Nuu Lifes latest flick showcasing the many fine talents of some of Canada’s top snowboarding enthusiasts. There movies always seem to showcase the right balance of street and backcountry.

Directed by John Swystun and David Craig

Riding by Gordon Emery, Jason Gretzinger, Craig McMorris, Joe Hills, David Kinskofer, Kurtis Rothecker, Tanner Davidson, Bruce Johnston, Dale Bailey, Kevin Griffin, Brad Martin, Kale Stephens, Andrew Geeves, Andrew Burns, Dylan Vachon and friends.

Cinematography by John Swystun, David Craig, Dale Bailey and Ben Geisbrecht

Support from, King Snow, Beaver Wax, Banshee Bungee, Nibz Bandanaz, Freeride Boardshop and Shoulda Danished Productions.

Picture 397

Causes controversy!

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