2014 Arbor Cadence Snowboard Used and Reviewed

The Cadence is that snowboard from Arbor that women can take anywhere and over anything. With the resurgence of winter and the fact we finally got some powder Zara was able to take it all over Breckenridge and put it through its paces.

2014 Arbor Cadence Topsheet

Board: Arbor Cadence

Size: 149

Camber Option: The System. A full center reverse camber.

Bindings: Salomon Absolute Pures

Stance: 21 inches wide 15 negative 15 regular.

Boots: Salomon Kiannas

My Weight: 148

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Mother nature was making up for last season by giving us more and more powder days for snowboarding. So it was that typical light fluffy Colorado powder that everyone loves.

Flex: This board is slightly softer than middle of the road which still makes it versatile for all mountain riding but remains playful for when you get into a freestyle situation.

Stability: There was never a point in the day riding the fresh powder, rutted powder, or trees where it felt unstable. This board just wants to cruise.

Ollies: It’s not the most poppy board I’ve ever been on but it is still decent which made it fun.

Pop On Jumps: Sometimes with reverse camber you lose a little bit of pop on a jump, but this isn’t the case with their System. It just did the job really easily.

Butterability: From someone who rides hybrids and will always be a camber kid, I have to admit the butterability of this full reverse offered was spectacular. All I had to do was think butter and the deck melted under my feet as I got up on the tips and played around.

2014 Arbor Cadence Base

Jibbing: As it was a snowy blizzard day, we spent most of it in the trees between peak 9 and 10. (It would seem that all my days at Breckenridge have been snowy recently). Several features were hit in Park Lane but nothing big, but what was hit I was able to press easy enough and my edges never hooked up.

Carving: Fun turns in the snow. I’d have to say with the reverse cambered shape that at high speeds it would tend to be a bit squirrely. Under the conditions ridden, really fun, but no mocking down the trail was sought after. This isn’t the board I’d want to break the sound barrier on anyway.

Rider in Mind: The all mountain rider who wants to get after it in the trees. The flex pattern and smiley reverse shape allow for quick reaction to trees (after all, trees don’t move). The floating ability upon the white fluffy stuff came with such ease.

Personal Thoughts: Not the board I’d break out on a glorious blue day where all I want to do is lap chair five, or go get Lindsey points on the Epic Race track, but was pleasantly surprised in the trees and my back leg thanked me for the extra rock in the powder.

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Disclaimer: This board was sent to us for product review from the Arbor Snowboards marketing department.

Note: Board was built in the Elan Factory before production was shifted to Dubai.

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