2014 Salomon Villain Snowboard Used and Reviewed

The Villain is one of those boards that gets noticed on other media outlets as being a Salomon team choice. Why is that? Perhaps it is one of those boards that can do it all or maybe it’s just their talent. Here’s the review you should read it.

2014 Salomon Villain Topsheet

Board: Salomon Villain

Size: 153

Camber Option: Rock Out Camber. Flat between the feet, camber zone under feet, rocker in the tips. Just a giant hybrid of camber going on there.

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 175lbs

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny warm spring laps in the park with friends. Winds were a bit moderate from time to time.

Flex: Softer in the tips stiffening up under foot then softening up again between the feet. Over all it’s a somewhere in the middle of the road park flex for someone my weight.

Stability: It’s as stable as a board designed like this can be. By that I mean I wouldn’t charge through a rutted out mogul field out run from a cliff drop, but for cruising around the mountain it’s not an issue.

Ollies: The board has snap and as it should if you’ve seen who on the Salomon team is backing it. Load the tips and pop that’s how this board gets down.

Pop On Jumps: This deck is not afraid of jumps in the slightest it does what it needs to do to get the job done. Small to medium to even some big jumps are not going to be an issue with this at all.

Butterability: The slightly blunted shape coupled with its camber profile and flex pattern allows you to get up on the tips and spin around while center flexing the board. Basically if you can ride you can butter this without an issue.

2014 Salomon Villain Base

Jibbing: The flat spot in the tips locks in exceptionally well for presses and makes you feel like you’ve been doing it your whole life on this board. With the softer flex between the feet board slides lock in with ease and allow you to keep on keeping on.

Carving: Come in hot, center flex the board, and drive that back knee forward which gives you the making for an exceptional hard carve. It’s a board you can control on edge and decide if you want to go deep (that’s what she said) or just keep it mellow.

Rider in Mind: The all mountain freestylist that’s going from park to pow to groomers and back for more.

Personal Thoughts: This board just does not disappoint with its versatility. You can take it anywhere and not have to worry that it’s too little or too much board. The camber profile is forgiving but stable and doesn’t buck you when you get a little too gnarly for your own good.

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Disclaimer: This board was loaned to us for review from the Salomon Snowboards Rockies rep.

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  1. Charles says:

    Hey, have this board changed from last year? I have been thinking about this board, now i have bataleon’s airobic but it’s not that durable, i somehow have broke two of them. I have tested last years Villain, but it was quite stiff on the tips. Cheers for the great site, keep it going!

  2. It’s softer in the tips in my opinion for 2014.

  3. will says:

    What would you choose the villain or k2 happy hour for a park board that can handle riding all over the mountain as well?

  4. More park than mountain Villain, more mountain than park Happy Hour.

  5. Alex says:

    Did you have any toe or heel drag with your boot size on a 250 mm waist?

  6. No because I don’t mount my board at the waist.

  7. Alex says:

    Ok thank you, i don’t mount my board at the wasit neither but i can refer only that measure for tha tkind of stuff.
    I ride 22.5 too and +15 -12 with a savage 10 boot, do u think i’ll have some drag?

  8. Jayson says:

    How does this compare to NS evo 154?

  9. Jayson says:

    In terms of flex and the way it jibs?

  10. It’s a completely different board. It will lock in to presses differently due to the camber profile. In my opinion it won’t make you a lazy rider in the sense that it will teach you how to muscle a proper press. The flex will also be softer but there will be more snap off lips.

  11. Andrew says:

    Between these three boards: Salomon Villan, Arbor Westmark, and Signal Freedom Machine, which board is a better quiver board and your preference for jacking around the mountain and getting a lot of pop? Thanks!

  12. Zack says:

    Looking at getting The Villain 158 W with the Hallograms. I’m always in the park, but I’m 210 lbs. and 6’3″. So I wasn’t sure if because of my size I should go with the Assassin 160 W instead…

  13. Personally I don’t think the Assassin lives up to they hype they’re putting behind it and the Villain is a better ride.

  14. Andrew,
    In terms of pop the Freedom Machine and Villain will probably give you the most with the Freedom Machine giving a bit more as it’s full camber. For all mountain versatility I would probably look at something else like the Arbor Coda, Salomon Time Machine, or Signal OG.

  15. Zack says:

    What do you think about the burton custom restricted (twin flex & direction) with the malavita ESTs? Is the custom a good all around park board? And do the EST bindings and channel system make that much of a better ride ? Or should I just stay with the villain and the hologram bindings?

  16. Honestly I haven’t ridden one in a few years so I can’t really comment on how it would ride. I’m not a fan of EST but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad system. Your call on staying with the Salomon set up.

  17. Readimag says:

    Would you have rather have had the 155 if you had the choice or was the 153 fine out of the park?

  18. I was fine with the 53 out of the park. 55 if I had been going after more pow/tree runs.

  19. Matt says:

    I’m looking at this board and last years DC Mega Torsteins Brain Eraser board. I already have a board for the powder days but I want a board for everyday riding, kickers in park and buttering around on piste just a fun board to pop around on. What board would you recommend? Cheers dude

  20. Haven’t ridden the Mega so I can’t really compare. But the Villain sounds like what you’re looking for.

  21. Steve says:


    I’m 165lbs and 5’10”. This would be my first park board since I’ve been riding a traditional burton custom for years. I’ve been wanting to get a new board this year so that I can try presses, buttering, and ollies.

    Given that I have little to no experience in tricks, would you recommend a 155 or 153 for the villain? I found a good deal on a 153 locally but am concerned that it’s going to be too choppy going down the groomers.

    Thank you in advance for your help!!


  22. For what you’re looking to do it sounds like a 53 would be better.

  23. Kev says:

    Hey Angry. Deciding between the Villain and the Arbor Westmark. What are the primary differences between the two? Would you strongly prefer one over the other? I mostly ride park, intermediate skill level. Thanks in advance.

  24. Flex pattern, Sidecut, and the biggest is the camber profile. Biggest question to ask yourself is do you want more of a traditional camber feel or do you want to go full reverse and have it ride more like a skateboard?

  25. Josh says:

    Hi I’m 5’6″ / 145-150 lb. I ride a B-Custom 148 and I was looking to get something a bit more playful but I didn’t want to give up too much edge hold. I was thinking about the Burton Antler 151.5 or the Villain 150. In your opinion which do you think has better edge hold? I ride mostly east coast but will occasionally travel for pow. Do you suggest I stick with the 147cm or 150cm in the Villain? I wasn’t sure if the 2 cm would make that much difference in control from my 148. This being my first hybrid board I wasn’t sure. If you think that there’s a better deck for all mountain ripping and playing around on please let me know. Thanks in advance and keep up the great reviews.

  26. Longer the edge the more grip and control you get with a board like the Villain. Villain could fit your needs might want to look at the K2 Happy Hour as well.

  27. Josh says:

    Thanks man I appreciate your quick response. I will look into the K2 Happy Hr as well.

  28. Henry says:

    Hi, im about 5,10 and weight around 180 lbs what size would you recomend for this board? the 53 or 58?

  29. Henry unless you’re straight jibbing you probably want to go with the 58.

  30. Chris says:

    I’m 160lbs intermediate all mtn, beginner for park. Im currently on the mod rocker and love it but find it a bit too stiff for jibs, presses etc. and was looking for a dedicated park board to bring around with my mod. I’m looking at the Villain or Sabotage to help me learn/progress in the park for jibs and kickers kinda like slopestyle. I am open to other suggestions but prefer camber or flat or variation of the two. What would you suggest?

  31. Either or honestly. They’ll both get it done.

  32. Chris says:

    What would your choice be between the two and why? I was leaning towards the Sabotage after reading your 2013 review of it but after reading your reviews on both for 2014 villain/sabotage I’m not sure anymore. Thanks again!

  33. Chris says:

    Ok awesome villain it is! For 80% park/goofing around like buttering flats etc. and 20% all-mountain riding should I go with the 153 or 150? I’m 5’9 160lbs.

  34. Jon says:

    Hi, I’m 6’1″ and around 220lbs and UK10/US11 boot. I currently ride a 159 board and I want to scale down to a more playful board that I can press more easily, rotate more easily and pop off natural features on piste. I go in the park quite often but I mostly ride all mountain. I really like the sound of the Villain. At my weight would a 155 wash out at speed? Would a 158 be better for me? What would you suggest. Cheers

  35. You should be on a 58/59.

  36. Drew says:

    Hey Angry,
    I’m 6’1″ and 195 with a size 10.5 thirty-two boot. I’m an intermediate rider who rides mostly all mountain but I’m looking to get more into jibbing and to work on some buttering. My local shop has one of these boards left in a 158w for CHEAP. Think this will work for me?

  37. Definitely will Drew. Swoop it up.

  38. chase says:

    So I have my all mountain/pow slayer locked up(machete GT, know you’re not a fan, dunno why I love it) and I’m having trouble determining what size park board I should go for.
    I’m 175 lbs, have developed some park skills (intermediate-minus?) and have come to the conclusion i enjoy jumps a little more than jibbing, but barely. Like, 60/40 jumps to rails.Seeing as this would be a dedicated park stick, would a 153 be pushing it’s limits on smallishLarge (45-60 ft) jumps?

  39. Do you know how to measure the size of a jump? Because 45 to 60 feet is actually fairly large, like those are what some of the jumps in the Dew Tour are. If you’re really hitting something that big then yes I would say 53 is too small.

  40. chase says:

    Oh lol, I’m terrible at measuring jumps apparently, I thought 80-90ft is what the pros are hitting. Just starting to toy with the idea of hitting the larger jump lines, not quite there yet.. Thanks Budds

  41. juan says:

    what is the best park board you have ever ridden?

  42. mike G says:

    Been following all your comments for months man. Great info keep up the blogging! Well, I have an ultrafear and a machete. Machete is a beast compared to my noodle UF. Question, debating if i should pick up a villain. looking for something to mess around on the ground mostly ground tricks and a few park features. 2nd year boarding so far and i have only done 5-10 foot jumps. Should i bother with a villain? my friend is selling his brand new for cheap. Is it a stiff board, or playful? Can it handle fast speeds on east coast grooms?

    Thanks man!

  43. Save your money and keep riding the UF.

  44. danny says:

    what is the best board
    you have ever ridden for park and at the same time jumps?

  45. JJ says:

    Between the villain & the salomonder? Which is more stable/ poppy & can handle the mountain & park? Know they both have different camber profiles but if you only had one choice which would it be?

  46. That shouldn’t even be a serious question the Villain can handle more than just jibbing and park riding.

  47. JJ says:

    Haha thanks for the reply-This is what I thought!But someone I spoke to said the salomonder was more stable- which didn’t make sense to me! Is the villains flex still fun to jib with? Just want to get it right on my board purchase this year!

  48. JJ says:

    Thanks for the replies! one last question- at 135lbs & 5’4…would I be able to get away with the the 147cm for an all rounder or would the 150cm be better?

  49. Your call I would say 150cm is the better option.

  50. Justin says:

    Im around 200lbs. Looking at the 158wide (13-14 feet), think that it will be stable enough for a do everything in the park board? I honestly don’t know how big the biggest jumps i am hitting are, whatever my resorts build. I have ridden a era 158 before and thought it was great as a do it all board minus cliff drops into powder as it sunk easily. I have bigger boards for pow days. So if its around the flex of the era i would guess it would be fine.

  51. It’s a hair snappier than the Era so I think you’ll be fine.

  52. Justin says:

    Perfect. Thanks for the quick response.

  53. Tarald says:

    Hi, i’m looking to get the villain. I’m 6,4 and 176 lbs. I only do park riding, mostly rails, but i want to be able to jump too. Do you think i should get the 158 og 155?

  54. More focus on jumps go with the 58, more well rounded park riding 55.

  55. Tarald says:

    Ok, thanks! :)

  56. Tarald says:

    My Boot size is 10,5. Should i get the 155 or the 155 wide?

  57. Your call on that.

  58. Tom says:

    Will the regular 158 feel stiffer and harder to press then the GNU park Pickle 159wide?

  59. I don’t know what’s “stiffer” or “harder”.

  60. Tom says:

    Have you ridden the Pickle?

  61. J says:

    Have you ever ridden the Salomon Craft? and how does it compare?

  62. Dave says:

    Hi angry

    Second Board choice Villain or Ultrafear ?? , mainly hitting small jumps , butters and all moutain riding .

    6″ – 220 lbs

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