2014 MarHar Throwback Snowboard Used and Reviewed

The final award winner for our Best Good Platinum Wood Test Award Picks comes straight out of Michigan from a little brand that’s slowly gaining recognition. The Throwback’s name might throw you off but it is a true all park slayer do it all deck. After a reign of two years the Arbor Blacklist has lost out to relative newcomer MarHar and their Throwback. Read the review below to understand why.


Board: MarHar Throwback

Size: 154

Camber Option: Rocker Stache. Full center reverse camber.

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 175lbs

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny bluebird skies, that cool crisp bite in the air, and some moderate winds.

Flex: Softer in the tips stiffening up between the feet with a fair amount of torsional give. Over all this is a solid middle of the road all mountain freestyle flex.

Stability: The carbon web in this board helps with some of the chatter typically associated with center reverse cambered decks. Plowing through push mounds and over ruts of death I was not bucked around at all. The board is stable yet lively which doesn’t make for a dead damp ride.

Ollies: If you want pop from a board with reverse camber you have to add things to it like carbon or bamboo. In MarHars case they added both and it pays off. Setting up for an ollie off a roller is easy as it is very skate inspired.

Pop On Jumps: Going into a jump isn’t an issue as the board just wants to be in the air. Hit the end of the lip, snap, and prepare yourself for some air time.

Butterability: The softer blunt shaped tips let you lock into presses and play around. There’s a perfect sweet spot outside the insert pack that just wants to be bent to whatever angle your heart desires.

2014 MarHar Throwback Base

Jibbing: The blunt shape gives a great flat spot for presses and when you lock in you just glide. Between the feet this board slides perfectly and doesn’t have anything to fear in terms of edge lock ups.

Carving: The Attack Arc side cut gives micro contact points under foot. This allows for better edge control under foot which is usually washy on a center reverse cambered deck. I spent most of the day just laying hard carves around the park seeing how deep I could go. For those that have ridden Arbors Griptech it’s a very similar concept.

Rider in Mind: Someone that wants reverse camber they can carve with while still being able to play around in the park or charge the mountain.

Personal Thoughts: Take everything I said about the 2013 model and flip it. The tweaks to this boards sidecut, flex pattern, weight, and tip shape are absolutely amazing. This board hauls ass in a carve without feeling like it was going to wash out, can go into a jib and press, and still hit a jump. This board is the culmination of some advances in technology, geometries, and materials. When it comes to American made product I’m not going to lie that I’m one of the harshest critics as there’s a ton of crap on the market that slaps the good ole U.S.A. made label on it to sell product. This is not one of those decks, this could single handily be one of the best built boards from this country I have ever ridden.

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Disclaimer: This board was loaned to us for review from MarHar Snowboards marketing department.


  1. Thom Dawson says:

    Wow, what a turn around from last years’ board! Now to try and get one to the UK.

  2. e says:

    Buy direct from them

  3. Kurt says:

    How does the boards stiffness compare to the Blacklist? The website lists it as more of a stiff/charging board..

  4. Kurt says:

    What’s the stiffness like compared to a Blacklist? Their site lists it as a more stiff/charging deck?

  5. Similar flex but more snap due to the carbon web.

  6. C.Homps says:

    Beautiful looking board! Love the graphics! Not being a Park rider, I haven’t really considered a full rocker deck, but this review has me giving it some serious thought!

  7. Lukass says:

    I have the westmark and love it but I’m always looking for for something new. What would you say the major differences between the 2 are? What most would make you want to buy the Marhar?

  8. The carbon layup is so different it changes all characteristics of the flex pattern. If you love snap this would be the main reason to look at the MarHar over the Westmark.

  9. Lukass says:


  10. Ben says:

    I wear a size 12 boot. If I go with this board in 158 will the regular width work for me or should I go wide?

  11. David Z says:

    @Ben I have the 158 with size 11 boots, no trouble with it at all. With size 12 boots… hmmm the wide is a lot wider at 260mm. If you normally ride wides I’d say probably go with the wide, but if you can make a normal width board work for you then you might be OK with the regular 158. For what it’s worth Josh from Marhar actually wears a size 13 I think and he used to ride their regular width Throwdown (discontinued I think) with a waist measurement of 250mm. If you drop them a message on FB or whatever they can probably make a suggestion for you.

  12. Chris says:

    Sent you guys an Email.
    What would your deck of choice be for just trying to have fun all over the mountain.
    K2 Raygun

  13. Bob says:

    How would the Marhar compare to the Uberspoon as a quiver board?

    I currently have the Westmark and l am looking for something that is still playful but a little better at going just a tad bit faster.

    Would you recommend Marhar or something else for me?

  14. The Uber Spoon shape is the biggest difference. You have a more spooned out elongated tip that helps in butter/slush vs a blunted out shape that is designed for landing in presses. If you want a stiffer Westmark this is the board in my opinion.

  15. My choice isn’t the same as your choice.

  16. Bob says:


    Since the Marhar is stiffer than the Westmark, would you also say its less playful?

  17. Steve says:

    This is looking really tempting, I especially love the 60s look. I must admit I have never ridden a full rocker board, the nearest I have come is the Rome Agent Rocker.

    a couple of questions:
    How good is this board in powder? How does it compare with Jones Mountain Twin for both switching between the conditions?
    With the bamboo stringers does it have a similar ride to the Salomon Grip?
    Flat basing and straight lining is it as loose as the Rome Agent Rocker?

  18. Ashbey says:

    How would you say the Marhar compares to the Ride Machete?

  19. Completely different board as it has a different camber profile and flex pattern. It’s far more lively and playful.

  20. paul says:

    Would you rather have a 54 or 56 if I am 40% park 60% mtn. Cause it is down to this or the villian for me as my blacklist is no more.

  21. 56 for those percentages.

  22. mplatt says:

    Hey, I am looking for a board that performs well in trees, moguls, and powder. I already have a board for the days when there is no new snow so everything is firm but I need something with float. Would you suggest this, the Marhar Archaic, or the Nitro Uberspoon? Or is there some other board I should go with. I would look into a NS Cobra but I hate to drink the kool aid. Thanks!

  23. Salomon Powder Snake Dirksen if you want a short little pow stick that can rip trees. The K2 Ultradream is a straight pow destroyer and a personal favorite. The Uberspoon has a better shape for powder, but the two you’re talking about are more all mountain versatile and less pow-centric which it seems is what you want.

  24. mplatt says:

    Honestly I live in Nebraska but I typically have 20+ days in Colorado. I usually only ride moguls and trees. Right now I have a Ride Machete that I use for that purpose, but after this previous trip where Colorado got pounded almost every day I kinda realized that I need to get a board that is better in powder. Especially after I moved my bindings all the way back and I was still getting ridiculous amounts of leg burn. So should I get a board that is better in powder but still all mountain or should I just get a straight powder board? Thanks for the help.

  25. Sounds like you just want a straight pow board for those trips to CO as you already have a deck for everything else. I will agree the Machete is le suck for pow riding and an over marketed under producing deck.

  26. Zach says:

    Curious on your opinion. I am an all mountain rider and i like to play in the park, about 50mtn/50park. I have really been looking at the blacklist and wanted to know how the throwback and blacklist compare.

  27. Throwback blows it out of the water.

  28. Bob says:


    I just picked up the Throwback and have a quick question for you. I got a chance to take it out for just a quick lap, and I found that it couldnt quite lay a carve like my old Westmark. I talked to Josh at Marhar prior to receiving the board and he told me I had to detune the side and base bevel as they were quite sharp.

    Did you sharpen or bevel the edges prior to taking the Marhar out?

  29. I never touch any of the boards we test, straight out of the wrapper, mount it up, straight to the snow.

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