80 Words On Angry With Corey Smith

“80 Words on Angry”. Instead of lengthy in depth interviews we’re
checking in with just 80 words with tons of people across the realms of snowboarding.

Corey Smith, Snowboarder, Artist and Creative
Corey is known for many things, his video parts in Neoproto, his graphics done for Capita,
His fantastic and thought provoking paintings and sculpture and now most recently for
his work creating Snowboards at Spring Break.
Last trip? Where and why?
Mt. Baker because it doesn’t snow in Tahoe anymore.

Something else you could of done with your life instead of snowboarding?
I can’t really focus on one thing. 

Friends you love? And why?
Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends.

Vehicles you want or have?
I have an LR3 and a Harley. Maybe get an old pick up or a van one day.

Words to live by?
No Parentz No Rulz!

Near death experience?
Everyday riding a motorcycle in LA.

Recent music?
King Tuff

Something to collect?
Original artwork.

Something in the browser history?
How to get rid of a dead body.

Things to spend money on?
Tools, Creative Supplies, Cameras.

Things you lose too often.
I don’t lose things often.

Somewhere you love to visit but hate to live?
New York

Something to read?
Arthur C. Clark

Something to watch?
The sun rise.

Something to make?
People think.

Someone you telephone?
My late Aunt.

A contest you entered?

Something to get in trouble for?

Something to change your life?

Something to tell your kids?
Life is short.

Something to support?

Ideal Situation?
Creative and financial freedom.

Something to eat?
Veggies, fruit, protein

Something to laugh at?

-Corey Smith

Spring Break
all my friends, acquaintances, and
everyone who’s helped me along the way.


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  1. nice work, bro! awesome blog ;)

  2. alpha says:

    Corey seems like a strangely interesting dude.

    Everytime he drops new art I’m a little bit excited, and a lil bit confused, and a lil bit amazed.

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