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Earlier this year long time snowboard manufacturer Elan Snowboards declared bankruptcy. This came as a bit of a shocker to people as it has long established roots in the snowboard industry and was a manufacturer of a lot of the top tier brands. With its doors shuttering this caused a bit of a scramble for brands to find new facilities before production season began.

Photo borrowed from Transworld Business

Photo borrowed from Transworld Business

Transworld Business wrote a follow up article to the aftermath of the bankruptcy. In that article it said, “Capita is also finalizing its future production and Founder Blue Montgomery says that due to all of the moving pieces, his team is not commenting at the moment on their future production plans as the details are buttoned up.” Talking with various industry insiders no one knew what this meant and felt that it signaled something big within the C3 organization. Whether that would be good or bad was left up to speculation.

Late last week an industry source told us that Capita was leasing out the Elan factory with former CEO Michael Kollmann. Earlier today a second source showed us a press release from Capita talking about the formation of C4 and the acquisition of the Elan factory. We currently don’t have the press release but will update as more information comes in.


For Immediate Release:
Seattle, Washington – May 16, 2013 – CAPiTA announced today it has assumed control of the Elan snowboard factory in Furnitz, Austria. CAPiTA will continue to produce snowboards at the renowned Austrian factory under its own management utilizing the technology, expertise and talents that made it one of the premier snowboard manufacturing facilities in the world over the last twenty five years.

At an April 12, 2013 insolvency hearing, the CAPiTA ownership group filing under the
Austrian name C4future GmbH was granted legal right to assume control of the factory. Facility control was obtained April 15 and the entire factory is again operational producing CAPiTA snowboards at this time.

Former Elan Austria CEO and Technical Director Michael Kollman brings eighteen years of manufacturing experience at the facility to the CAPiTA team as Director of Production. Fifty highly skilled factory operatives have also been retained. CAPiTA President Blue Montgomery commented, “This is a milestone in regard to our long held vision of vertical integration and production control. Our first commitment is ensuring our ability to deliver our 2013/14 line, consistent with our samples and on schedule, with the high quality standards that people expect of our snowboards. We’ve produced at this factory for ten years. We know the facility, technology and team very well and we’re sure of our ability to deliver our best lineup of boards to date.”

CAPiTA Snowboarding is based on the fishing docks of Seattle, Washington and is recognized throughout the industry for unique graphics, progressive product, and worldclass athletes. CAPiTA Super Corporation | We devour everything!

So what does this mean for the snowboard industry? Is Capita and it’s umbrella of companies poised to take over the global snowboard scene? It is interesting times that is for sure.

Causes controversy!

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  1. arild says:

    That would be awesome. Good people at Capita, this would likely be good for the industry (at least when compared to another entity buying the factory, outside the snowboard or ski industry – the latter would be very bad for those who rely on OEMs). In the big picture, though, I see no reason this would change anything, as long as Capita (C4) sell the services Elan used to at comparable prices. C4 could also grow power hungry and price other companies out (pure conjecture), but I don´t see them doing it. They know competition is good for the industry and would make more money long term buy selling services to more than to less.

    Exciting indeed.

  2. Jenise says:

    Probably sounds like a dumb question, but what does “C3″ represent? I’ve never heard that term in relation to Capita. I’m guessing it has to do with the companies they control, but I didn’t even know they had other companies under them…

  3. Capita, Coal, Union, and they distribute Home watches.

  4. arild says:

    Didn´t they have Deeluxe boots and Defcon gloves too at some point?

  5. Danny Hairston says:

    Good shit, Angry.

    Why is there TWBiz again???

  6. […] have to give it to Angry Snowboarder, dude scoops just about everyone.  On Friday, he posted that Capita Snowboards will assume control of the Elan snowboard factory.  This is big news within the snowboard industry and to get the details, and to get his […]

  7. johanisabaldfuck says:


    Despite the marketing hype their not legit enough (numbers wise) to pull off having their own factory. If ELAN couldn’t make it profitable how could they? Small ‘core’ companies have ten year lifespans before people get over it. Kooks have been hoping on CAPiTA’s for a few seasons and now every jabroni is on Unions- core kids are going to leave in droves and go after brands like DWD (which were also ELAN).

    This factory failed because the fundamentals of the shred industry are completely gone…to much gear, not enough true shreds.

  8. Arild they did at one point distribute those brands. Deeluxe is now under Sales Guys and Defcon is doing its own thing.

    Danny, that is a great question. I believe they’re there to pick up my table scraps at this point.

  9. lipstickonapig says:

    The elan factory failed with board production numbers of 90,000 boards. How will this work with production numbers of say 20,000? The same guy that ran Elan into the ground before is running it again? is this proof that the Italian owners of capita are running the entire show at C3/Capita? Does American C3 have anything to do with its European distribution? C3/C4 is all owned by Raichle Ski Boots right? With that asked, would purchasing Elan become a major financial drag on them (Raichle)? At a time when snowboarders are looking for authenticity, will these ski roots expose C3 as hypocritical? Burton doesn’t even have its own manufacturing. And with European employment laws…Good Luck!!

  10. e says:

    Not raichle, the family that owns C3 is the twinex clan. They are leasing the factory for 5 months, some brands are back at the factory majority are not. Problem, would never summer have mervin press their boards..or the other way around? Nope, so for being an OEM factory might be tough, but is still a good option for the euro brands. Elan failures were term related, basically they were the bank for a lot of brands….brands like shops don’t always pay & the financial charges of terms are tough with china like or less margins. Its tough with MOQ with such few boards as well, getting materials, having to do small production runs, pretty much most if not all the techinical people are gone. Wish them the best, but I doubt this will last.

  11. Hanso says:

    So who is the owner of C3? Twinex Clan? Never heard of that.
    And who owns Stepchild, by the way?
    You know what would be great- a list of the major snowboard companies and who owns them and who finally gets the money that we are spending on their (pretty pricy) goods.
    Next time I buy some gear I want the money to go to some snowboarders that love what they, re doing not shareholders that don’t give a shit.
    I know what you might be saying: “Even at those big companies with shareholders there are some real snowboarders with heaps of credibility”. And yes, you’re right. But still, a list would be nice.

  12. DoodooBrown says:

    Hanso, easy answer that no one likes… just buy Burton. I think there is a list like this at Illict Snowboarding’s website. The big B is still privately owned, and still dumps more money into the sport and R&D than anyone else. Have they screwed over the mom n pop stores? Sure. Do they make anything in the US anymore? Maybe a couple expensive boards out of Craig’s but that is it. Where do the dollars you spend with them end up? Back into Burton and Jake’s pocket.

    There are a lot of little brands that still make stuff in the US, and are privately owned so you could hit them up as well (Signal, Never Summer come to mind).

    At least you are thinking about voting with your dollars. Most people don’t give a shit. Speaking of shit, the snowboard industry is turning into shit quickly.. can’t wait to see who is left!

  13. Never USA summer says:

    Never summer’s entire product line is not made in the USA in fact they started working over seas several years ago – also signal makes boards for themselves out of seaweed so they can further their tech cause, sort of silly the stuff they do

    Where are the true made in America brands, that are not OEM’s heard some interesting news, should be interesting to see where the industry is next spring

    Never Summer employee who recently left because of scale backs and lay offs, hanging with my arbor buddies who also got laid off . angry I am sure has the scoop on what is going to happen with these “American made brands” I am sure,
    right? not bitter just hate to see what is about to happen to the sport, but then again with all the hate that has invaded the sport that use to accept everyone maybe it’s time to hit the reset button the 90’s in snowboarding are needed again and the haters should get a set of skis –

    The idea that capita can support élan is ridiculous, lets use the same group that filed bankrupt to be successful In a state funded and run corporate environment. Watch the fall out this season won’t be pretty

  14. ^Should lay off the crack chief. Also IP checks are amazing.

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