2013 Salomon Hologram Used and Reviewed

Anyone remember when Salomon had the Relay system in their bindings? It was a love it or hate it concept that while innovative didn’t appeal to the masses. Now it’s been reinvented and they’re trying it again for 2013. Here’s how I felt it stacked up.

Board Used: Arbor Blacklist

Binding Used: Salomon Hologram

Stance: 22.5 18 Negative 15 Goofy

Boots Used: K2 UFO Size 10

Weight: 165

Location: Breckenridge

Conditions: Sunny spring slush. You know pretty much what we’ve had all season.

Binding Adjustability: Micro adjustment is the name of the game with these bindings. These feature the Micro Max adjustments on the straps to lock in your favorite sweet spot. The highback adjusts its lean down on the base of the chassis.

Straps: The heel strap is super plush and wraps around the instep of your boot locking you in. The toe strap has a large cut out to the point it seems a bit excessive on the snub nose of my K2 boots.

Highbacks: They did their job as you would expect them to even with the soft flexing heel cup. It was nice to push back and feel the support but know that they would still give.

Binding Flex: That’s the cool thing with this binding the soft heel cup from the Shadow Fit Base Plate works well for giving a lot of board feel. Basically think of this as Relay 2.0. Over all the flex is somewhere in the middle of the road with a fair amount of give in the heel.

Ratchets: Smooth like butter with zero slip or lack of grip when initiating them.

Rider in Mind: Skate inspired snowboarder that wants a lot of play in the heel cup for setting up before getting radical.

Personal Thoughts: I was never a fan of the old Relay’s due to personally feeling they had too much heel play in them. This is a step in the right direction from the original Relay design and a bit more stable. There’s still an abundance of play that causes slightly over exaggerated movements. Give them a full day to adjust to how they ride.

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  1. If only I knew of someone who acted like the mtn was their own little skatepark …

  2. […] was not the case with these. The review speaks volumes. The second best bindings I rode were the Salomon Holograms with the new Shadowfit tech. While Ted wasn’t down nor had he ridden the original […]

  3. Zack says:

    So I just got 2014 The Villain and now I’m looking at the District and hologram bindings. Just like the villain, I want a middle of the range feel for the binding. Something that can butter around, yet also hold up on a 30′ kicker. I was leaning towards the district, but after reading your review saying they were too soft, I’m thinking the holograms would be better… What do you think?

  4. Personal preference comes into play. I’d probably go Hologram if I were you though.

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