2014 Launch Vice RC Snowboard Used and Reviewed

It’s always a treat to be able to compare the cambered and reverse cambered versions of a board. Launch Snowboards was kind enough to send us the Vice in both profiles for 2014. Here is what Zara thought of the full reverse version.

2014 Launch Vice RC Topsheet

Board: Launch Vice Reverse

Size: 148

Camber Option: Full reverse

Bindings: Salomon Absolute Pure

Stance: 21 Inches Wide 15 Negative 15 Regular

Boots: Salomon Kianna Size 6

My Weight: 148

Resort: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Grey bird, slush, ice, flurries.

Flex: A middle of the road all mountain freestyle flex.

Stability: For being reverse camber this board was surprisingly stable through the varying conditions.

Ollies: I had a lot of fun popping ollies on this board as it just rolled into the tail and snapped.

Pop On Jumps: This will be the first time I say that a reverse camber board was better hitting jumps than its camber counter part.

Butterability: Compared to its cambered counterpart this board was far easier to butter. The blunt shape was a lot of fun when pressing around on the snow.

2014 Launch Vice RC Base

Jibbing: The flex pattern works much better with the reverse cambered profile which makes it a bit more supple and responsive on features. Don’t think of it as a cheater reverse camber but one that just makes you work a little less than its cambered sister.

Carving: Not terrible for a full reverse. A little bit squirrelly on the steeper areas. Was really fun playing in the slush bumps. The flex allowed for decent response.

Rider in Mind: If the cambered version was the meat and potatoes, this one could be the fillet and sweet potatoes. Just a bit more poppy but still straight forward.

Personal Thoughts: Again, just like the cambered sister I was happy with this board, actually even a bit more so. I would have to say I rate this one above the cambered version.

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Disclaimer: This board was loaned to us for product review from Launch Snowboards marketing department.

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  1. eatridesleep says:

    Had the pleasure of demoing this board recently (also in the 148).

    Zara’s review is spot on. I’d read it back in the summer thus forgot all except that she rated the RC above the camber version (forgot due to my memory, not Zara’s review style!).

    Super fun board for sure. Stability in varying conditions, ollie popping fun, and the blunted tips made for buttery invitations. Really liked this board; thanks to Zara for a solid and accurate review!

  2. […] Haven't been on the C3BTX B Pro but have the C2BTX version. It's poppy enough for me and stable on landing the smaller stuff I do. Fun in the trees. It is on the stiffer side so it likes speed; however, when conditions are choppy I'll switch to my other (softer) board. Otherwise I'm fighting to not get tossed (east coast conditions). Demoed a board recently that you may want to consider, the Launch Vice RC. This board was super fun; I really liked it. In uneven terrain where I'd want to dial it back with the B Pro, the Vice was pushable and stable. Did not take it into the trees as there are no glades at that hill, but it was fun through the bumps. I'm 120lbs and rode the 148 (the rep said ideally he'd put me on one size down from the 48). Here's an excellent review 2014 Launch Vice RC Snowboard Used and Reviewed « […]

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