2013 Yes The Greats Used and Reviewed

It’s been a long while since I was able to get on a Yes board. In that time a lot has changed with the construction dynamics in their boards and the company has grown. The Greats stands out to me as a culmination of amazing shape, sidecut, camber option, and of course the graphics since it honors those that helped get snowboarding where it is today.

Board: Yes The Greats

Size: 156

Camber Option: Twin Cam Rocker. Rockered tips, camber in the middle, and twinned up.

Bindings: Raiden Phantoms

Stance: 22.5 Wide 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots: K2 UFO Size 10

My Weight: 165

Resort: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sun, clouds, rain, snow, hale, thunder snow, slush, warm temps, wind gusts, you know a day when weather doesn’t know what the fuck it’s doing.

Flex: Middle of the road true twin flex. Slightly softer in the tips, stiffening up under foot, with a fair amount of give torsionally.

Stability: There’s stability when charging into chunder and push mounds but it’s not over shadowed by being damp. This board is lively.

Ollies: There is snap if you load the tips up. The cam rocker can be loaded just like traditional camber which gives it the ability to have the snap just like that.

Pop On Jumps: This board can hit a jump and boost you if you want it to or you can take the lazy skate style approach and let the lip launch you with minimal effort to get pop from the deck.

Butterability: The slightly softer tips do allow for some ability to play around. This board would be more at home pow buttering though and the asymetrical tip shape is indicitive of that.

Jibbing: The sweet spot is optimal for all kinds of presses and really lets you lock in and ride it out. When you hit the end of the feature it gives you the snap you needed.

Carving: I’m still not sold on the asymetrical sidecut yet. Every now and then on a quick little heel side turn I would feel the edge catch and twitch while it tried to initiate. On the toes you could do both short and long carves drawing it out.

Rider in Mind: All mountain freestylist that wants somethign to handle it all plus powder.

Personal Thoughts: Not going to lie this board wowed me big time. The flex is perfect for the way I ride and it just did what I wanted it to do. The downside is their ultimate grip. When looking at it the thinner grooves are just a lot less edge and after just a couple hours of jibbing on it I could tell that I would probably crack the edge or if I hit a rock it might blow out. I don’t think this adds anything to the board as well but just makes it compete with things like magnetraction, vario, and griptech. The pop is substantial enough that if you load it just right you’re boosting to the moon which is always fun for dirt mound, ropes, and gaper jumping.

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  1. danthepirate says:

    So you no longer consider Cam Rocker to be the “bastard anti-christ of reverse camber”?

  2. Ryan says:

    What are your thoughts on the Basic Camrock? I have a 149 Omatic Extr Eco with BS and thinking of trying Camrock. I like the Omatic but I want something smaller to kick around and am thinking the 143 YES Basic would be cool. I know you like the BS tech, any insight? Also like the Arbor Westmark but Im looking for something smaller, not bigger, wish they made like a 145.

  3. It’s still the bastard of it but the shape on this board changed the geometries .

  4. You put any thought into an Echelon? Has BS tech.

  5. Ryan says:

    Angry have you ridden their stuff? If so hows the quality? Always down for supporting a new company if they make good shit. 144 Killbox looks super dope and Bear is my local mountain so them being based there is pretty rad. Do you ever find the BS tech a little washy on boxes? Maybe it’s just me.

  6. I’ve never felt it washy on a box. The boards are money and you should look at the Rounds if you want to go real soft and buttery. That’s my new jib board. I’m actually on a road trip right now with part of their pro team.

  7. Ryan says:

    What do you think of the Basic Camrock for park jibs and ground tricks? Noticed they are on sale, thinking maybe a 143 or 146 for Bear, coming from the Omatic curious how the flex and ride of camrock is, still checking that Killbox too.

  8. I’ve never ridden the basic.

  9. Pippo says:

    Hi Angry,

    – how does this The Greats drives in powder? Are (mostly) nose and tale high enough to not catch the snow as traditional camber? (I come from a “normal” Ride Machete with lowrize that do pretty well in powder, I’d like to compare them both on this)

    – What to do you think of this The Greats compared to the brand new Ride Machete GT (if you had the chance to try this last one too)

    many many thanks!

  10. Didn’t ride the Machete GT. The Greats is the board the Yes team rides it’s an all mountain slayer and riding pow is 95% rider 5% board.

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  12. Kevin says:

    How would you compare this to the Never Summer Proto CT?

  13. Lighter, more agile, snappier, better edge to edge transition, over all a better board.

  14. Yotajack says:

    I’m trying to decide between the Ride Highlife UL and Yes. The Greats? Which direction would you go in?

  15. Depends on what you’re doing.

  16. shell says:

    I want to buy this board but can’t choose between the 154 & the 156.
    I weigh 136 pounds and I am 5 ft 8. I’m not really a park boarder, more an all-mountain boarder who likes going fast and just play on and off piste. Anyone?

  17. Your weight says 54 would be better.

  18. Chris says:

    I am 170 pounds and 5’10 would the 156 suit me for all mountain riding as im 50/50 park and pow?

  19. That’s pretty similar to my stats and I loved it for just that.

  20. Sierra says:

    As far as flex, stability and overall mountain freestyle, would you say that this board is similar to the review you did with the 2010/11 Burton joystick with exiles?

  21. No it’s different for sure.

  22. Alexander says:

    Hello I am looking forward to buying this board. I cannot decide between 158 and 160w . I am around 95 kg weight and 1.80 metres height. My boots size is 10.5 US . I haven’t tried wide before I am a little bit concerned how it is going to perform in the park.

  23. Dirk says:

    love your website, This board looks great but I am having trouble figuring out the camber profile. It sounds like a regular camber in the middle and it goes into reverse camber in the tips? at the inserts?? Much like the Rossignol Amptek?? (not sure why you dont like rossi) haha.. I have a One Magtek and a Angus on the way that I got a deal on. I love the One, rode it for the last three years.. I also bought a Never summer Cobra this year and had one of the best days in my life in the powder but on a groomed day that sucker was squirly.. I just have to get used to it..
    thank you for all your hard work.

  24. It’s camber into an early rocker so when it’s weighted the rocker elevates.

  25. Keaton says:

    Would the 156 be able to support my gargantuan size 12 feet?

  26. Keaton says:

    Or 158?

  27. Check the waist width

  28. lukethread says:

    Hi @angrysnowboarder, thanks for the great site. Very helpful (especially considering the aggressive title.) and much more detailed than the generic board reviews done by a lot of companies.

    I’m heading to Colorado for a few months this year and looking for an all mountain one-stick to do it all board.

    I dont ride park too much, more about finding powder and hitting things on groomers and surfing all over the mountain.
    Playful but can hold rail and go fast when needed.
    I have always preferred slightly stiffer boards but as i’m only 5’8 /12 tall and 160 pounds I don’t want something crazy stiff and unforgiving either.

    I’m looking at the Rome Mod Rocker, Rome Agent & the Yes Grates. I was also considering the Lib Tech T-Rice.

    Any expert opinions or suggestions much appreciated.

  29. You probably want the Mod Rocker or something like the Arbor Coda. Stiff enough to charge with but playful enough for side hits.

  30. Johnny says:

    Hi there, great website… Looking for some impartial advice… Been riding an old camber profile for the last 17 years & finally thinking about treating myself to a new board.

    Pretty much like to go anywhere on a mountain…. Do lots of kilometres each day on the groomers but also go off into powder off piste when ever the chance arises, not really into the park just yet but may wish to in the future.Competent & fast riding regular, not as much riding switch.

    Been looking at the yes asym but been getting conflicting advice on whether to get a 156 or 158?

    I’m 5ft 8/9, 79 kgs & size 8.5 shoe…current board is 155..& a like the speed it has.

    What do you think? 156 or 158?

  31. John Young says:

    HI there Angry Snowboarder… really looking for some help…trying to decide on whether to get a 156 or 158 YES asym… been advised by shop hands differently… & what do you think of the ASYM?

    Like doing lots of Kilometres on groomers & going off into the powder when possible. currently ride a 17year old camber board which is a 155…

    Looking for speed but also responsiveness for quick turns on steeps, trees and bumps… any advice? your help expertise would be greatly appreciated…


  32. Captain Flomaxxx says:

    Hey Angry,

    Been trying forever to get my hands on a The Greats 156, but it’s basically impossible. So I’m thinking I would grab an Asym, but I’ve heard the Asym a bit of departure from the The Greats with a stiffer flex and a bit less agility. You had a chance to ride this and compare to The Greats?

    Thanks man.

  33. Unfortunately it just hasn’t happened.

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  35. […] Yes it's the 12/13 model, however I THINK most of the 2013 Yes line was produced at GST, which makes me think this is may be a preproduction model. For what it's worth I feel it rides just as described in BA's review and I would assume most of the decks he reviews are preproduction. It rode great so I never really looked into it, but made sure to include the fact it was a Nidecker model just in case that was an issue for anyone. 2013 Yes The Greats Used and Reviewed – […]

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