2014 Rossignol Jibsaw Snowboard Used and Review

Whoever at Rossignol decided to name this board the Jibsaw should probably be fired. Why do I say that? Because the name is super misleading on what this snowboard can actually do. Anyone that has ever used this knows exactly what I’m talking about.

2014 Rossignol Jibsaw Topsheet

Board: Rossignol Jibsaw

Size: 155

Camber Option: Freestyle Amptek. A mix of rocker in the tips and camber underfoot. 60% camber and 40% rocker.

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 175lbs

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny bluebird skies with firmer snow in the morning to heavy slushy snow in the afternoon.

Flex: On the stiffer side for a true twin park board. The tips have a little bit of play at the very ends and start to stiffen up mid way back from the contact points. The middle of the board has a softer flex. The torsional give is about average which helps with carving.

Stability: This board is lively yet stable. Plowing over chop, chunder, and small children was a breeze. At no point did it feel horribly unstable.

Ollies: There is snap in the tips. What is different about this board is the tip profile which makes snap a little delayed with its initiation.

Pop On Jumps: You can send a jump no problem on this board. Small, medium, or large this board is going to charge and boost.

Butterability: The tip profile is so elongated that it changes how you play around. Getting up on the tips takes more effort but once you’re over it you can definitely sit over it and play around.

2014 Rossignol Jibsaw Base

Jibbing: The sweet spot for such an elongated up-kick in the tips is so minimal. For a board with the word jib in the name it takes some work to get the job done.

Carving: Real Magnetraction that isn’t over exaggerated is the best. Adding to their mag with a solid well rounded sidecut you can just carve for days. Getting down low and springing back up to transition over takes minimal effort.

Rider in Mind: The high end freestyle guy that will send big jumps, hit longer jibs, and charge the whole mountain.

Personal Thoughts: If companies would stop putting the word Jib in the name of boards like this it would do a huge service to the consumer. This is not merely a jib board it is a high powered freestyle weapon. It’s edge hold and camber under foot let you snap hard out of turns and off lips. What this reminds me of is the Burton Sherlock especially with the tip profile.

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Disclaimer: This board was sent to us for review by the Rossignol Snowboards marketing department.

Causes controversy!

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  1. Dj says:

    Any thoughts on differences between the 2014s and the 2013 model?

  2. Never rode that model.

  3. Jerome Kuntz says:

    there was no change from 13 to 14 other than a great new graphic.
    It is worth mentioning the flex changes slightly with the board size
    153: park
    155: all- around freestyle
    157: pipe
    159: freeriding

    the 53 jibs noticeably easier than the 55 but you are right jib doesn’t really belong in the name
    my favorite deck for everything at higher speeds!

  4. feonicamartinez says:

    I heard that Rossignol is also great to use, but never tried it personally. Any suggestions that would agree on what i heard?

  5. Greg says:

    Got a review on the Rossi Angus and/or One comin up? Would love some perspective how these 3 boards perform comparitively.

  6. Pretty much rode the whole Rossi line this year.

  7. Jschoef says:

    I just bought the Angus Amptek but I am wondering if I should return it for the Jibsaw because of the magnatraction. I live in NH where is it usually hardpack and icy and I am an All Mountain Rider. I do not hit the pipe, rails, etc. I do hit a jump every once in a while and trees. Any thoughts on which one is better for me would be great.

    I coming off an old Burton Balance circa 2002 which I believe is stiff.

  8. I think you’ll be fine with the Angus.

  9. Jschoef says:

    Thanks for the reply. So is the magtek not a big deal? I am going to have this board for 10 years most likely.

  10. Jschoef says:

    I could get the Templar too…so it’s Angus vs Jibsaw vs Templar.
    Thanks Again.

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  12. Joe Parker says:

    For someone 5’8 155LBS size 8.5 boots All mountain Freestyle rider doing more buttering around the mountain than park jibbing (25% park), what size do you recommend. The 153 or 155cm. Thanks

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