have them already there is not much else going on. But on the other hand if you haven’t seen 1 and 2 than this becomes a highlight…

Where is Boozie the clown and Kael Hill?

D.O.P.E industries is a staple in Canadian snowboarding. Often underrated and not mentioned because of their use of narcotics, D.O.P.E 3 should not be over looked. Should you buy this? If you like what D.O.P.E had to offer in the past, like urban riding, gritty snowboarding then fuck yeah do it. If you like clean, polished, spin to win, snowboarding probably not one to pick up.

Go to your snowboard shop and ask if they deal D.O.P.E!

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