2014 Arbor Blacklist Snowboard Used and Reviewed

After two years of being a top pick and go to board for the founder of this site, everyone assumed this board would win again. Well sadly the Blacklists reign has come to an end. But as Arbor pushes forward into 2014 they can rest assured that having a Legacy award is not a bad thing to have. The bigger question is which company replaced this board as the top pick?

Arbor Blacklist Legacy

Board: Arbor Blacklist

Size: 154

Camber Option: The System. -.8 of center reverse camber.

Bindings: Rome 390 Boss

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 Thraxis Size 10

My Weight: 170lbs

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: High winds, 10 inches of snow, and cold temps that turned into sunny skies with a few clouds in the afternoon.

Flex: Middle of the road flex. The board has a consistent flex from tip to tail that just makes it a versatile freestyle deck you can take out of the park. The torsional give isn’t as much as the Westmark but more like that of the old Coda.

Stability: This board doesn’t wash out in rutted out terrain. It can survive some hard charging.

Ollies: You can load the tips and snap as hard as you want. While not overwhelmingly poppy it’s still consistent enough to know you never have to worry.

Pop On Jumps: Just like hitting natural rollers it’s consistent on jumps and not something you would ever have to wonder if you’re going to get the snap or boost you want.

Butterability: The wider width and slightly blunt shape makes for a great sweet spot to get up on the tips and play around. Then you have the center reverse camber that allows for easier center flexing.


Jibbing: The flat spot on the tips locks in exceptionally well for presses. Over all this board can jib just as well as it can jump which makes it a versatile weapon. The flex between the feet doesn’t kill it on board slides.

Carving: Get on edge and dig a trench. The sidecut isn’t underwhelming when you’re trying to rail a turn nor is it too much that you are better off riding it on edge.

Rider in Mind: Someone with a size 10 or up foot that wants a twin mid wide park deck that can handle it all.

Personal Thoughts: This has been my go to deck for 2 years and it never disappoints. From the park to powder I’ve taken this deck on everything under the sun and it comes back asking for more. The wider platform makes it more stable than the Westmark in my opinion when you’re dropping out of the sky or playing around in the pow.

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Disclaimer: This board was loaned to us for review from Arbor Snowboards marketing department.

Note: This board was built at the Elan factory, production will come from SWS in Dubai.

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  1. Dj says:

    As good as the 2013 model, or has it taken a step back?

  2. Daniel says:

    What’s your go-to now for 2014?

  3. Rocky says:

    This or coda? MA VT ALL MOUANTAIN RIDER. Love speed , new to park would like to advance?0

  4. KSboarder says:

    Which would be better for me, The blacklist or westmark? my weight is around 145-150 size 9.5 boot. I ride small hills with machine made snow in the midwest, but take a trip or 2 to the big mountains every year. Wanting a board that I can do freestyle on powder but still ride down groomers. Would Blacklist be better for the powder then Westmark but still good at backcountry jumps and spins?

  5. Fox says:

    weight: 160
    boot-size: 12.5
    height (cm): 182

    Wanting a board that i can do freestyle on pow and ride small to big hills/mountains. Jumps n jibs is not a must have, but shoult be able to be easily handled.

    Which board would you recommend?

    grz & thx

  6. Yeah you’ll be fine on this deck.

  7. Steven H says:

    I’m deciding between the Blacklist, Never Summer Evo or try one of the Echelon boards. What would you recommend primarily for park and jibbing but would still like to ride a little pow from time to time? Thank

  8. Jeffo says:

    Hi Angry, great site. Appreciate the honesty

    Intermediate rider, ride 50% groomers 25% park 25% pow. Looking for a new deck – really tempted by this but got some back country days with a guide this year. Would this be up to it or better with an element / coda. Like the idea of a true twin TBH. Thx

  9. You probably want the Coda honestly.

  10. Hoody says:

    6’5″, 190lbs, size 13 boots.

    Trying to decide between the Blacklist in 60 or the Roundhouse in 62 mainly because they’re both mid-wide and my feet are huge. I mostly ride Meadows… You know how it is there: Pow, Heather, and tree-lines one day, jibbing and riding park the other. Was looking for something that’s a little more stable on Heather days but can also handle parks and boxes. Thanks for the help!

  11. I’m not a huge fan of the Roundhouse and the Blacklist can handle what you’re asking.

  12. Zane says:

    5’5″, 125 lbs, size 10 boots.

    I like using the entire mountain as my park, but I also like a bit of actual park riding. I really like speed and powder. It doesn’t really get deeper than 2 feet where I ride. I’m pretty sure this board fits the bill, but i’d like your opinion. Thanks for the help!!

  13. Definitely fits the bill problem is your weight is so low that if you ride this in a 54 it’s going to be stiffer than if you went for the Westmark in the 50.

  14. John says:

    Looking to get a new board this year and this is one of my top picks. Intermediate rider, 6’1″ 195lbs size 11 boot, should I get the 57 or 60? Or is there something else for an all mountain/ park rider?

  15. There’s plenty more.

  16. Daniel says:

    Hey, I’m looking for a new board. I am currently riding a nitro swindle and love the playfulness of this board. I am currently at sun peaks in bc canada. I am 5’11” and weigh around 75kgs. I ride pretty much everything from tree lines to groomers and powder to park,but am really looking to advance my park riding. Do u think this board will suit me in the 154? Or do u recommend something else? Thanks in advance!

  17. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  18. Jesse says:

    Looking for a new board. I currently ride an old Forum 160 all mountain board. Looking for more versatility and to get into the park. I am 5’11 and weigh 160. Is the 157 a good size for me? I am deciding between the Blacklist and the Westmark but open to suggestions. I ride on primarily on the east coast of the US. Thanks.

  19. Jon says:

    Jesse- I’m 6 feet 180 lbs and ride a 156 Westmark all over the mountain with no issues if that’s any help.

  20. Depends on your boot size really. 10+ sized boot Blacklist, 10 or smaller Westmark. From there that will determine between a 56 or 57.

  21. Alexander Razola says:


    Have size 11,5 boots, 200lbs, 6′ tall.

    Thinking about either the 157 or the 160.

    Currently riding the burton custom x 159wide and really like the carving capabilities but want to be able to play around sometimes too.

    If you have time to give me some advice i would really appreciate it. =)

  22. 57 if you want to play around more 60 if you want to charge more.

  23. Derek says:

    Hey, I’m looking for a new board that can shred all mountain but I would also like to start learning more in the park. I’m from the east coast so mostly kind of icy conditions. I would consider myself an advanced to expert rider, but I would like to expand more into terrain parks. At the moment I can really only do 3’s on jumps and some smaller rails but I would really like to get into doing bigger tricks while still being able to shred the whole mountain. Is this the board you would recommend or do you have any other suggestions?

  24. It’s definitely one I would recommend. You can also look at the Salomon Villain, Time Machine, Rossignol Trick Stick, Jibsaw, MarHar Throwback, Archaic, K2 Fastplant, and the Rome Agent.

  25. Bryan says:

    Just broke my YES. the Basic 159
    I’m 6’2″, 170, size 13 foot.
    I ride 75% park and 25% backcountry bowls and blacks. I’m an expert jibber working on jumps (going from 1s to 3s), and really want a board that won’t break on me(in college on a budget).Blacklist, Coda or do you have another suggestion?

  26. Blacklist is really what you should be looking at.

  27. Chris says:

    Im having a hardtime trying to decide between the Arbor blacklist, westmark , whiskey and the element. Im 185 lb , 6’1″ with a 11.5 boot. I ride all mountain freestyle/ parks and really would like a board that is fun and can do just about anything. what would you suggest and what size ?

  28. Ardeshir says:

    Hey I have been looking for a good freestyle all mountain board and have really narrowed it down to 2, this and the slash happy place. I know you haven’t wrote a review on the happy place but thought i would ask anyways. I would honestly rather the Blacklist but i am 5’6″ and 138 lbs and am thinking for freestyle the 154 would be a bit long. Any thoughts on the boards themselves or the length

  29. They got rid of the Blacklist for this year and just merged it into the Westmark, you could always go with a smaller Westmark.

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