2014 K2 Raygun Snowboard Used and Reviewed

There’s a lot of factors to look at when seeing what board will be the all mountain king. Can it jib, can it jump, can it carve, how about ride through chopped out terrain, and so forth. The 2014 K2 Raygun is one of those snowboards that can do it all and caters to a wide array of rider abilities. Here’s what we had to say about it.

ray gun

Board: K2 Raygun

Size: 156

Camber Option: All Terrain Rocker. 70% flat 30% rocker.

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 175lbs

Resort: Arapahoe Basin

Conditions: Powder fresh powder. About a foot of fresh snow with bluebird skies and colder temps for most of the day. There was some fresh corduroy as well.

Flex: This is one of those all mountain decks with that standard all mountain flex. That means it’s softer at the ends of the tips, stiffens up as it gets closer to the insert pack, and then softens up between the feet. There’s a fair amount of torsional flex.

Stability: There are more stable boards in the K2 line but this one still gets the job done. Really rutted out terrain does give it a bit of a challenge and it can wash out. But over all this board is smooth when going through the many varying transitions in the snow.

Ollies: The rocker shape of this board gives it a skate-styled pop which makes for an easy snap off natural features and rollers. If you know how to snap a deck you can really get this one to boost hard and high or you can be lazy and just be mellow with the pop.

Pop On Jumps: Sending some natural hips this board just wanted to pop high and send it. Going through what little park the Basin has and making due with a bonk that doubles as a jump you can feel how this board absorbs the transition and hits the lip.

Butterability: The softer flex in the tips coupled with the rocker blends together to make for an easier pressing board. This makes butters come with ease.

2014 K2 Raygun Base

Jibbing: Well with rocker you can really lean into presses so that comes with ease. The flex of this board actually makes jibbing easy. Over all this board can slide a rail or box.

Carving: The sidecut is enough to dig in and hold on but not lay a really aggressive trench in the snow.

Rider in Mind: All mountain rider that does a mix of it all from beginner to advanced.

Personal Thoughts: I’ve always liked the shape of this board and how versatile it is. When a company can make a board that a beginner can ride but still feel solid for an advanced rider they’ve done something right. This is that board. Whether I was launching cornices, blasting pow, or sliding a rail this board did it all with ease and just wanted to do more.

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Disclaimer: This board was loaned to us for review from the K2 Snowboards Rockies Rep

Causes controversy!

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  1. Thom Dawson says:

    So is this what has beaten the Blacklist? Really like the fact that you have included newer riders needs in the review and given a broader look at who this board might suit.
    I just can’t believe that it’s better than a Blacklist for a more advanced rider? But, if you say it’s so, I will believe you. And probably have to buy one.

  2. Blacklist isn’t an all mountain board it’s a high end park board. Tomorrow reveals the board that replaced the Blacklist.

  3. Thom Dawson says:

    Alright terminology nazi, cool it!
    All mountain, high end park, cheese…whichever one is the one that is the board that replaces the blacklist that’s what I’m on about.
    Looking forward to it, I appreciate all your reviews so its gonna be interesting to see what is better than a blacklist!

  4. e says:

    I’ll put all of Kevin’s money on a Marhar to take the prize of replacing the Blacklist

  5. Jdang307 says:

    Can’t wait to start seeing Best Good Platinum Wood stickers on boards at Sports Chalet next to Shred Cred stickers.

  6. Handsomehwang says:

    I keep hearing the turbo dream is a better raygun. Is it worth the extra bucks?

  7. Pretty much its a stiffer more aggressive Raygun. If you need something more definitely worth it.

  8. Handsomehwang says:

    Gotcha. So better for charging but I take it it’s less playful therefore the raygun is more your type of board so it gets the award. Congrats on being the most honest site for 5 years.

  9. It’s just a different board and rides different due to the dampening.

  10. Andreas says:

    Hallo… I’m between this board and the Ride Buckwild 2013 .. what board should I take???? Intermediate Rider… Thanks!!!

  11. Callum says:

    Hello. Raygun, Machete, Yes Basic or Greats?? If you had to pick two. Early Intermediate rider. More freeride than freestyle. Thanks.

  12. Sam says:

    Hi – appreciate your comments on a board decision. The lib tech t rice c2x has been recommended, also jones flagship and this k2 review sounds decent. I’ve been riding camber but want to check out a rocker combo.

  13. The flex patterns of all three of those boards are different as well as the camber profiles. The Raygun is flat to rocker.

  14. Sam says:

    Oops thats true flat and rocker may be too flexible for me. I guess I’m after advice re the lib tech and the jones or other suggestion you may have. I like the Jones for the rocker at nose and tail for float in powder but also want to carve, which is where the lib tech looks good but the serrated edge and rocker between the feet sounds slippy on hard surfaces.

  15. Saad NW says:

    This is a great review. I’m choosing between this year’s Raygun and the Yes Jackpot from last year, intermediate at best but wants to progress on a board for at least another year. Love natural hits and with occasional features. Northwest snow… Thanks in advance!

  16. Saad NW says:

    Forgot my binding setup (Union Ruf’sContact Pro 2013)

  17. You want the Raygun then.

  18. Steve says:

    Heya, how does this compare to the Nitro Uberspoon in terms of flex and flow?

    Actually your thoughts would be good on a board for a trip to Jackson Hole. I am look for something to take with me for a once in a lifetime experience to Jackson Hole. Unfortunately, I can only buy the one board so I need something that will do it all there and be good for trips in Europe. Any thoughts?

  19. Get the Uberspoon if you’re going to Jackson and you have to choose just between these two.

  20. Steve says:

    Just out of interest, if I didn’t have to choose between these two? What would you say?

  21. I think the Uberspoon is definitely in there but I would also look at the Arbor Coda, if you want to go a lot more powder focuses the K2 Ultradream, and just for good measure check out something like the Rossi One Magtek.

  22. Shevy says:

    How do you feel this compares to the Rossi Templar? I’m an intermediate rider and I usually just carve down the hills and rarely hit the park. Which would you put on top?

  23. There’s a reason this one won an award.

  24. Steve says:

    Reading your review it sounds like if i want to keep some playfulness in the board and the Rossi is not the best choice. Also I want something all mountain so the ultra dream is probably out.

    Uber vs the coda, having never ridden a full rocker, what are the key differences?

    Also sound like you dig the uber, why did it loose out to the gun for the best all mountain board?

  25. Because the Raygun is more versatile.

    The biggest differences you’ll notice on the Coda is that with their System reverse camber you steer underfoot instead of at the contact points, easier float in pow, and more playful on groomers.

  26. Steve says:

    What do you loose getting a the Uberspoon over a Raygun?

    Of the three, coda vs raygun vs Spoon, which is most likely to hold a carve on hard pack?

  27. KC says:

    K2 Raygun or last yr yes jackpot?

    Ride in the Icy east coasts

  28. Steve says:

    One thing occured to me, the Uberspoon seems very similar to the Salomon Grip. I owned a Grip, best board I ever had except in hard conditions, would love to have it for Jackson Hole. I think that might be why I am interested in the spoon. How does the spoon compare in terms of an all round ride?

    From a pow + freestyle perspective and Jackson Hole, is closer the Salomon Assassin even worth comparing to the Spoon?

  29. If you have to choose those two get the Raygun.

    Steve the Spoon has a more traditional camber. That right there should be the answer you’re looking for.

  30. Josh says:

    How does this compare to last year’s model?

  31. Steve says:

    Hi thanks . I really appreciate your help and feedback both now and before. Way back when it was your help that directed me to the grip so I am stoked to be going on that path again.

  32. Nothing has really changed.

  33. Tre says:

    How’s this compare to the 2012/13? I think I can still find some of last year’s model in stock online, for a lot cheaper. Is there a any noticeable difference besides the graphics?

  34. Tre if you can save money just get it.

  35. Mike says:

    I’m a newb, riding three years on a lib Phoenix 160. Been looking to get something easier to ride, not so aggressive. How does ray gun compare? Store man says ray gun 156 is a better board to hone skills, and feels lib is too technical maybe. I find lib hard to really carve on tight lies, but maybe I need lessons haha

  36. You basically tried to learn how to ride on a Ferrari and instead should have learned with something else. Get the Raygun, go ride, learn, have fun and enjoy.

  37. Raymond says:

    Hi – I am looking at Raygun. I currently have a 2008 Ride Havoc (159) that I have had for years. I’m an intermediate moving towards advanced rider (14 years boarding) – do most of my riding in CO and Utah – love grooving through the trees, bombing groomers, hitting jumps when I can…don’t spend very much time in the Park. My weight fluctuates but I am about 205 lbs. I can get the Raygun in 159 for about $310…but am considering the 161 – However, the cost would be $50 more for the 161 – is the Raygun for me? and is it worth it to spend he extra $50 for the 161?

  38. That’s a personal preference question only you can answer. Do you go longer for more speed/float or go with the size you know.

  39. Raymond says:

    The 2013 is $100 cheaper than the 2014. Is there any difference at all? I’m going from a 9 flex to a 5 which should be less stable, right? If so, would the 161 offset the lower flex a little at higher speeds?

  40. Nothing changed. Flex ratings are a joke it’s a bunch of guys sitting in a marketing office going “we’ll tell them it has this flex, they won’t know”.

  41. Robert says:

    Just out of curiosity. How would you rate the Rossignol Templar in comparison to the K2 Raygun?

  42. It’s not a bad choice.

  43. chrisp says:

    raygun or captia DOA??? intermediate rider, do more freeride than anything else, but also hit the parks about 10% of the day…

  44. Haven’t ridden a DOA so can’t really comment. But the Raygun is solid for what you’re looking to do.

  45. Dutchy says:

    Dude, why did you try a 156 board if you are 175lbs ?
    The size chart shows in your weight range a size of 164?

  46. 156 Raygun weight range as per the K2 Snowboarding website. 130lbs to 210lbs. Puts me right in the middle of it.

  47. Tommy Veator says:

    I trying to decide between this board(K2 rayGun) and the Rome tour (156cm). I am 45, and have been riding about 12 years, but living in Georgia I usually make it to CO about twice a year. I ride mostly blues, a few blacks, love powder, and don’t really hit the parks. Thanks for any insight

  48. Just get the Raygun you’ll be happy.

  49. Brian K says:

    I’m 6’1″ and about 195-200 with gear on. According to the size charts I’ve looked at I should be on a 164 wide. I’m a beginner, and I like to just freeride, not ready for the park. I want a board I can grow with for the foreseeable future. Is the Raygun the one for me? Thanks.

  50. Kenny D says:

    I’m 5’11” about 205lbs. I’m riding an older Ride Machete right now with Burton Cartels and K2 Darko boots. I’m pretty sure it’s all 2011 model stuff. I was thinking about getting new stuff. I’m probably an early intermediate boarder. I don’t spend much time in the park. I like speed, and I like hitting small jumps here and there. I’m in Michigan so I don’t have much to ride compared to the great west but it’s better than nothing. Since the equipment I have right now is the first set-up I’ve ever had, I don’t really have anything to compare to. I was looking at this Raygun and checking out your boots and bindings as well. If I were to get this board, should I get the boots and bindings you use as well? What are your suggestions? I think I want to stick to an all mountain board still but like I said previously, I don’t know anything else except my Machete.

  51. Joc. says:

    Hey man. I spent last year working on a mountain in NZ. First season and I fell inlove with snowboarding. Unfortunately dont get a lot of powder but am very keen to get this as my first board. Id say I’m an intermediate rider. I know I like a 159cm. I am a female and have Burton Emerald size 9 1/2 boots.. My question to you is, does it matter having female boots, riding a male board? And which bindings would you recommend for this set up? Appreciate any thoughts you might have on this :) cheers bro!

  52. If you think you can handle a guys board go for it. Just take into account that a women’s boot is smaller than a guys which will give you more surface area and change how you drive the board from edge to edge. I’d recommend a binding that fits your boot and style of riding.

  53. The best boot is the one that fits your foot and your needs. Get what YOU want not what someone else uses. This board will be softer than your Machete and more playful. It’s an entirely different board in my opinion. As far as bindings go you can get the ones I use it’s not a bad binding. But honestly do you need a new set up? Or are you just wishing you had a new set up?

  54. Joc. says:

    That was supposed to be *157cm.
    Also, ive seen the same board available but a wider version, is this for ppl with larger feet or..?

  55. Correct. You do not need that.

  56. Kenny D says:

    Haha, I guess I’m wishing I had a new set-up. The allure of new equipment is intense lol. Maybe I’ll just stick with my stuff for a while longer. Get better with what I’ve got, save some cash for when I really need new stuff. I really appreciate your feedback man, thanks a lot. Love the site, keep it up, it’s great.

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  58. brad says:

    Hi, i’m unsure which size raygun to purchase. I’m 200 pounds minus gear, 5 ft 10 in height. Have large bindings and size 10 us boot. Do I have to get a wide and how does that effect the ride? I’m begginer to intermediate. Ride mostly groomers and fresh when I can find it. Cheers

  59. I would get the 59 and you don’t need a wide.

  60. Kevin H says:

    Hi, I am an intermediate rider and I was looking for a board that can ride with me for the next two years. Someone recommend me the Ride machete GT but rayrun’s review is really good. Which one would you recommend? thanks

  61. Kevin H says:

    Also I’m 5″6 and around 145 pounds. Will 153 be too short for me or should I get the 156 one? I found a good deal but they only have 153. Thanks

  62. Get that 53 Raygun you’ll enjoy it.

  63. Kevin H says:

    Hi its me again. Right now I found two deal. One is 2013 Raygun 53 for $215 and the other one is 2014 Machete 52 for $278. Both are really good deal and I cant really made my decision. I spend most of my time on groom run and I just start doing black runs. Thanks a lot.

  64. Kevin H says:

    Oops I’m sorry the raygun should be 56 not 53. thanks

  65. Antonio G says:

    I’m 42, intermediate, with 10 snowboarding days two seasons), coming from surfing, windsurfing and now mostly kitesurfing background, i’m progressing very fast.
    I’m 5’6 ( 1.68m ) and 140 lb ( 63,5 Kg ), learned and used to the classic Burton clash with 154.
    Should I go with the 150 raygun or the 153?
    If you say the 153 is there any difference between the 13 and the 2014?
    and still if you say the 153 should I go with the K2 subculture instead ?

  66. Get the 53, 13 version, and ignore the Subculture.

  67. Antonio G says:

    53 14 or 50 13? ( can’t find 53 13 after all)

  68. 53 is the size you need.

  69. gonzalo says:

    hi, I am an intermidiate all mountain rider who just will buy one board. I need to decide between the GNU carbon credit BTX 2014 and the raygun. I like riding fast on groomers but i think this season (im from Chile and the season starts in a couple weeks) i will decide if i prefer frestyle or freeride. I want to buy a versatile snowboard but I like the GNU tech. Do you think it is worth the extra bucks the carbon credit or in my place would you just go raygun?? Be agressive with your answer and sorry for my english.Thanks

  70. They’re both going to be fine.

  71. WeeN says:

    Hi. I’m an beginner-intermediate rider who mainly sticks to greens and blues but would like to try out the park once I get better. I can get a barely used 2012 Rome Agent Rocker for the same price as a new K2 Raygun. I’m in northern California and I’ve heard there’s good powder, though I have yet to see it with all the hard packed snow/ice this year. Using Burton Cartels bindings. Recommendations? Thanks!

  72. New is better than “barely” used.

  73. […] 2014 K2 Raygun Snowboard Used and Reviewed « I bought one this year and love it. I actually bought 2. I used the 161 in Colorado this spring on a few fresh powder days and rode the 156 on a bunch of shitty Indiana days. I don't feel like I'm good enough to explain all the nuances like BA does, but I did like how the boards performed. […]

  74. Happy Snowboarder says:

    Hi there angrysnowboarder,
    may as well ask you for some advice as well :)

    trying to decide between yes basic and the raygun. I’m a beginner, looking for an all-rounder board but not so concerned with the park and would like the board to last me a while. I like speed, but I’m not quite good enough yet to go down fast. Which board out of the 2 would you recommend? Is the camber between the feet on the Basic going to be hard to manage for a beginner?

  75. Just get the Raygun.

  76. brguedes says:

    K2 Raygun vs Burton Process which one you prefer?

  77. Never ridden the Process, but pretty sure it’s a completely different board than the Raygun.

  78. Matt808 says:

    Hey Angry…your review was a great help in deciding on the Raygun. Like many others, I’m looking for some sizing advice. I’m beginning-intermediate, 5’8″ 175lbs with a 9.5 boot. 156 or 159? Thanks!

  79. If doing all mountain FREESTYLE go 56 if doing all mountain FREERIDE go 59.

  80. Matt807 says:

    Thanks very much! I’m looking to freeride, so I’m going with the 59. Mahalo!

  81. Matt808 says:

    By the way, any suggestions on bindings?

  82. roll says:

    hi there i am 5’8 and 165 lbs looking to do more freeride,,,what size should i get? thanks

  83. roll says:

    cool,i found a 157 wide, it that gonna be ok?

  84. RichieJr says:

    Hi Angrysnowboarder,

    Sorry to ask for even more advice from you but you seem to be pretty good at it!

    I’ve done about 11 days riding across 2 week-long holidays. Rented gear both times but now looking for my own setup. Last trip I did intermediate lessons, reasonably comfortable with reds, done 1 black but it wasn’t the cleanest. I’m looking for a great all-rounder to use for the next couple of years that is going to be good from a beginner-intermediate standpoint, but not going to hold me back if I progress quickly. More black runs and a tiny bit of park fun planned (smaller jumps for now).

    I’m 6ft3 tall, UK boot size 12, 12.5 stone weight (175lb). I was thinking a 159 or 161 Raygun based off this review, ideally try and find a wide version as probably better for my boot size. Does this sound reasonable or should I be looking at something else entirely? Wide or not? And any suggestions on bindings would be fantastic too.

    Thanks! Lots of questions I know.

  85. RichieJr says:

    And of course powder too, who could say no? :)

  86. Get the wide. 59 if you want more play, 61 if you want more charge and float. This is the perfect board for the level you’re at.

  87. Jeremy says:

    I currently have a 2012 slayblade. Like the board but looking to upgrade. Got a really good deal on the 14 raygun. I ride out west for about 10-12 days. Dont do park but love trees, groomers, and pow when available. Should i stick with the slayblade or do the raygun. The raygun has the rocker in the tip and tail that I was hoping would give me more float in pow. Advanced rider for about 20 years. Appreaciate your feed back

  88. Raygun is a lot softer than the Slayblade and has a more mellow sidecut and over all ride.

  89. Joshua Rice says:

    Hey AS, I am an intermediate rider looking for a good board to advance on. I ride at the CO resorts and really like going fast and hitting small-ish ramps.

    I really like your review for the Raygun, but want to know if being extruded or sintered matters to you in this board. I am looking at a Flow Quantum 2014, Rome Reverb 2014 (both of them sintered) or perhaps trying the K2 after your good review at abay.


  90. The Quantum will be too much board for you. Sintered, extruded who cares. 99.8% of all people will never notice the fraction of a millisecond of speed loss that they get from an extruded base. If you’re really worried about it get the base stone ground with an appropriate structure for the snow conditions.

  91. Jaydeer says:


    Im pretty much into the Raygun (Probably even the 2015 edition ) after reading your review and comments above. Only issue left is the size of the board (again). This is my first board and Im 6ft and 185lbs – no gear and wearing DC Phase ’15 boots in size US 10.5 (29cm). Would prefer an all mountain ‘freestyle’ board so i’d go best with the 156 I think? Although waist width is about 24.9 wich will be pretty small for US 10.5 I think? The 156 is about 120$ cheaper than the 157W ( different webshops ). Would you still recommend the 157W? ( or even the 159 / 159W? ).

  92. Jaydeer says:


    Im pretty much into the Raygun (Probably even the 2015 edition ) after reading your review and comments above. Only issue left is the size of the board (again). This is my first board and Im 6ft and 185lbs – no gear and wearing DC Phase ’15 boots in size US 10.5 (29cm). Would prefer an all mountain ‘freestyle’ board so i’d go best with the 156 I think? Although waist width is about 24.9 wich will be pretty small for US 10.5 i think? The 156 is about 120$ cheaper than the 157W ( different webshops ). Would you still recommend the 157W ( or even the 159 / 159W? ).

  93. Do you mount your bindings in the dead center of the board? Didn’t think so, you’ll be fine on a 56.

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  95. Roman says:

    Hi, I read some reviews, can you please help me to decide.
    Is this board fits me? I am: 6.26 ft (191 cm); 210 lbs (without gear)
    164W fits me, or to small?

  96. Roman says:

    P.S. This is my first board, I’m more in to All-Mountain/freeride
    Maybe you can suggest any other board to check.

  97. Do you have a big boot and need a wide?

  98. Roman says:

    My boots are:
    K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots 2015
    size 11.5

  99. Roman says:

    I just think, that 161 might be to short for me

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