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DC Lauri Pro Tone with Hurrithanes a Closer Look

DC boards have been questionable for the last few years. Some people love them, some people hate them, the samples I rode the first year they came out were solid, unfortunately the actual boards weren’t. For next year they switch over to a new factory and utilize some new technology. Here’s a look at how […]


Yes The Dudes with Hurrithanes A Brief Inspection

Yes is a brand that has some big names behind it and shows that there is life after Burton. Being backed by Nidecker this offers them use of some amazing technology. Here’s my look at what it was like to ride one of their decks.


K2 Fastplant with Hurrithanes my take

The new Fastplant boasts one of the burliest warranties in the industry with 5 years against breakage. It’s also environmental or some shit too. Going with a more skate styled technicality is the Hurrithane binding allowing riders to get their tweak on.


100 Days of Review Recap

100 days straight of product reviews, what can you say about that? Well seeing as that’s almost a third of a year I can say personally thank god it’s over with. Here’s a recap of every product that was ridden for the upcoming 2012 season organized by category and product type. This fall look for […]


2012 Smokin Buck Ferton Used and Reviewed

Poor Buck he got taken out by an avalanche and now we’re left with this deck as a reminder of his illustrious career. There’s been a few tweaks to this years model compared to last years. So after a day of shredding around in the shittiest conditions imaginable this is how it stacked up. 


K2 Indy Used and Reviewed

The Indy is one of those bindings that gets overlooked for others in the K2 line up like the Formula, Hurrithanes, or something in the Auto line. Now anyone that follows tech advancements knows that this year the binding designers completely revamped the Formula, well for those in the know there’s still the Indy which […]


2010 Annual Review

It’s that time of year again when the bull-wheels will start churning and people will embrace the white ribbon of death in hopes of getting a few turns in before the snow really begins to fly. With the season right around the corner from us it’s also time to put all the reviews up from […]


K2 2011 Bindings

Have to give credit to Snowboarding Forum for this great find of next years K2 stuff. So the Formula once again gets a bit of an over haul, the Auto gets Labia Lips, evidently the Jibpan is replaced by the Fastplant a deck with a 5 year warranty, and some other shit.