2014 Arbor Swoon Snowboard Used and Reviewed

Arbor is one of those brands that has found a way to reinvent itself and grow its legacy in the snowboard world. The Arbor Swoon mixes the classic nature Arbor is known for while bringing the latest technology to the forefront. This is what our resident tester Zara had to say about this female specific deck.

2014 Arbor Swoon Topsheet

Board: Arbor Swoon

Size: 147

Camber Option: The System. A full center reverse camber.

Bindings: Salomon Absolute Pure

Stance: 21 inches wide 15 negative 15 regular

Boots: Salomon Kianna size 6

My Weight: 148lbs

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: It was puking snow on and off all day with that typical light Colorado snowfall. The winds were minimal which just added to its majesty.

Flex: This is one of those middle of the road flexes that lets you charge or keep it mellow and play around.

Stability: After the snow got rutted out this board had no problem going over all the moguls that sprung up. In fact all day I never noticed an issue with it being unstable over the varying terrain we hit.

Ollies: The center reverse camber really let you get skateboard style pop out of the tail. This was so much fun popping off powdery moguls.

Pop On Jumps: No true jumps were hit as we were having a celebration of powder.

Butterability: Having a center reverse camber to this board really made it playful for buttering around. Leaning back in the pow and just playing around was so easy and fun.

2014 Arbor Swoon Base

Jibbing: No jibbing took place, due to the powder like conditions.

Carving: Took a few laps to get used to the reverse feeling of carving especially in the pow conditions. Once it was mastered the torque really allowed for a full body all mountain carve on the few groomers I got on.

Rider in Mind: All mountain rider, with a powder hound mind. Someone who wants to ride trees and steeps as opposed to speed and jibbing.

Personal Thoughts: As a more hybrid camber oriented rider, I was surprised by the overall feel and ease of tree riding on this board. This deck allowed me to get the full carve and speed flex ideal for powder or groomer riding. In the trees it could get tight and need quick turning, this board allowed for just that with fast thought translation. This has a shape and camber profile that eases the ache of a powder leg.

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Disclaimer: This board was loaned to us for review from the Arbor Snowboards marketing department.

Note: This board was built at the Elan Factory before they switched to the one in Dubai.


  1. Jayde says:

    Okay so im 17 and need a new board. Ive always borrowed boards from friends and Im asking one for christmas, this board really stood out to me. Im not the most experienced boarder as I only go up a few times but one day on the mountain and im good after that. Im moving soon for college and im going to be surrounded by resorts so I will be able to go almost every weekend. Im 5’7.5″ and weigh 123 pounds, should I go for a 143 or 147? And do you think this is a good board for someone who just loves riding on everyday terrain? I live in montana and the snow we have right now is rediculous, I just need a proffesional opinion.

  2. I would go with the 47 since you’re in Montana. But it might be worth your while to look at the Cadence instead since the conditions up there can be a bit more demanding and it looks like they’re getting some good snow.

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  4. Hollis says:

    Hey. Rad review.
    I ride a push 151, I’m 5′ 6″ and 111, and I live on the Western Slope in CO.
    I get about 50 year these days, and like the trees best.



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