Battle of the Base Technologies: TBT vs BST

Here’s two little companies Bataleon and Omatic, both doing their own thing, and both with their own technologies. Some might say they’re similar, some might say that one is ripping the other off, but truth is both are very different. So where do these two technologies stand when matched up in a battle? Does one outweigh the other in being the better? Here’s a breakdown of the differences between Triple Base Technology and Bowed Surface Technology.

Lets start by looking at the obvious, the actual bases. Both give a raise at the contact points, but only Omatics runs tip to tail. This eliminates the transition from flat into a angled base. Triple Base has multiple options on how defined it is and also covers a wider surface than what Omatics is offering. B.S. Technology is maybe an inch to two inches wide with no transition to flat between the feet, think of it being closer to a V while T.B.T is closer to a U when you look at it head on. The other big differentiation is that Omatic actually mills theirs into the core, while Bataleons is pressed in. Does that effect anything? I’ll let you decide. For now I’d give this round to Bataleon only because they came out the gate with having a raised base like this.

If you’re like me you’re all about having reverse camber in your decks. No matter who says Bataleon is a rocker or the originator of the anti-camber revolution it’s not either of these, they still utilize a traditional camber in their decks. You still have to load and unload it giving it a different ride entirely. Omatic gives you reverse camber making it more playful and skate inspired. The Bataleon has better pop due to this, but over all the reverse camber makes the board easier to press, ride in pow, and butter your muff. Being that everyone wants a board that’s reversed or rockered, I give this round to Omatic.

Bataleon Cross Section
Omatic Cross Section

Going back to the differences in the base definition we have to evaluate which one effects turns more. Both allow for a fluid roll from edge to edge, that’s a given. T.B.T has gotten a lot better in recent years, some of the first generations when you would do this you’d feel a slight grip at the transition from flat to where the bevel starts. The new generations have a lesser definition to them, but it’s noticeable on certain models. B.S.T is so minimal in both the width of the flat spot and the bevel that you just transition from edge to edge without any catch that I’ve found so far, also there’s no flat spot between the feet so you have a consistent bowed surface. I’d give this round to Omatic for having a non-transitional base.

Overall I give this to Omatic for embracing both a new base and camber theory. Would I rule Bataleon out of making an anti-cambered board with TBT? No, the possibility for them to tweak their camber design is right there and they could definitely step into that genre. What do you guys think, which would you say is better?

Causes controversy!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    deciding between TBT and BST is like deciding between pizza and chicken wings

  2. Anonymous says:

    although i'll give the benefit of the doubt to bataleon as TBT is more established and has had a lot more time for tweaking

  3. Snowvols says:

    The cross section view which company is that? I think that picture really says a lot though about how different the board is. Good post

  4. Anonymous says:

    The contact points are already raised in either tech, so, in that area, TBT+RC seems overkill.

    Yours is the only review of BST I've ever seen. I'm glad you liked it, but as much as I like your blog and stuff, I can't rely on just that.

    I agree with the op, I'd seek TBT first because it's been around for several years, has hundreds of reviews…most favorable, if not glowing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    idk, that chick's BST sales pitch sounded like just BS to me. I got more "green" and "graphics" than anything else

  6. Anonymous says:

    TBT is innovative, the BST is pretty old, that's how a lot of boards used to be made. Burton did this for there kids boards 2 years in a row. Seems like fun for some riders, but watching a kid struggling to hold an edge didn't look so fun. Have fun bombing a hill to ride a long cat track on the BST…yeah right

  7. The Angry Snowboarder says:

    The burton stuff doesn't have a visible kink it's just bowled. The Burton Con Dom which has just what you're describing doesn't allow for it to initiate turns but at least BST does.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nitro came out with their Drifter Base over 6 years ago and brought it back this last season on the Sub Pop. BST is nothing more than a porely executed rip on their good idea.

  9. The Angry Snowboarder says:

    FYI Drifter base doesn't have a kink in it keeping it flat, if you look right at it you'll notice that. It's more like the bowled base like Banana.

  10. daks says:

    wouldn’t jibbing and rail riding be more difficult on a bataleon because of the TBT? it seems like doing a tail slid or nose press would be way more difficult do to the lack of surface area you would be riding on. can anyone shed some light on this?

  11. I’ve never noticed a difference because it has a central flat spot that you’d be sliding on. Edge catching is minimal because they’re raised up though.

  12. mhf says:

    BATALEON and TBT is where it is at! No they are not hard to press and jibbing is way eaiser and fun.. I weigh 100lbs and can press the Sh1t out of mine! Gotta say; Once you go Bataleon you never go back.. !!!
    No one will ever come out with a – better raised edge tech like Bataleon.. NEVER!!!!
    PS the sales rep for the omatic is “so like dude” so annoying!!!
    I heart Bataleon!

  13. I owned a Bataleon I’ll never own one again.

  14. Lukas says:

    I’ve been sold on Bataleon for some time now but have no Idea what board to get. I work in a park & spend about 65% of my time jibbing around hitting rails but still need a board for jumping to. I’m 146lbs and 5’11. I’m torn between the ET 155, fun kink (USA ) 153 or the airobic 155. I’m thinking the ET might not be buttery enough for me but I don’t no? and the airobic might be fun but not handle jumps as well…? anyway any ideas would be great thanks

  15. I’d probably go with the fun kink in your situation.

  16. Lukas says:

    Thanks man.. thats kinda what I’ve been leaning towards . I look forward to hearing some reviews on it. Or if anyone knows of some already posted somewhere please let me know. Thanks
    Keep up the great work on this site. lovin it!

  17. Brandon says:

    I have the Bataleon Locust and it is one of their stiffer boards, but it still has enough pop to be fun on the groomers. I have NEVER caught an edge on it either :o) I would probably buy the same board again if I had to do it over. I’m still looking for a second board that is more park oriented, though.

  18. […] But do you guys reckon it is still necessary to adjust the bevel??? Since this board has a base tech almost similar to Bataleon Triple Base Technology?? It basically has edges that are raised slightly from the ground, it has a slightly elevated profile at the edge of the board. I hope you get what i mean?? I added a link to a review to clarify the edges: […]

  19. radi0head says:

    Have a question for you all, especially for AngrySnowboarder. The last 2 seasons I have used Bataleons (owned both), the Hero and the Riot. Now first off, i did enjoy the TBT. But both boards are just so heavy, I really have a tough time with it. Thats the main reason I have been seriously consider picking up the Extr-eco. So to the question, does anyone else have this experience with the Balateons? And would I be better off with the Extr-Eco?

    p.s. I ride a 155 on the Riot and it is the board im still currently riding.

  20. Board weight issues like that are because your legs aren’t in shape, suck it up and exercise.

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  22. doug says:

    I recall oldskool burton cruzers/elites and other brand boards, they had tails that were not flat.

    When I first saw a Batalaeon, I thought to myself “hey they brought the Morrow Spoon Nose back!”

    I think they’re both good ideas, and should be explored further, I hope I can keep up!

  23. doug says:

    Oh, and yea if Omatic’s not flat design is milled into the core, they still need it to be “pressed in” as well, they are most likely using a 3d shaped bottom mold/cassette to squeeze that base to that core. Batalaeon’s, relying solely on pressing, and using a core not compensated for this, will have a thicker core @ the edges, but they’re only doing it near the tip areas anyway, right? In this area the core is either about 1.8 – 2mm thick, or is non existant, and maybe they’re only bending the areas that have tip fill material.

    Only complaints I ever heard about Batalaeons were from shop guys who tune boards. Because they’re not flat, you have to either buy extra equipment to tune one of their boards, or freehand it, and I suppose lots of shop guys are just scared to run the risk of grinding thru someone’s base.

  24. Goliath says:

    TBT allows more pop and sharper cuts. thats all you need

  25. I’m planning on getting the new Bataleon Evil twin in the 154 size for this season. I’ve tried previous models but the size was never quite right but now I think it will be spot on. I think TBT is awesome but waxing can be a little more tricky and any base tuning (stone grinding) can be a bit tricky too. Bataleon should start making tuning equipment too!

  26. is this just some shameless plug for

  27. Pauluz says:

    quote: “No matter who says Bataleon is a rocker or the originator of the anti-camber revolution it’s not either of these, they still utilize a traditional camber in their decks. You still have to load and unload it giving it a different ride entirely”.

    The part that you have to load and unload is incorrect.
    With TBT you can roll instead releasing the pressure in the board. With traditional camber you have to work against the camber tension. With TBT it will work for you. Just put a TBT board on the ground. Push the board flat on both sides, release one side and the board will snap into its complete edge on the opposite. Thats the magic about TBT. You can use it as a camber like loading and unloading, but also as a rocker in a more rolling/surfy way of boarding.

  28. Still have to weight and unweight camber.

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